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Are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg And Tech-Giant Supergroup Teaming Up Against Climate Change?

A dream team of tech giants – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma from Alibaba, along with a host of international tech leaders – have announced they’re coming together to combat climate change.

Note:  After you read this propaganda piece, revert to this link of Naomi Klein to discover how these tech-giants are fooling their audience and customers on what they claim to support green climate

Tom Hale. November 30, 2015

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition hopes to inspire and, more importantly, fund start-up companies that are developing technology to tackle climate change.

The coalition also hopes to challenge the stagnant model of separate public versus private development and start a new paradigm where governments, businesses, and researchers can all collaborate and benefit together.

On their website, they say:

The existing system of basic research, clean energy investment, regulatory frameworks, and subsidies fails to sufficiently mobilize investment in truly transformative energy solutions for the future. We can’t wait for the system to change through normal cycles.

“Experience indicates that even the most promising ideas face daunting commercialization challenges and a nearly impassable Valley of Death between promising concept and viable product, which neither government funding nor conventional private investment can bridge.

“This collective failure can be addressed, in part, by a dramatically scaled-up public research pipeline, linked to a different kind of private investor with a long term commitment to new technologies who is willing to put truly patient flexible risk capital to work.”

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg announced the plan through a Facebook post on Sunday.

By no coincidence, the announcement coincides with the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this week.

The group of billionaire super-geeks hope to add pressure and inspire the talks, stressing that addressing climate change can’t just come from governmental funding and law alone, but aslo through innovation, investment and business.

Note: First, these tech giants and billionaire have to desist investing in giant oil companies and decrease the plane flight that rely on degraded climate sources

Why All-Female Flight crew have to submit to these questions?

Coping Without Make-Up Or Men In Space?

On Wednesday, six Russian women began an eight-day experiment on-board a mock spacecraft to examine how an all-female crew fare with the physical, social and psychological strain of long-haul spaceflight.

The team will perform 10 scientific experiments to simulate the pressure of working on a spaceflight to the Moon and back.

They will also have 1.5 hours per day of free time, where they can watch films, read and socialize.

The women, aged between 22 to 34, are Yelena Luchitskaya, Darya Komissarova, Polina Kuznetsova, Anna Kussmaul, Inna Nosikova, and Tatyana Shiguyeva – all of whom have expertise in medicine, biophysics or psychology.

October 30, 2015 | by Tom Hale

Photo credit: Ruptly TV/YouTube

The women will be let out next Thursday. For now, however, the participants will be in a wood-lined spacecraft that’s equipped with cameras and will be under constant observation from scientists and doctors.

Experiment supervisor Sergei Ponomaryov explained, “Such a crew is taking part for the first time in a simulation experiment. It’s interesting for us to see what is special about the way a female crew communicates.”

Valentina Tereshkova, a Russian cosmonaut, was the first woman into space in 1963, just two years after Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space.

Since then, 40 women – from a range of countries – have been to space.

Ponomaryov added, “There’s never been an all-female crew on the ISS. We consider the future of space belongs equally to men and women and unfortunately we need to catch up a bit after a period when unfortunately there haven’t been too many women in space.”

However, if you thought extremely intelligent and highly trained women were free from sexism, you’re wrong.

Institute Director Igor Ushakov said, “It will be particularly interesting in terms of psychology. They say that in one kitchen, two housewives find it hard to live together.” (Maybe so, but their husbands are Not in the spaceship)

The press conference before the start of the mission also featured questions like, “How will you deal with being without makeup for eight days?” and “How will you cope with not being around men?”

We are very beautiful without makeup,” Darya Komissarova responded to the first question.  (so, there are no plain women among them? What sort of an experiment is this?)

While her colleague, Anna Kussmaul, said: “We are doing work. When you’re doing your work, you don’t think about men and women.”

This isn’t the first time the issue of sexism in space has been raised.

Yelena Serova, the first Russian woman on-board the International Space Station, complained about the media bombarding her with superficial questions because of her gender, such as if she’s worried how she’ll wash her hair onboard the ISS (Shave or have her hair cut as recruiting soldiers?)




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