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The pseudo-citizen motto: ” I don’t give a damn of politics anymore, just leave me alone

Lebanon has over a 70,000 “strong” army that is mainly playing the role of internal security tasks. If we measure this army by its density on a square mile, the army of Lebanon is the largest army in the world, of current and ancient empires.

And its weapon is to be desired: this courageous army barely managed to quell an Islamic extremist faction revolt in a Palestinian camp of Nahr Bared, after 6 months of siege.

And the Internal security institution, which is as large as the army in “human” effectifs? What is its function?

This institution has been transformed into a “security guard” for the totally useless people in this pseudo-state.

This institution is meant to extend “guards” to the deputy and extended family members of the deputies and the extended families of the ex, ex-deputies since the independence of Lebanon, even those that “passed away” long, long time ago.

Not just guarding the safety of these useless people, but also accompanying the household members to carry their shopping bags…

And these ex-deputies and their family members receive monthly checks for “services rendered”, even after they had died, long, long time ago

This institution provide guards to the ministers and their extended family members, and the ex, ex-ministers families since independence

This institution is to offer guards to the clergies of the 19 officially recognized religious sects, and secure their travels and trips with motor cars, to clear the Path, in the ever congested traffics.

Religious institutions that don’t pay taxes on anything, and even on important products. Religious institutions that own 50% of Lebanon lands and manage the individual personal status of its members, from birth to death

The internal security institution is asked to guard the members of all the embassies in the pseudo-state of Lebanon, whose main job is to “collect intelligence pieces” for everyone ready to pay for their services.

And what is this pseudo-State in reality?

Lebanon is divided into two “autonomous” States. The State of Hezbollah that stretches to half the territory of tiny Lebanon (the southern districts, the Bekaa and half of Beirut…) Lebanon is about 10,000 square km in total.

And the other Lebanon, recognized by the UN, to be an independent State since 1943, but has never been that independent by any stretch of the imagination, and Not even enjoying any sort of valuable autonomy.

Not only Hezbollah has its territory that it controls much better than this pseudo-state, but it also is represented in the “legislative, executive and justice” branches of the official State of Lebanon.

The pseudo-citizen enjoy being issued an identity card to vote and a puny passport that only half a dozen countries do Not require an expensive visa to visit.

This “je m’en fou” pseudo citizen is very flexible and doesn’t care an iota if there is a budget and how the government wasted the people wealth with no infrastructure to show, or public education or public health. facilities

“You don’t want to provide us with 24/24 public electricity?” No sweat. We will manage to get power from private providers and steal from government electrified lignes, even if we are to pay 3 times the expenses. “Just stay clear from governing us, administer and try to control us

“You don’t want to provide us with quality potable water at home?” No sweat, we’ll manage to acquire “potable water” from third private company parties at 4 times the standard cost. “Just stay clear from governing us and try to control us”

And the list of infamies grow, at nauseam. And the civil war mafia leaders are still in control of the people, chattel succumbing to these sectarian/feudal looters and legally owning all the economic monopolies

And finally, the State is totally bankrupt at all levels: State, Central Bank and private banks.

And it does Not stop there: Trump/Israel disintegrated Beirut maritime port with an electrictro magnetic pulse bomb. Heavily dense districts were blown away in 2 miles radius.

Over 6,000 serious injuries, 200 dead and 50,000 people taking refuge outside their homes, waiting for some repairs to be done.

And it does Not stop there: 60% of the population are already under poverty line and the year 2021 is going to be worse, with Covid contamination surpassing 10,000 per day, the highest density in the entire world.




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