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UN Declaration: “The people has the rights to Resist Occupation”?

The US occupation of Iraq for 8 years doesn’t make it less Illegal if the US enlisted 2 dozens States to “share” in the occupation.

The US occupation of Afghanistan for longer than the Soviet Union doesn’t make it less illegal if the US pressured 2 dozens States to commit illegal activities.

Is that an old story?

Israel occupation of “All of Palestine”, parts of south Lebanon, and the Syrian Golan Heights  has been going on for over 65 years.

Is that an old story?

This is not directly the subject of this article.

I need to tell you of an insanity.

The current “State” of Lebanon managed to form a government after an entire year of waiting in limbo, while 1.5 Syrian refugees flocked to this tiny country of barely 4 million, and dozen of terrorist car explosions plagued the safety and security of the civilians, the economy totally grounded, and no projects and programs voted in a Parliament that extended its tenure for 2 more years and never met since then.

I need to tell you of a worst insanity.

For an entire month, the new government was discussing this “letter of intent” to be submitted to parliament in order to be voted in.

The main critical point was: “Has the Lebanese people the rights to resist Israel occupation“?

Apparently, Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia are loath of including Israel as a “potential enemy”, even though Israel occupies several towns in Lebanon, had waged over 8 preemptive wars on Lebanon  and destroyed its infrastructure, and has never stopped “infiltrating” and invading Lebanon airspace, water and land since 2008.

Apparently, the new minister of the interior Mashnouk (The hanged) consider Iran to be the main nemesis to Lebanon security, the same thesis consistently expounded by Israel.

Many of you are chuckling of the insane conditions that the Lebanese society are to submit to “peacefully”.

It is not funny for the Lebanese who have been feeling down on their luck for over 2 decades and who have been “humoring” the lame successive governments that claimed “Lebanon force is in his weakness” (meaning that Lebanon is better off with a weak army not endowed with proper weapons to resist occupations, invasions and terrorist attacks)

Another insanity is that this government was primarily formed in order to fill the gap in “legitimacy” if the Parliament fails to elect a new President to the Republic in May, which is highly probable since a President is meant to be also of the weak kind with no popular or political support base, like the current Michel Suleiman.

And this Parliament has no legitimacy in electing a president since it failed to be voted in by the citizens for a new term. Why? The people views and opinions have changed in the last 4 years and they demand more representative deputies.

Note 1: After the Syrian troops vacated Lebanon  in 2005, and following the assassination of late and former PM Rafic Hariri, the only political movement that steadfastly confronted this occupation was the followers of General Michel Aoun who was in exile in France.

The Lebanese who longed to the withdrawal of the Syrian troops formed a human flag in Downtown Beirut on March 14, 2005.
This event was organized and called for by the Free Patriots of the Tayyar movement of General Michel Aoun.
نحن 14 آذار. وهذا العلم الذي تبناه البعض هو فكرة وتنظيم لجنة الشباب والشؤون الطالبية في التيار الوطني الحر في 12 آذار 2005.
Since then, all the political forces that supported the Syrian occupations hoarded this event as their own such as the Moustakbal of the Hariri clan, Geaja3, Kataeb…
Hezbollah had called for a demonstration on March 8 to “thank Syria“, although Hezbollah was the main party that feared most the presence of the Syrian troops in Lebanon and lived in constant anxiety for any tacit deal between Bashar Assad and the US to satisfy Israel demands for a “permanent and lasting peace” in the region at the expense of the Palestinian rights and Hezbollah to resist occupation.
Note 2: The rebel Syrian town of Yabroud has been liberate by the Syrian army. Yabroud was the main source of introducing suicide car bombers into Lebanon.  Thousands of terrorist rebels have been flocking into the eastern mountain range that borders Lebanon and Syria.
If Lebanon and Syria fail to coordinate their security programs, it is likely that these mountains will become another kind of Tora Bora Land, as the Beluchistan separating Afghanistan and Pakistan. Any weakness in either State will witness a counter offensive by the massed “Wahhabi terrorists” once money and weapons flow in in order to wage waves of terrorist attacks that satisfy the interest of countries that want this region totally destabilized.
“I asked: Why are you so bloated?” Msheik said. “Two minutes later, there was an explosion.”
Lebanon has been the scene of bloody successive terrorist car explosion attacks in the last 7 weeks.
Just last month of January, Lebanon witnessed 6 car bomb kamikazes targeting specific quarters and towns.  Haret Hreik in Dahieh, a Hezbollah stronghold experienced 2 car explosions in one main street, and the northern large town of Hermel 2 car explosions within a week…
Most of these cars have been stolen in Lebanon and the charges of explosives installed in the nearby Syrian town of Yabroud, under the Syrian “opposition” to political settlement.
The large town of Ersal (3ersal) on the eastern borders with Syria has been used as a passage way for infiltrators and insurgents in and out of Lebanon.
The norther towns in the district of Akkar have been in the receiving ends of missiles and shells coming from the Syrian borders
The city of Tripoli witnessed the resurgence of street shooting a sniper targets, though the army is there and patrolling the dividing lines between Bab Tebbaneh and Jabal Mo7sen.
The Palestinian camps have been virulent: The camp of Ain Helweh witnessed two assassination attacks, and the camp of Borj Batajneh was pinpointed as hosting two of the kamikaze Islamic extremists.
And yesterday was another bloody day in Chouweifat, on the main road leading to Beirut from the south.

Suicide bomber blows self up on bus south of Beirut. February 03, 2014 05:23 PM 

Thomas El-Basha published in Lebanon The Daily Star

BEIRUT: A suicide bomber detonated his explosives belt on board a passenger van south of Beirut Monday, killing himself and wounding at least two people, security sources said.

The bomber detonated his explosives belt after boarding the van on a road near Choueifat, a key town that leads to the pro-Hezbollah southern suburbs of Beirut, the sources said.

A+ A-

The number of casualties was limited, they said, noting the estimated weight of the explosives used in the operation, ranging between 2 and 3 kilograms, and that the van had been vacant of passengers.

Two people were wounded including the driver who was in critical condition, the sources said.

The bomber’s head was severed in the explosion and was found in the debris that littered the road near a local gasoline station.

Recalling the moments before the attack, Hussein Deeb Msheik, the driver, told police a man who seemed to be “unusually” bloated entered his van just before the blast.

“I asked: Why are you so bloated?” Msheik said. “Two minutes later there was an explosion.”

The sources said the van had not been the original target. The bomber had apparently tried to board a taxi in the area just minutes before the incident.

When I saw the man was armed I refused to let him in the car and I sped off,” the taxi driver, who refused to be identified, told police.

“But I saw him get into a passenger van in my side mirror and moments later I saw the explosion,” the driver added.

The bombing comes only two days after a suicide bomber detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle at a gas station in the northeastern city of Hermel that killed 3 people and wounded 23 others.

Lebanon has seen a spate of bombings targeting areas where Hezbollah enjoys wide support including the southern suburbs of Beirut and the northeastern city of Hermel.

Al-Qaeda-linked groups have claimed responsibility for the bombings, warning of further attacks unless Hezbollah ends its military campaign in neighboring Syria.

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