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A few comeback Schools recess? Spilling-over financial transactions recesses?

Schools in the USA eliminated recess decades ago and shortened the lunch period to 20 minutes:  teachers take their lunch at the end of the day. Why should anyone be obligated to eat in such as rush? What could be the reasons behind shortening students’ time in school?

Apparently, school teachers wanted classes to be over and quickly out of the confinement in school premises; it is kind the teachers were feeling schools are prisons, and worse, living among turbulent kids who do not appreciate the hard work teachers are sacrificing for developing kids’ minds…But what about the well-being of kids, physical, emotional, and mental?

In universities, classes are no longer than 45-minute, on the assumption that people are unable to focus beyond that time constraint, as if people ever focused more than 5 minutes at a time.  And most university students select courses to fall  in 3 days or 2 days a week…However, school kids have to attend successive classes without any recesses so that teachers get off schools early on to tend to better chores…

Working parents surely prefer their kids to stay in school the longer, until they are back from standard work-days. For example, parents are willing to pay daily fines for late pick up of their kids, as long as reasonable money fines is the sole incentive…

Extending school day is never a problem to kids, as long as many recesses are available to play and have fun.  Kids love to play with kids, and returning home too early is liable to spending far more time in front of the TV or playing Nintendo-kind of games…

In Lebanon schools terminate before 3 pm, though they take two recesses: one of 15 minutes at 10:30 and lunch break of 30 minutes.   I don’t think that is satisfactory for kids.  The backpacks of children are growing heavier and I could not raise my niece backpack with both hands.  Every year, as schools open after 3 long summer months, mothers and dailies and news media remind school management of the growing back pain and deformed spine of children:  Lebanon does not enjoy a true State of citizenship to remedy to people’s complaints…

Three decades ago, we enjoyed two long recesses and we played volley ball and…I didn’t participate in collective games because I wore corrective glasses and had suffered disastrous consequences when I did.  In the few games, “my teammates” made sure I never touch the ball, and covered whatever positions I was supposed to fill…what of my totally uncoordinated movement…

As long as teachers are not paid enough to seeking another part-time job to make ends meet, what other alternative incentives could be offered teachers to accept extended school-day for the benefit of kids?

REBECCA VEVEA ( wrote in  “Recess Is Making a Comeback in Schools”: “Restoring recess is part of a broader health push by parents, advocacy groups and some Chicago city officials to bring more exercise and better nutrition to both schoolchildren and preschoolers. Why not extend the push to middle school and high school students? Are they eligible to seeking part-time earning jobs?

The Department of Chicago Public Health first set preschool health standards in 2009, and some preschools and day care centers have already adopted them. Bechara Choucair, the city’s health commissioner, said that the department would begin enforcing the new requirements in November but that it had not yet determined how.

Beginning in November, the city’s Department of Public Health will require children who attend preschool or day care centers in Chicago to spend less time in front of television or computer screens — 60 minutes or less — and more time, at least an hour a day, participating in physical activity”.

At snack or meal time, milk cannot have a fat content higher than 1 percent, unless a child has written consent from a doctor. Only 100 percent juice can be served. In Chicago, 22% of children are overweight before they enter school, more than twice the national average, according to research compiled by the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children, a group of organizations and health advocates.

Tracy Moran, a researcher at the Erikson Institute, a graduate school focused on early childhood development and education, said: “The requirements were important for young children to develop healthy lifestyles to prevent conditions like high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. The lack of recess could certainly stunt any progress made early on.”

For example, last spring, the parent organization Raise Your Hand campaigned to have teachers vote on waivers that would move their lunch period back into the middle of the school day. The change allows students to have 45 minutes to eat lunch and go outside for recess.

(Again, why only 45 minutes? Why not at least two recesses of 45 minutes?  Why the entire problem should revolve around teachers being anxious to be over with and out of school premises?  Shouldn’t school reform include ways of making teachers happier and more welcoming of extended school-days? In what ways will teachers regard schools a fun and enjoyable environment?)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is currently offering to give up to $150,000 in discretionary money and a roughly 2% raise for teachers to any school that lengthens its day by 90 minutes. The extended time could include a 45-minute block for recess and lunch. So far, teachers at nine schools have voted to accept that offer.





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