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 Updating supervisory structure for term papers and thesis (May 14, 2010)

There is a fast growing trend among students to relying mostly on the internet for information and data.  These pieces of intelligence are fraught with inaccuracies and flawed experimental designs.  Thus, personal responsibility to exercising proper reflection is inevitable:  A process that requires proper educational training in tender age, and adequate monitoring and control systems during university and higher educational stages.

A culture is the process of acquiring proper education and following it up with continuing education for updated knowledge in global problems and global alternative resolutions.  The proper process is getting trained for individual responsibilities in learning various perspectives to approaching challenges. 

Comparing the sources of differences in cultures and civilization is a great highway to grasping mankind alienations.  We can no longer take it for granted that the written knowledge is necessarily accurate and valid as fundamental truths.

The mass of information and intelligence being quickly disseminated globally require higher level of individual training in reflection and synthesis.

Scientific reasoning is not necessarily accessible to common people who failed to learn the adequate and proper courses for experimenting ideas and hypothesis.  Thus, accessible mass information and intelligence can become more confusing for scientific reasoning to those not initiated to proper reasoning and reflection.

Since global resolutions require the participation of the general public into contributing opinions and pressuring multinational institutions and companies into considering viable directions, and schooling should focus on the proper individual reflecting processes and comprehending the differences among variable and importance of interactions among variables.

I suggest three phases to improving the new intelligence power of the new generation; the phases can be implemented concomitantly. 

The first phase is that accredited universities invest on independent supervisors in order to updating supervisory structure for term papers and thesis. The independent supervisor will have a job description of monitoring accuracy in the references mentioned in term papers and thesis.  These professional supervisors in the fields would have several tasks:

First, until there are sufficient supervisors supporting and assisting mentors, advisors, and professors, they can start by sampling term papers and thesis for internet references and check the accuracy of the articles and the validity of the sources.

Thus, the next step would be to report to the respective departments the inaccurate internet references and articles according to a process that would alert the internet providers to what are published that do not satisfy scientific standards in validity and accuracy. This would be a first step into filtering information and knowledge that are at best inaccurate and that are frequently referred to or read by students.  It is difficult to rectify inaccurate information acquired once read and impressed upon our memory.

Second, the independent supervisor should be professional in navigating the net and scientifically accredited in the field.  You might wonder whether the newer generation of professors are not that proficient in surfing efficiently the net and thus, cannot do this task instead of supervisors. 

I claim that surfing the net need specialization because new languages and processes are frequently updated and upgraded that regular professors never find the energy or time to follow-up on these time-consuming re-learning of languages that are not necessarily compatible with previously acquired skills.

The second phase or another more efficient alternative, in addition to surfing supervisors, is to demand of students to summarize the references listed on term papers.  If this method cannot guarantee that students have effectively read the reference source, at least it will impress upon them to reducing the reference list to the most reliable and relevant sources. The advisor would have leverage to ask for detailed summaries if he suspected that the student was slack in focused reading and analysis.

I find it very useful to encouraging students to taking seriously their term papers by demanding that the first draft be handwritten. Nothing like the tested traditional support system of paper and pencil to enhancing focus and analytical reasoning; this is another method to encouraging visiting libraries for hard copy sources and taking notes.

The third and most important phase is offering the proper educational formation in tender age as to the procedures of conducting experiments.  This method is the best training for the brain to asking the correct questions and formulating critical problems in reports and research publications.

Proper understanding of the protocols and rationale of conducting term papers should receive high priority from accredited institutions in order to disseminate valid control and administration of educational programs. 

This current generation was submitted to frequent new languages to learn and assimilate  within a few years that it is proficient in comprehending the many interactions among the audio-visual field.  Education and training in comprehending the interactions among variables in other fields of studies should be easier to assimilate for this new generation: it already acquired a new powerful form of intelligence that previous generations had not the opportunity, but to work within paper and pencil support system.




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