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How to Facilitate feasible business loans?

How about letting bank employees participate in the projects of the clients?

Daydream project: Facilitating Feasible business loans

Mankind is over 7 billion. How to deal with humanity?

Suppose a small fraction publish projects they thought about during their daydream periods.  Wouldn’t that constitute the vastest brainstorm networking session in the world?

Mind you that when I daydream a project, I am fundamentally focusing on minute details of the project, regardless of the applicable laws or consensus guidelines: Aren’t laws and “common sense” practices to be revised, reformed, modified and broken, once benefit to mankind is demonstrated?

There are many hard-working, honest, and level-headed people who can become success stories in creating profitable and fair enterprises.

The one major drawback is the funding and community backing.

You have a good business plan, you know the business, you have some equity, but lack a portion of the amount to secure a stupid loan, which should enable you to get going.

For example, purchasing modern equipment, a proper computer, hiring people…

How about local banks to set aside a fund meant to cover part of the required equity for the loan?

The bank can open an account to the loan applicant, or a joint account with an employee of the bank who can administer the cash flow.

The account is frozen until the loan is repaid, and the account reverted to the fund.

The account is just a mechanism to satisfy “standard” requirements for obtaining of a loan to a very satisfactory client.

The bank does not lose money.

Instead,the bank is gaining good clients and interest.  Actually, the fund can have shareholders from the local community, and part of the profit on the loan returned to the fund…

There are several advantages:

First, if employees in a bank are encouraged to pinpoint potential entrepreneurs among their larger family, and the employee is asked to sign the joint account with the applicant then, the employee gain a sense of empowerment, a catalyst to learn more on business creation and sustainability.

What is the use of a bank employee if the job is plain routine with no prospect to learn more about the varied banking business, and what to do at retirement, and what to do for early retirement…?

Second, the local bank is widening the sphere of its clients by empowering its employees and opening new horizons for a versatile economic base to the community.

Thirdclients with loan facilitation might be required to follow-up on courses or free training sessions on how to keep records, filling forms, prospecting for clients, improving the enterprise…

Consequently, the local bank is taking on the responsibility of forming an educated client base, which will grow the economy rapidly, and founded on firm business practices and ethical standards.

Fourth, the newly created success stories of satisfied clients will be part of the process, as training the trainers and contributing to the fund, to the community knowledge, and becoming active members in the community programs…

How to enhance job opportunity?

How to encourage people to go back to work and feel happy with what they are doing?

Isn’t community support the best means to acquiring a strong sense of community attachment?

Let money not be reserved for the well-to-do, but for those who badly need it to gain hope in a brighter future…

Note: I just added a new category “Daydream projects”. From now on I will publish projects that I thought about during my daydream periods.  My daydreaming sessions are thus very “productive”




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