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You prefer to travel solo?

Imagine this: On your first trip with a very best friend of yours and you two get into a huge fight on day two of a 10-day trip.

First, the article of  posted this February 23, 2014

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Most of us who have traveled with friends, or even family, would hope that we know what to expect from an overnight trip with someone that we care about.

And it can turn out much different if the right expectations are not set in place from the beginning.

It’s always key to remember that the person that you have drinks with on Saturday night is not the same person that dons headgear before they go to sleep, and snores like a railroad rolling through town.

How do you handle it if your BFF wants to party when you are sleeping, and sleep when you are ready to head to beach?

Once, I went on a trip with some classmates where one of the girls would literally yell at people in other countries because they didn’t speak English!

Needless to say, I never spoke to her again after that!

Wanna head out with your friends?

Start off by going on small, day trips together to see if this is a friend that would make a good travel companion.

If that works out, go on a road trip, then an airplane trip for a few days.

If he or she passes the test, then you’re all set! This will give you a chance to find out if you can stand being with this person for more than a few hours—or someone with which you want to spend more time!

It would be good to set expectations for the trip before you go.

(I guess this advice is valid for potential couples)

Does one friend like to party? Does one friend like to hook up with strangers?

Does another like to eat smelly food naked on the floor of the hotel room?

These are all questions that should be addressed before leaving the house.

Traveling with a good friend can be a fun, great time. But it can also be a nightmare in waiting.

What are some travel horror stories that you’ve experienced with your friends? Tell me.

Note: One of my characteric behaviors was to tour alone.  To go to movies alone. To walk the streets alone…

Most probably, I didn’t have best friends to invite me to go with them on adventures, or a best friend I could call on to join me without much haggling.

It is difficult to travel with a person who is chatting non-stop on the ground that he is making conversation and expect you to join in the palabre.

Or to entertain the driver anywhich way in order for him not to fall asleep on the wheel.

Or to lend full attention to anything is said on the ground that you should not miss an opportunity to mine a gem from the mound of non sense.

Or your adviser wake you up in the hotel room to tell you that you are snoring. And for the first time to get aware that you are the snoring type

Or you smoke outside but any non-smoker complains that you are bringing nasty smoking smell inside the house…




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