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I feel an urge to share articles and notes published by people who invested plenty of time and energy clarifying and re-assessing ideas and behaviors that they practices; for example “what is Karma, Ego, energy recharging or energy stealing, argument avoidance techniques…”  I am copying a post on Ego that you may read on the ego understood. it’s simpler than you think (part 1 of 3) — ENE104a, by William Choukeir.  I am publishing the two parts: the promised third part is to follow.

“I was sitting with Hanane. we had talked earlier about energy theft. suddenly a realization starts to form.

Ego? what is it really? I’ve taken many courses in meditation, and they defined ego. I talked to people who use the word frequently. it seems everyone assumes they know what it is; but no one I’ve talked to knows how it works. or why it works that way. for what purpose? what is it?

when you hear someone mention ego, you get the impression that it’s some kind of entity inside you. you also get the impression that it’s trying to control you, and you should ignore it. you should kill it. get rid of it. be “egoless”. how are we supposed to do that as we still don’t know what it is, how it works, and why it does what it does.

we also know that it’s cunning. that it plays mind games. it tricks us into believing that the idea it’s suggesting doesn’t come from ego. it creates ways for us to justify that our own actions are ego-free. while the harsh reality is the complete opposite. this realization that started to form earlier is now complete. I can say that for myself, I have understood and answered the questions above (for the time being at least). and most importantly, I’ve understood why the ego does what it does. and for me, getting rid of the ego is now easy.

Andrew asked after reading part 1: “would you say the ego is a part of us or is a separate entity? if the absence of ego reveals our true self, then are we inauthentic with it?” the truly wonderful thing is that I had written the answer below, before reading his question. and I believe they’re a perfect match. thank you Andrew.

how do you feel when you act on your ego? good? how do you feel when you don’t act on your ego? does it feel bad? is it hard?

very simply, when you act on your ego, you steal the energy of the other person. and you feel better. when you don’t, you feel not-ok. and this makes it very hard to ignore what the ego is telling you; you’ll know you’ll feel better if you act on your ego. and you also know that the other person will feel worse.

and because the other person will feel worst when you act on your ego and steal his energy, he will, in turn act on his ego and try to steal his energy back from you. this is when you say to him: “do you know that you’re acting out of ego? just stop it. ignore your ego.” and this is only your ego playing its trick on your friend so you can keep the energy you stole from him. let’s take another case.

take the case of an egotistical bragging about himself: “I’m the best in …, I single-handedly saved the situation, I caused this and this to happen with no help, if it weren’t for me…”

you might think there’s no harm to others when someone is bragging this way. you might think he’s only harming himself. and you know that’s not true. when he brags that he’s the best, that means that this gives the impression that others suck, which of course isn’t the case. but it bothers all those who do actually deserve credit, or are just as good. and this way, he sucks the energy of this crowd. when he pretends that he single-handedly did something, he steals credit from those who did help. this sucks energy from them.

When I say: “if it wasn’t for me” it makes me the center of attention, causing me to suck up all the energy of the crowd. Those who deserve part of that energy because of their achievements and contribution, end up having this energy stolen from them. how would they feel now that they should act, and get back their energy, and maybe more? I believe that’s highly likely.

Ego is nothing but the name given to this theft of energy that we are all guilty of. ego is us. ego is our minds finding ways to steal ever more energy, and justifying it to ourselves so that we can sleep better at night.

This is the era of the energy thieves.

We have all been raised in a culture that teaches us that stealing is wrong. and as a result, we’re always living in denial. we deny that we are thieves. we have to justify to our own conscience that we’re not stealing. we must never find out that we’re thieves ourselves. and so, we blame it on invented evil “entity” that no one understands. we call it ego. and we pretend that we ARE good, but controlled by this ego. we claim it treacherous, foxy, and cunning. we pretend that we’re unable to leave its grasp. and all these are even more excuses that we use, so that we would never have to admit to ourselves that we are thieves. there’s no ego. there’s only us. living in denial.

Once you accept this, and once you stop blaming a non-existent entity, only then do you take the first step to getting rid of ego. otherwise, you can never get rid of something that doesn’t exist. stop blaming ego. take responsibility for the energy you steal. apologize. and allow the other person to recall his energy.

(In part 3, we’ll cover how the actions we do when we’re alone, are arrows we make and store in our quiver. and how we use these arrows later on to shoot others, steal their energy, and how that is related to ego. see you in part 3)

twitter: @williamchoukeir

p.s by william:  this is the era of the energy thieves, masked as ego, revenge, honor, and pride. with the end of the tribal culture and the rise of the city culture, we switched from one state of acquiring energy to another; and this, I believe, is the core problem of the world today.

Note by me:  It is always a welcomed fresh breath when we revert abstract notions to personal responsibilities in order to shifting the blame from a scapegoat to our duty for control and improving our behaviors.  The external factors are always present to bombard us with difficulties (if we let it control us) or solutions (if we take the beast by its horns) and stop relying on an external entity as the main all-powerful creator and “know it all” of our destiny.




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