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Trump’s child hostages

2,300 children have been torn from their parents and put in cages as part of Trump’s latest sick political game! (I saw that on TV)

After a massive outcry, Trump just said he’d stop separating families.

But that does nothing for those already torn apart.

These child hostages were rounded up into cages, then locked-in under lights blaring 24 hours a day.

‘Mami!’, ‘Papa!’ they sob, but workers at detention centers can’t even touch them to comfort them! And most don’t have lawyers to get them out.

But there’s something we can do right now to help them.

Trump’s been using these innocent children as political pawns to strong-arm Congress to give him the money he wants to build his wall on the US-Mexico border.

After weeks of lying, public outrage finally pushed him to end the brutal separation policy — but while families now may get to stay together, children will still be held in cages with their parents, like animals!

And for the children already separated, nothing has changed — except the spotlight has shifted, making it even harder for them to get the help they need.

There’s no plan to release them or find their parents. They’re still being held in cages or makeshift tents, sleeping on cold floors, alone, and they aren’t allowed access to their parents.

The long-term psychological effects are chilling.

Without lawyers, these children may be imprisoned for weeks on end. They may be transferred thousands of miles away, and parents are even being deported without their kids!

But with a lawyer, we could get them out and reunited with their desperate families.

Listening to the recording of the desperate cries of children in a detention center made me sob imagining my own screaming toddler alone without me, in a cage! Let’s come together to get urgent help to these thousands of children, right now.

Let’s show them that the world stands with them, ready to draw a line in the sand to stop these inexcusable horrors.

With hope and determination,

Allison, Meetali, Danny, Nataliya, Nell, Jenny, Andrew and the rest of the Avaaz team 

More information:

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We can help make sure the children ripped from their families get a lawyer to get them out and back to their parents. Then we’ll campaign relentlessly to stop the politics that allowed this horror to happen.




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