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Individual responsibility: Truth is a personal reflection (October 15, 2008)

The epilogue of one of Albert Schweitzer autobiographies awed me; he presented his philosophical view on life and Truth.

This article interprets and extrapolates on Schweitzer’s philosophy and the reader might as well consider this philosophy as mine too.

The only living Truth is what you arrived at individually by your own reflection and spiritual labor.

Any teaching that robs the individual of his own capacity of discovering his Truth is bogus; organizations and associations that claim to offer their unique way to spirituality by releasing the individual from his responsibility to think his way out have goals of amassing power through the unity of spiritually lazy members who lost confidence in their worth.

We exist because we still have the drive to find the Truth, and find it individually with confidence in our mental, rational, and spiritual ethical potentials.

The day-to-day struggle for survival may be the path to our sure death if we fail to find time to reflect on our spiritual power, to find time to exist as a free person regardless of the opinions imposed upon us by the masses surrounding us.

You cannot adore two Gods:

You have got to regain your optimism in your ethical spirituality in order to overcome the flood of consumerism, of ready made opinions and paradigms.

Respect of life is the antidote to pessimism because you learn to regain a sense of your responsibilities.

The affirmation of the living and active ethics of life. The elementary reflection on nature and interrelationship does lead to mysticism, a good active direction, because life should remain mysterious or what is the meaning of hope and faith.

Your responsibility to discover your Truth does not mean to reach a set of rigid, immutable, and uncompromising set of Truths; that is anathema to life.

Individual Truth is a shifting target and the more you invest time and knowledge to re-discover your soul the more zest you gain for an ethical living and love toward your neighbors.

When we give up re-thinking occasionally our previous decisions then we have decided to let go of life and our spiritual development.

For example, shall I kill the mosquito that has just bitten me or shall I take a break and massacre all the mosquitoes in the room or just let them live?  It is healthy to change our practiced decisions occasionally; it is a sign that we are still in the active life struggle for spiritual identity.

Knowledge would inevitably lead to pessimism because we are unable to grasp the reality of what life is offering us in misery and hatred and violence; but this is a good thing of acquiring knowledge because it is the way to strengthen our will and hope and love for individual Truth which will resurrect as we resume our quest to reflecting on life and nature.

The spirit born out of individual Truth is more powerful then the forces of circumstances.




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