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 Paper on Gaza Tunnels taken down on FB


Yesterday I did something stupid.

I tweeted an in-depth academic research on the history and purpose of the Gaza tunnels to Netanyahu’s official twitter account (probably managed by someone else).

Today the paper has been taken down.

You can check the link below which shows the results page, but the first paper on that page takes you nowhere.

The research clearly linked the expansion of the tunnel system to the continued siege on Gaza. It reframes the tunnel system as a very well managed ticketed ‘transport system’ for the people in Gaza to move from A to B, to get access to food, medicine, cigarettes, phones, water, fuel, materials to rebuild their cities, cars and weapons of course.

All of which they can’t get through the Egyptian or Israeli borders (bare essentials rationed by the calorie).

People bought shares in tunnel projects and received a revenue from usage.

The tunnel system generated $30 million a month in revenue for Gazans on average.

Managing and running the tunnels employed a third of the population and created a middle class in a poverty ridden ghetto.

This was a business, a trade and a transport system for Gazans.

One researcher called it Gaza’s lungs.

The article demonstrated that there is no evidence that the tunnels were ever used for acts of terror against civilians.

They were used once to kidnap an Israeli soldier and Hamas negotiated the release of 1,000 palestinian prisoners in return.

But this is not terror, this is a combat strategy for negotiation. So, I can see why Israel sees the tunnels as a threat to its military invasion and economy, but there is no justification for it to refer to the tunnels as ‘terror tunnels’ that ‘could’ ‘potentially’ target Israeli women and children, or instill further fear in an already petrified/paranoid Israeli population, and murder hundreds of  civilians in Gaza (More than 2,100 died in the latest “removing the top soil” preemptive war and 11,000 were injured, mostly children).

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