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Comparing the behavior of Turkey Erdogan with Syria leadership on US $ restriction and sanctions

Syria Lira versus Turkish Lira that devalued 20% in a week.

What about the Syrian and Turkish currency? How the financial system fared in both countries?
Within a week of Trump imposed harsh financial transactions on Turkey, for buying Soviet anti-jet missiles SS400, Erdogan reacted virulently and nuttily demanding from the Turks to exchange their saving in dollars to State currency, as
During the world war on Syria, this regime never asked its citizens to change their saving into local currency or sell their jewelry and gold acquisition..
Mind you that the main purpose of Syria civil war was to punish the regime and its citizens for developing with Zero sovereign debt for 2 decades and remaining self-sufficient in food stuff and medicine, while having a universal health care and free education.
As the war is coming to an end, Syria is still self-sufficient in food stuff and is Not intending to borrow money from the colonial powers or the World Bank or the IMF.
Factories are back to work and exporting to Iraq, Lebanon and Iran.
Syria is generation enough energy to even export to Lebanon.
Lebanon, ruled since 1991 by the same civil war militia “leaders” has been spending $20 billion on public energy and barely generating 10 hours: the deficiency is provided by the mafias private generators.
The Gulf Emirates and Saudi Kingdom are in a hurry to open their embassies in Damascus, but Syria is Not about to let diplomacy set aside the compensations required that they inflicted on the Syrian people.

ليرة تركيّة و ليرة سوريّة..

سبع سنوات و نيّف من الحصار الاقتصادي و التّجاري و السّياسي و الاجتماعي و التّكنولوجي فقدت خلالها اللّيرة السّوريّة قيمتها الشّرائيّة بشكل يفوق أكثر التّوقّعات تشاؤماً و بمراحل، لم يخرج علينا القائد الأسد ليطلب منّا أن نبيع دولاراتنا المخبّأة للبنك المركزيّ و لا أن نبيع مدّخراتنا من ذهب و مجوهرات و نودع ثمنها في المصارف العامّة.

العالم-مقالات وتحليلات

الإرث الهائل من أساليب التّدبير الّتي كرّسها عهد القائد الخالد حافظ الأسد أتت أُكلها في سنوات القحط و الحصار ،لم نركع لمطالب صندوق نقد دولي و لم نشحذ من دول صديقة و لم تفرض الحكومة سياسات تقشّف واضحة أو وقحة ضدّ الشّعب، صحيح أنّنا عانينا و لا زلنا من التضخّم و غلاﺀ الأسعار و ارتفاع سعر صرف الدّولار ،لكن كلّ المؤشّرات كانت تدل على أنّ الدّولة تسيطر بشكل أو بآخر على كلّ ما يجري و أنّ ارتفاع الدّولار أو انخفاضه هو حكماً بيدها ،

و من كان يعتقد أنّ السّوق السّوداﺀ وحيتانها هي من تفرض سعر الدّولار فهو قصير نظر وأعمى بصيرة، أعجبنا ذلك أم لم يعجبنا، كانت سياسة ذات بعد نظر.

من يتابع سيرورة الأمور يدرك أنّ الدّولة استثمرت في الأزمة عبر إدارتها بخبرة وبحنكة منقطعة النّظير وجنّبت نفسها الرّضوخ والانصياع للدّول الغربيّة ولم تضع رقبتها على نطع السّيّاف الاقتصادي العالمي المتمثّل بصندوق النّقد الدّولي.

تركيّا دقّت ناقوس الخطر على لسان رئيسها بعد أسابيع قليلة من الإجراﺀات الأمريكيّة الّتي طالت اقتصادها وتسبّبت بشبه انهيار لعملتها، حيث طالب أردوغان الشّعب التّركي ببيع مدّخراته من القطع الأجنبي للمصارف الحكوميّة وبيع الذّهب والمجوهرات وتوطين ثمنها في المصارف كإجراﺀ داعم لليرة التّركيّة وصرّح بعبارة تنمّ عن يأس وإفلاس حيث قال : “لنا اللّه”

نمتنّى أن تنعكس العقليّة الاقتصاديّة السّوريّة الّتي أدارت الأزمة والّتي يمكن وصفها بالعبقريّة، نتمنّى أن تنعكس إيجاباً على حياة المواطن السّوري في المرحلة القادمة بما يستحقّ،

فالحمل الّذي تكبّد عناﺀه هذا المواطن خلال فترة الحرب تنوﺀ بحمله الجبال وحقّه على الدّولة أن تعوّضه سنين صبره خاصّة يعد تباشير الانتصارات العسكريّة الكاسحة للجيش العربيّ السّوريّ وللانفراجات الاقتصاديّة المبشّرة والّتي هي انعكاس واضح لانتصارات الجيش.

بشار كاسر يوسف– دمشق الآن

Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 16

Our childhood space is a deserted heaven, a temple where our tiny angels and early heroes hover inside. And we love to walk these haunted lands and keep returning to our child model of the world. The worst of existence, the homeless in the heart, is when you cannot claim a single childhood space, didn’t roam enough in a special place

Point d’articulation en prononcant les consonnes: Aerienne (a), Labiale (b), palatale (dental t), alveolaire (interdentale th), cacuminale (j), guttural kh), Linguale (pestdentale r), laterale (dha), uvulaire (kaaf)

It is no longer a matter of Angry While Males in the USA. It is a total lack of confidence in this political system and opaque public institutions. Institutions controlled and run by deep pockets, from health care, education, judicial system and uncontrolled military budget that has turned a deep sink in appropriation and No accountability.

Hillary was the last shot to salvage the US political image compared to Europe in social equitability.

Not sure how Trump is going to convince the people that he means to change the political system in the US and how he is to begin with in the first 100 days. Hopefully he is Not to deal with the immigrants at this stage and tackle the institutions and policies that are the main sources for the US astronomical deficit.

I get bored reading the myths in the “Holy Books“. Would prefer hearing the stories from the sources: Those funny story tellers, with great humor and a wink in their eyes

Hippolyte married Aricie: he passionately loved Phedre. If Phedre admitted that this passion was reciprocated, she would have relaxed and led a happier life.

The US lost an expert and hard working leader and politicians to put her stamp on a reformed rotten political system: She should have told the citizens that she heard their anger at the opaque public institutions and had plans, with her reformist teams, to simplify and render the institutions transparent. The US lost a golden opportunity for any significant reflected reforms.

Someone has to remind Turkey Erdogan that spreading ancient influences by military means is typical of short-term illusions

Erdogan wants to refurbish his ancient illusions, giving wings for the Ottoman empire dreams of still having some influence in the Balkan, the Caucasus, Iraq and Syria

A leader must focus on the 3 essentials: 1. Significantly Reduce violence (physical and in free expressions) 2. Significantly Increase health (physical and mental) 3. Significantly increase the odds for reflective and critical thinking

If you want fair democratic election process then focus on well-being of rural people and simplify and reduce transactions in public institutions 

Many nations forced additional taxes on single males. Reproduction was well below expectations: the youth immigrated and the divorces increased with increased loose behaviour in life-style

I see green. Blue looks green in dim light.

It’s a trend: Those who can read, Don’t like to read. Keep re-editing for those who voted Trump

At the end of the day, people sit in front of TV: Contents must be toward more to knowledge than tacit judgement.

I love you too much, My darling I love you, 2albi elek 3etesh, Il faut que tu l’avoue. wa enn eja 7ada 5ayri, ililo Etech, wa a7ro2 deen abouh, Oumi ta na3mel Match, al3aab 5aramiyya

What if it is the country that killed him? One of them collateral martyrs, who was convinced that Being Non political guaranteed safety?

It is easy to live in a community without bridges to the other side. Once a bridge links communities, it is hard to reconcile differences in cultures

There was a time when people wanted to emulate any demi-God. Any of them worthy gods left?




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