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Another genocide in Deir Zur (Syria)? Again, the Turks are involved, a century later…

This long line of crucified people is not taken from a movie on Jesus Christ or Spartacus: They are Armenian mothers and girls that the Turks crucified on their long journey in the desert of Deir el Zur, in north-East Syria, on the Euphrates River, by Iraq borders.

The photo was taken by a German and it is in the Vatican archives

Deir el Zur is currently invaded by the radical Islam Jihadists (Wahhabi) who want to establish an entirely Califat Islamic State.

 ‎شبكة أخبار جرمانا| J.N.N‎’s photo.
مذبحة الارمن الكبرى 24-4-1915 والتي قضى فيها حوالي مليون ارمني</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>,هذه الصورة التقطها صحافي ألماني ومحفوظة في أرشيف الفاتيكان و في الصورة توجد أمهات أرمنيات معلقات على الصليب عاريات تم صلبهن اثناء الإبادة من قبل الجنود الأتراك. موقع الإعدام في صحراء دير الزور بسوريا, وقتها قام أهالي دير الزور باخفاء اطفال الارمن ومن استطاع الهرب من المذبحة من البالغين وكان الدرك التركي يمر ويسأل الاهالي عن الاطفال ، وكانو أهالي دير الزور ينكرون رؤيتهم ويدعون أن الاطفال أطفالهم هم حاليا عدد سكان الأرمن بمدينة دير الزور فوق 25000
Most of the inhabitant of the town of Dir Zur and its surrounding villages, about 25,000 people, are the descendants of these crucified Armenian mothers. The Turkish policemen (darak) used to pass by Deir el Zur and investigate the whereabout of the Armenian children, and the Syrian families claimed the children were theirs.
Since 1915, and over 1.5 million Armenian massacred, the current Turkish government is preparing for another genocide, and this time in Syrian lands.
Turkey is demanding that the NATO install Patriot anti-missile “iron dome” on the borders with Syria, and I wonder why this escalation?
Most probably, the Turkish government is preparing for the “after Bashar’s” regime, when the radical Moslems will start showering missiles on Armenian, Allawit,Kurdish, and Christian enclaves on the borders with Turkey?
And I wonder:

“We seem to go through our days without ever being aware of the most common fact of life: we are living on a sphere which is zipping in space at a staggering speed of 67,000 miles/hour and spinning around its axis simultaneously at a speed of about 1000 miles/hour. And somehow all this is engineered in such a way that we feel no movement at all.”

And most of the movement and activities of mankind is focusing on eliminating and killing “other minorities” for lame excuses, including species in the animal kingdom.

Are the most awe-inspiring of life’s mysteries the simplest ones?  That mankind ethical and moral standards degenerated since the prehistoric man Age?

No more Caches for Fiscal Evaders (March 27, 2009)

The financial havoc has generated another capital consequence.

All these tiny islands and tiny States that were the heavens of offshore companies where money were stashed away to avoid taxes are no longer safe havens.

The safe heavens were pressured to enact laws that permit any State government to investigate accounts that were immune under “banking secrecy regulations“.

There are five main regions were these safe heavens concentrated their activities.

First, the Caribbean islands of about 14 of them, singly or set of smaller islands, are: Turks, Caicos, Anguilla, and Montserrat (controlled by Britain), then Virgin Islands (controlled by the USA, then Aruba and Antilles (controlled by the Netherlands, then the Bahamas, Caimans, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominic, Sainte Lucie, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Grenada, Panama City, and Belize.

Second, in Europe we got the city of Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Isle of Man, Isles of Guernsey and Jersey, Gibraltar, Monaco, Saint Marin, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Cyprus, and Switzerland.

Third, in the Far East we have: Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Fourth, in the Arab Gulf we have: Dubai and Bahrain.

Fifth, in East Africa we have: Maurice, Seychelles Republic, Maldives, and then Liberia in West Africa.

For example, the Caribbean islands and particularly the Caimans has residency for 70% of hedge funds and manage about 2 $ trillion or 2,000 billions; Jersey Island is the prime British offshore center and managing 300 billions; Liechtenstein with 165 billions; Switzerland with two trillions of offshore money or the third of the world’s caches and which generate a third of the State’s income. The safe havens in the Virgin Islands are mostly invested in China.

Now most of these safe havens are in the process of regulating their financial activities because most States want the money of their citizens repatriated in order to be taxed.

The problem is that the fiscal laws in most States are so exorbitant and complicated that it is not worth repatriating any money. People are just waiting for lenient and simple fiscal laws to be enacted before they get the courage to transfer their money to their home states.

For example, taking into account penalties on bad faith (40%), interests in arrears, tax on revenue, social contribution and other rights and penalties a French citizen having one million dollars in Switzerland should expect to pay 1,300,000 dollars, far more than what he has saved in the safe haven.

France has evaluated to 20 billions dollars of lost revenue is fiscal fraud, which amount to the total budget for the department of Research and higher Education.

The case of Switzerland banking secrecy laws started in 1934. In 1932, France confiscated from the Commercial Bank of Bale ten books containing 2000 French clients; the socialist deputy Fabien Albertin divulged the names of the clients representing a wide spectrum of influential personalities from magistrates, to ministers, to deputies, and to bishops. The State of Switzerland reacted.

Only in 1998 did the wall of banking secrecy fall in Switzerland when the US exercised pressures to recoup 1.25 billions dollars saved by Jewish families during the Nazi period.

There are four criteria to categorize a State as a fiscal paradise:

First, absence or lack of fiscal laws;

second, lack of transparency;

third, the economy cannot support that much funds (basically, a post office State); and

fourth, refusal to exchange judicial and fiscal information.




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