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You have a job, you have a hobby, you share your hobby unconditionally, your hobby turns out to be a gold mine, and you earn a life achievement award or you leave your stamp on civilization.

History demonstrated that glorious periods in civilization around the world are usually focused in a country, a city, a university, or a center.

Glorious periods are also focused on a hobby (a lifetime love affair) such as in architecture, painting, sculpting, music, literature, sciences, math, philosophy, singing, dancing, acting, movie, and so on.

You have a talented individual with a hobby (an idea, a discipline, a program, a method, a skill) who unconditionally shared this love affair and you witness talented people converging to the location of this guru.  They meet, talk, discuss, share ideas, skills, techniques, methods, fraternize, and form a nucleus.

Most members of this nucleus end up sharing the limelight and the glory.  The failed members are frauds: they never intended to share unconditionally their love affair with the particular hobby; whatever success they generate is fleeting, and their names never stick to posterity.

Very few are born with a silver spoon, and not many discover a hobby to sustain a life time of contentment.

Very few enjoy their earning jobs; most of them try hard to fool themselves claiming that they love their job.

The best criterion (which may be too late) is “what I am doing after retirement?

You have got to earn a living but you have got to have a hobby.  If you consider time invested on your hobby as just relaxation period in seclusion, away from society then, most probably, you have been wasting your time and your life as well.

Life is a blink.

Learn to share your hobby and let the sharing group guides you in turning your hobby a mine of gold.

Demand is not an idea; demand is not an object; demand is not discovering people’s wants and satisfying these wants.

Demand is shared hobby, disseminating ideas and skills, sharing your excitements, zeal, and expertise. The more you communicate your hobby, the more you generate demand to what you are doing, can offer, and teach.

Talent and skill practice are necessary, but never sufficient to leave a mark on mankind development.

Only when you learn to share, and apply the golden rule of sharing unconditionally your talent with others talented individuals, that you may have a good chance of earning a life achievement award.

Life is a blink.

If you have a hobby then drop stupid jobs that will swallow you life; start sharing your hobby and turn your affair into a gold mine.  You will be radiating happiness, confidence, and infecting everyone around you with positive vibes.

You don’t have a hobby? Get on with it and create one.

You cannot create a hobby?  I’d rather not comment: I am not the one to kill your grain of hope.

Love is sharing unconditionally what you can do best.

Occasionally, you may not be rewarded during your lifetime, but the next generations will.

One thing is sure: you had a life and you had a purpose.




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