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It’s two-party presidential campaign, stupid!

Posted in April 20, 2012

Three years ago, the Tea Party seemed to be everywhere in the psychic of the US society. This party kept criticizing Obama policies for supporting multinational financial institutions, expanding the Federal government spending, failing to deal with budget deficit…and went too far into exhibiting racist tendencies.

(I guess this party resurfaced during the Trump candidacy to the President but failed to confront the multinational financial institutions recurring crisis)

The Tea Party was the spearhead into bringing back the Republicans as majority into the House of representatives. It’s “authority figures” were represented by Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Randal Paul…As the Republican regained majority in the House, the Tea Party receded into oblivion…and since then, the Republican Party maintained a sizeable distance with the Tea Party programs…

The same phenomenon occurred with the Occupy Wall Street movement that protested against Multinational financial corporations resuming their old habit of doing business, not paying the proper taxes, and bringing the country back to another recession…

In this presidential campaign, the Republican Party is in no mood to suffer moderates, and is proposing radical right programs: Senator Mark Rubio and South Carolina governor joined Mitt Romney…

The Democrats do not suffer conservative tendencies in its ranks.

And the struggle will be fierce during election time, to revert back to continuing “old-time well oiled” US policies as usual, of maintaining the 1%  richest citizens grabbing 40% of national wealth, and consciously keeping 20% of the population under poverty level, no matter what

Note 1: Post inspired from the weekly piece by Hisham Melhem to the daily Lebanese Al Nahar

Note 2: Do you feel that the analysis done in 2012 has changed in any minor way? If it were Not for the Covid-19 fiasco and the clownish behaviors of Trump, we would Not have had a reversal in this current election




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