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Who Assassinated Former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in 2005? (March 7, 2005)

Since the assassination of former Prime Minister Hariri, thousands of citizens have been gathering, every day and night, in Downtown Beirut demanding to know who assassinated Hariri.  Not many believe that the government has enough credibility to investigate properly this political crime. 

The UN has sent a team headed by a former Irish police officer and then later, the Lebanese government asked the help of several crime experts and investigators from Switzerland and Denmark.

So far, how the blast occurred and what kind of explosive was used is still not conclusive and pretty much vague and divergent.  The government is claiming that it was a suicide car bombing done by Abu Adass who sent a video to Al Jazira channel, one hour after the incident, claiming the responsibility of an unknown group. The government hinted that it analyzed genetically remnants of the perpetrator.  A political scientist, Dr. Nakash, believes that the video is real and that two similar simple terrorist techniques were successfully used in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Nakash produces documents published in the New York Times of many serious threats to King Fahd, owner of Al Arabiya channel and the main mentor of Hariri. 

Apparently, Al Arabiya was toning down information in Iraq that could damage the US presence there and Saudi Arabia bribed Alawi (Iraq’s prime minister) with two billion dollars to shut down the offices of Al Jazira channel and to crack down on the militia of Al Sadr in Najjaf, which Alawi did effectively.  Hariri was for some time following the political lines of Saudi Arabia in Iraq but had a change of position lately: Was it too late?

The Hariri’s deputies in the Parliament affirm that the detonating charge was planted underground and the material is so new that the labs have failed to determine its composition until now.  One of the surviving bodyguard claims that the street was clear and no visible obstructions was evident before the blast.

May be the people want to know but the powers to be, locally, regionally and internationally are not that excited to divulge the parties behind this barbaric crime, if we set aside all the rhetoric from President Bush, Chirac and the European Union.  It is hardly credible that any Lebanese political party is behind this assassination.

It seems that Syria has much to lose from the death of Hariri because of his wide range of connections and the many favors he enjoys with Saudi Arabia, the main financial backer of Syria and stabilizing power within the Lebanese political system. I am leaning toward an Israeli/USA connection for several reasons:

1) The next day to the assassination, Sharon dismissed or refused to extend the appointment of Yaalon as head of the army and appointed the head of Israel’s secret services to replace him. Was Yaalon against this assassination decision or was he not informed and expressed his position accordingly?

2)  Hariri failed many Israeli attempts to internationally cast Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and he succeeded in Europe and in France.

3)  Hariri was behind snubbing Israel for the failed May 17 agreement to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1983.

4)  Hariri was behind the April understandings in 1997, with the direct involvement of the USA, on the procedures of conducting war between Hezbollah and Israel.  This agreement seriously hampered Israel in waging its devastating traditional attacks on civilians’ targets in the South and carrying out mass detentions.

5)  Hariri was for the return of the Palestinian refugees to Palestine and could certainly block any UN resolution to the contrary.  The timing of the assassination was appropriate because Israel was under pressures to negotiate with Adu Abbass (The recently elected Palestinian prime minister).  Israel wanted a free hand to pressure Abu Abbass into a flexible understanding about the refugees’ problems and Hariri could very well exercise effective counter attacks when he was to return as prime minister after the April election.

6)  Israel has a history of eliminating every enemy to its plans of expansion and the timing was perfect because Hariri was no longer a prime minister, the political discourse within Lebanon was very heated for blaming Syria of the many current setbacks, especially for generating the UN resolution 1559.  The unfounded rumors that Hariri was behind this resolution could divert the guilt for the assassination to Syria for an extended period of time.

7)  Since Israel never makes such serious decisions before receiving the green light from Washington and France, it is obvious that the USA  and France governments had an interest in eliminating Hariri at this junction.  Hariri was to be reelected in April and be appointed prime minister again. 

Hariri was a heavy weight internationally;  his personal friendship with President Chirac of France was putting Chirac in a corner: Chirac had decided to connect openly with Israel and didn’t want any exacerbations with the US after the two States agreed on main critical diffculties, especially commercial and economical.  It was France that coaxed Bush Jr. for passing the 1559 resolution in the UN that demanded Syria to withdraw from Lebanon.

As newspapers in Israel rightly analyzed the situation: Syria is very probably not directly the guilty party in the crime, but Syria is certainly the party to pay the price and the consequences.  Bashar Assad gave Israel the proper ammunition and the excellent timing for his inexperience and his hubris responses to international pressures.   I am certain that it is the Lebanese citizens who are and will pay the price for years to come.




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