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Get ready for Thursday Feb. 3 afternoon: Downtown Beirut.  There is a sit in mass popular demonstration until a government is formed. Bring in the tents, sleeping bags, and backpack.  Bring in all your family members:  We will party as a united people: We want a government now!

Lebanon is not Iraq:  We have no foreign troops on our lands.  We don’t have to wait months for every new designated Prime Minister to constitute a government.   Last time, the ex-PM Saad Hariri who was fired two weeks ago lingered 6 months before presenting a government that produced not a single promise.

Maybe the Lebanese are used to function without a government, but this should no longer be the norm.

We have no Israeli, Syrian, US troops, or “multinational coalition forces” to impose peace and security on our land.  The Lebanese Resistance kicked out Israel from the south in 2000  and defeated Israel preemptive incursion in 2006.  The Syrian troops and intelligence services had vacated the land in 2005.  We have no reason to bow and accept this recurring humiliating scenarios of waiting for months for the formation of a government.

We have 19 “recognized religious sects”.  So what!  We have great people in every sect to represent all Lebanese and work consciously for the interest of a democratic and independent Lebanon. Let Mikati PM select 19 hard-working, professional, honest ministers from the various sects.  We don’t need superfluous “Super Ministers” with no ministry to run or jobs to do!  We want a government now.

We don’t want to be waiting for the International Court for Lebanon to present its preliminary indictments in order to form a responsible government.  What is the job of a government except preempting coming calamities? We resent that Lebanon has been under UN mandated power for the last 5 years; we refuse to keep waiting for every events and trouble in the region to be solved before we get on with business.

The Egyptians and Tunisians revolted and got organized without the help and guidance of any political party.  We, the Lebanese, don’t need to be waiting for every feudal and sectarian “leader” to give us any damned green light to get on the march and moving toward serious reforms.  We want a bold and functional government now.

Come down to Downtown Beirut and be counted. Bring in the tents, sleeping bags, and backpack.  Bring in all your family members:  We will party as a united people: We want a government now! We will not leave until a government is formed.  Our lame leaders are not as stupid and mule-minded as Mubarak of Egypt is.  We, the Lebanese, have demonstrated that we can be as determined and united as the great people of Egypt.

Guys, we have a large window of opportunity to send a firm message: “This vicious cycles of spending months catering to every whim of every feudal, sectarian, and cartel party leader is no longer appetizing to our palate.  We are hungry, frustrated, and angrier than a wasp.  Lebanon political structure is to be reformed, and this is as good a time as ever.”

Bring in the tents, sleeping bags, and backpack.  Bring in all your family members:  We will party as a united people: We want a government now!

Germany and Israel executed the assassination of Rafic Hariri

A Russian daily described, a couple of days ago, another version of the assassination of Rafic Hariri.  The story says that Germany had invented, 5 years before the assassination of Hariri, a lethal small missile (about 10 cm long) with slightly enriched plutonium that was used by an Israeli drone that dropped it on the location of the murder with a waiting van packed with explosives.

The devastating one-directional efficiency of the weapon contradicted the theory of a van exploding with any amount of explosives.  The pure gold watch of Hariri melted while part of his body was not burned.  All the parked cars were carbonized instantly and this phenomenon could not be accounted by any known high explosive devices.

Germany sent over immediately to Lebanon two German investigators to cover up the indices and evidences in the crime scene and to directing the accusation toward Syria.  One of them is the infamous Mehlis who was discarded from the International Tribunal team just after the four Lebanese highest security officials were incarcerated for four years without charges.

The US and France gave the order to assassinate Hariri, with utmost prejudice, as the best and most effective way to forcing the Syrian army to retreating quickly from Lebanon.  Plans and programs for discrediting Syria and the Lebanese government were prepared way in advance, in details and applied right after the assassination.

Lebanon is one of the the main hotbeds of all the superpower secret agencies: the ambassadors assigned to Lebanon are the highest paid for that reason.  The amount of intelligence collected by the superpowers are far more precise and accurate than all the Lebanese institutions could master.

None of the superpower intelligence agencies cooperated with the International Tribunal for information and intelligence sharing. The International Tribunal for Lebanon specifically re-iterated the non cooperation of the US, France,England, Germany, and Israel.

After 5 years of useless work with no substantial evidences to indicting any serious party, and after a dozen judges and investigators resigned their fruitless jobs in this tribunal, Belmare is getting ready, pressured by the US, to issuing a preliminary indictment on four members of Hezbollah.

The US and Israel leaked their identical versions of the story to German and French dailies (Der Spiegel and Le Figaro), and the public Canadian TV channel showed a movie in two parts putting together the US version  Belmare insists that the leaks didn’t emanate from the Tribunal and that it is not politicized.

Truth is, Wikileaks has divulged documents proving that Belmare met with Michelle Sisson, US Ambassador to Lebanon, several times before deciding on any issue:  Belmare is a professional public servant who does need to be ordered by high level officials in the US: an ambassador would suffice.

Hezbollah has been launching preemptive media blitzkrieg for the last 6 months warning of the consequences of pointing the fingers toward members of the party. Hezbollah has presented video pictures showing Israeli drones taking pictures at the crime of the scene from different angles and for many times before the assassination.

The world community dealing with communication has acknowledged that Israel has hijacked all Lebanon communication lines and is capable of infiltrating any information.

Hezbollah position and most of the opposition Lebanese political parties and over 70% of the citizens are convinced that the Tribunal is used as a political weapon to keeping Lebanon under UN mandated power.  Hezbollah is urging the political factions and the government to taking this volatile issue into their hands and warding off foreign meddling in our internal affairs.

So far, the leading oligarchic leaders are unable to resist the US  and Western power pressures and letting the Lebanese suffer another potential civil war.

With the total US backing and support, Israel in putting the last touch to another major incursion into Lebanon, the seventh.  The timing of the preliminary indictment is waiting for the green light from the US.  If the political structure in Lebanon is unable to demonstrating self-autonomy in this critical period then, Lebanon shaky independence will be shelved for an indeterminate period and Lebanon would be classified as a State under UN mandated power.

The oligarchic leaders in Lebanon wouldn’t care one way or another:  They consider that they have rented a prime Real Estate property along with its slaves (Lebanese citizens) for a period of 99 years to exploit to the hilt.

The opposition coalition, backed by 70% of the population with over 45% under poverty line, beg to differ.  The next civil war will be quick and with a definite victor this time around.

The oligarchic leaders will not reap any advantages from any upheaval this time around:  They will be rounded up by the people who has been humiliated and abused for over 60 years and put to trial as traitors to the people.

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