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How would you like to die, Sir?

Does every inanimate object that I perceive must have a mind (soul)?

So that my mind could perceive it?

Beautiful abstract notion that could change our behavior?

Would I be willing to give my life to support this drastic notion?

I so often hear people say: “

Did I ever received the grace?

Have I ever been in a state of grace?

Do I feel at peace with myself and with the universe…?

And I wonder “what is this state of grace thing”?

I go on with my busy daily work and chores

And then my mind takes short breaks and starts talking with itself like:

“I know that I am among the living;

With such little odds to being born and survive

Has hazard acquired any meaning?

What is the meaning of my life?

Should I expect life to have a meaning?…”

I tend to call these moments “mind-break touched by grace

I resume my hurley burly daily busy work

And these instants of “unprofitable” queries recur frequently.

There are moments my mind takes another kind of break,

An extention to the previous wondering mind,

This auto-questioning is driven to a dangerous step forward.

My mind is saying: “I know that each of my traits is shared by thousands human beings,

Probably by animals too,

And I feel that with all that sharing story,

I am still a unique individual.

Well, this “unique” attribute is shared by God too.

Can’t I deduce that I am sort of a God?”

My mind has crossed the Rubicon River,

It crossed the red line to enemy territory.

My mind has to deal with the new situation, against all odds.

In this short break, my mind acquired a new name:

“Mind-break in state of grace”.

And life never stopped and I continued the living, the  surviving, the pondering.

One day, my mind took a plunge and decides:

“Why not? I am one of the Gods.

Who else is better positioned but me to be a God?”

My mind is revolving in this new state of mind:

My mind is in the state of “mind-break in God”.

Sufis would call it “being in unity with God,

In unison with God,

Friend of God,

Lover of God… And I love my new status”

My mind has crossed all the red lines,

My mind is taking on its responsibility to behaving as a God should behave:

God is no longer going to be indifferent to his brother, neighbor, animals, trees

God is to communicate his emotions, aspirations, hopes, errors

God has to deal with all the troubles, problems, joys, excitements of his fellow-man…

God is to be involved and takes stands for the weak,

The humiliated, the downtrodden, the meek, communities of dying languages…

My mind-God has decided:

It is worth sacrificing once life defending another man’s rights

(all the rights that my mind wishes to acquire, exceeding the UN super laws Charters of rights)

Against all odds and everybody.

Dying as a God is worth the entire universe.

How would you like to die, Sir?

A handful of ash, dirt, dust…

Eaten by worms, ants, crows, fishes, maggots, wolves…

Everything that you despised, handled with disgust, crushed, trampled, maltreated, ignored…

How else would you like to die, Sir?




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