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Tidbits #14

Brazil’s far-right president Bolsonaro wants to take away the indigenous lands in the Amazon forest and has threatened to give guns to ranchers — and now, he wants to open the rainforest to new oil drilling, mining, and even more logging. Fearless activist Sônia Guajajara and other indigenous leaders are calling for help.

1 in 1,461 chances of being born on Feb. 29, a leap year

~3000 BCE: Sumerians have a 360-day calendar of 30-day months, plus an extra 5 days of partying and festivals to stay in line with the Earth’s rotation around the sun.

A broad guess is that 25-70% of people in any infected country may catch the new coronavirus. ⁠

Israelis is living under fake mystical news: The worst ghetto in the mind of any people

The best strategy for the Syrian regime to keep Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS off Syria borders is to announce that Syria is secular, in all matter of laws, marriages, inheritance… the dissociation of State affairs from religious chari3at, civil registry, and discoraging imamas and religious clerics from delivering political speeches in mosques and churches…

China is barricading itself. Citizens are allowed once every 3 days for a stroll outside their confinement. Entrances and exits are tightly controlled and new types of restriction every week. China regime is testing and monitoring how long the Chinese are able to submit to all that crap.

Can UN health org. exhibit a list of categories of deaths since the outbreak of Coronavirus: Numbers died out of famine, of curable diseases, of traffic accidents, of fire suffocation, of drowning in seas and pools, from falling in bathtubs, from workplace accidents, mass shoutouts, family deadly violence…?

“Ghost ships”, unmanned vessels, appearing in some kind of undead state: These are outdated ships filled with dangerous materials that colonia powers sent across the oceans, away from their “homeland”. Ghost ships are warning us against the dangers of greed and ego.

Israeli snipers shot with live bullets at 16,000 unarmed Palestinians in last year alone, And the UN is shyly and barely saying: Israel committed what verges on crimes against humanity.

Between 1870 and 1920, 11 million Americans moved from rural areas to urban ones, and most of the 25 million new immigrants settled in cities. By the early 20th century, the West was urbanized with an educational system designed for the industrial age. Educational system is No longer adapted to the digital age, as well as the graduating educated “workforce”

By 2028, the BLS projects more than 85% of all Americans will be employed in the service economy, from retail to home care. Educational systems need to be revamped for the new kinds of workforce

A black hole exploded 390 million light years away.

 Benjamin Bergen found that 🖕this finger sign did not make test subjects think of a penis, but 👉👌 did.

Wetlands cover around 6% of our planet. But 40% of all plants and animals on Earth live or breed in wetlands. Our wetlands are not just the nurseries of life. They are also the kidneys of our planet. They store carbon dioxide and keep it in the ground.

Shouldn’t the Coronavirus bodies be incinerated? One of 10 victims die. In Africa, during the Ebola epidemics, 9 out of 10 died and they were buried the traditional way: digging earth.

With massive deforestation, many animals are flocking to urban centers. If these animals dig the graves of Ebola victims, isn’t that a valid reason for the re-spreading of the deadly virus?

Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 235

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

The Near-East region (current Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine) was the crossroad for all the ancient warrior empires. The people were more educated (had schools), more cultured, and more urban. The educated people spoke at least 3 languages, their mother tongue Aramaic, the previous occupier language and the current occupier.

During Jesus period, the educated people in the Near-East (current Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine) communicated in 3 languages: Their mother tongue Aramaic, Greek/Seleucid, and Latin. The Romans started their incursions in 60 BC.

The Jews in southern Palestine, mostly Bedouins, adopted the customs and tradition of the Land (Near-East civilization). In 200 BC, a few Jewish scholars wrote a mythical history (stories) for the Jews and codified customs as religious laws. They added a few restrictive customs that corresponded to their Bedouin life-style.

Jesus was Not a Jew, as agreed upon by the sect in Jerusalem through the Sanhedrin. The charismatic Jesus is from the province of Tyre (including Galilee and Sidon). The Temple of Jesus’ sect was in mount Carmel. All Jesus life was spent in that region, before he decided to march toward Jerusalem in the last 6 months of his life

The people in the Tyre province were forced to accept more restrictive customs (religious laws) from the extremist  Bedouin Jews in South Palestine who rebelled 100 BC against the Greek/Seleucid empire with capital in Damascus

Why Jesus decided in the last 6 months of his life to march toward Jerusalem? Most probably, he wanted to disseminate his teaching to the people in South Palestine. Trying to get inducted in the Sanhedrin would facilitate his mission.  The Sanhedrin was Not ready to admit this charismatic Stranger from the Tyre province and rob them of total control over the people in their “enclave”

La religion c’est toujours la religion: Les riches peuvent s’en passer quand leurs privileges sont assures er securises. Mais elle est necessaire pour nous les pauvres: Il n’y a que la religion pour endormir nos peines et aussi l’amour.

J’ai mes crises…Ce que le monde souffre aujourd’hui

March 30, 2018: Israel injured 1,100 unarmed Palestinians during their mass demonstration for “Homeland Day”. Most of these injuries were from live bullets.  A dozen were killed (martyred), particularly on Gaza border and the nasty Hebron (al Khalil) settlers

Notre Pere qui est aux cieux “Guide nous dans nos tentations”. Les passions sont bonnes: si seulement on a quelqu’un de bien et experimente’ pour nous guider. Si seulement on est pret a entendre et prendre au serieux les plus ages

En regime “democratique et liberal” les gouvernement dependent du bon vouloir des patrons

Tfadalou. Bi 2ool: drouri intifada sha3biyya 3aarimat. Lan antakheb, wa ma intakhabt saabikan. Keslaan baddo al naass tontofed 3anno.

7osni al 7ousayni insa7ab min al intikhabaat. Wa leish Walid 3am ye rekk 3ala eksaa2 Nabih? Ma houwi shriko bi kel business al fassaad


University of Sydney academics back BDS, as Israel guns down protesters

Dozens of academics at the University of Sydney have declared their support for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, reported the Australian.

According to the paper, the move comes as a response to the lethal crackdown by Israeli occupation forces on Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

The Australian notes that signatories to the BDS pledge say they “will not attend conferences sponsored by Israeli universities, participate in academic exchange schemes, or otherwise collaborate professionally with Israeli universities until the stated goals have been fulfilled.”

The BDS campaign, describes the paper, is an international movement “inspired by the success of boycotts in bringing an end to apartheid in South Africa”.

Activists attend a pro BDS march [Stephen Melkisethian/Flickr]

Nick Riemer, a senior lecturer in English and linguistics at the University of Sydney and a member of its BDS group, said “the response from fellow academics was encouraging” and expressed his hope that the pledge would spread to other Australian universities.

“People are already talking at Melbourne about the possibility of something like this,” he said.

According to the Sydney BDS website, some 40 academics have currently endorsed the pledge.

Read: Israel government moves to gag professors who back BDS

Note: Israeli snipers shot with live bullets Palestinians, marching every Friday, for their return to their previous villages and towns they were transferred from into Gaza, this vast open camp. Over 3,000 have been injured last month, mostly in the legs. Over 30 died.




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