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The under-developed countries are plagued with common diseases: any Resolutions? (February 15, 2009)

Fundamentally, most governance in “non-developed” countries is performed on a caste-structure basis, regardless of religion, race, language, or colonial mandates. 

I have written many articles on caste structures but this is not the topic of this articles.

The facts are that many diseases that have been conquered and eliminated in the developed States, are still raging in the poorer States, and millions die uselessly, especially kids under 5 year-old.

 Why the funds and medical aides from the developed States and the UN are not making a dent in saving millions from common diseases that already had remedies for decades? 

Since 1941, penicillin has vanquished countless microbes and new antibiotics are being produced to counter the resilience of microbes that have developed resistance strategies, such as the Staphylococcus and other Streptococcus.

Diseases like malaria, diarrhea, measles, tuberculosis, cholera, polio, and countless others banal diseases that have vaccines, or can be treated with antibiotics, are still rampant and killing everyday thousands of babies and adult under-developed States.

The best angle to analyze the topic is to divide the diseases in three categories: 

The first category represents the diseases that have effective and cheap vaccines and antibiotics;

The second category represents disease that require costly vaccines, expensive treatments, and common surgeries, but can effectively cure;

And the third category is reserved for diseases that have no cures, but can be contained for several years until progress is achieved like AIDS and a few other cancerous cases.

For the third category, funds are allocated to the under-developed States, simply because the rich States need guinea pigs to experiment with treatments that are traumatic in their own communities.

The first category is the most promising for decreasing drastically the casualties at an affordable cost.  Basically, the vaccines and the prior generations of antibiotics have already covered the expense of experimentation, and have been a cash cow for many decades. 

The main expense would be to train local nurses in remote communities, and university students in medicine, to administer vaccines and inexpensive antibiotics that are still effective.

The second category is not as urgent for the under-developed States as the funding and the structural organizations for eradicating the diseases in the first category. 

There has been a mobilization in 1994 for creating a world bank for medicaments and vaccines, and a few States invested funds in that bank, but there was lack of active pursuit for the long-term. 

All the health related branches in the UN such as UNICEF, OMS, PAM, FUND, Red Cross, and Red Crescent have been working on the field for many decades, but diseases are gaining the upper hand.

The scarcity of resources allocated to fighting disease in the under-developed States need to be restructured.  Priority should be given to diseases in category #1, before attacking effectively diseases in category 2. 

At least, trained nurses and medical students would be ready to tackle more complex treatments.

Note: Constitutions in the under-developed States are shells. Constitutions were created to satisfy the basic requirements for adhering to the UN as a member State. Saudi Arabia failed to satisfy even a single clause of the UN Charters.




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