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The Universe is Expanding. Fast. How?

I watched for a second time a documentary on expanding galaxies and got more questions than answers.

My question is: are all galaxies spanning away with the same acceleration?

If yes, then they are pulled by the same force toward a Point.

This Point or Singularity is most probably within the galaxies. On earth, you might say the universe is expanding, but on the Point you may say it is contracting.

This same acceleration for all galaxies is setting the stage for another Big Bang. A cyclical phenomena. One Big Bang succeeding to another one.

A second corollary is that a Black Hole is attached to each galaxy and they all have the same attracting force.

A third corollary: Black matters in each galaxy have the same concentration ratio or density as the other galaxies.

The 4th corollary: Our current universe has matured and is reversing its existence.

If the answer is No, that acceleration value of galaxies are different, then:

The neighboring galaxy that is larger would attract the smaller one.

Eventually, a few Mega Galaxies will end up swallowing one another. A single galaxy will remain to start the process of disintegration.

Can such a universe exist? When total darkness would reign outside the monster voracious galaxies?

In either case, it’s none of our concern: It is Not our species that will submit to these cataclisms.




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