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Odd news; stupid and funny news; (Apr. 24, 2010)

            Town council of Soubey in Switzerland is dismantling its unique mobile phone antenna. Ecologist, electromagnetic sensitive individuals, and the wrecked of high technology are flocking to this primitive paradise.  Apparently, electromagnetic waves damage the hemato-encephalic brain barrier and affect brain healthy activities.

            New Moore Island relieved India and Bangladesh of a stupid contention: it was submerged by the ocean.

            Male in red shorts and female Ourang Outang (chimps) in blue shorts are boxing away in Thailand rings.  Thos champion chimps protect their faces involuntarily: their trainers box their heads relentlessly.

            Bolivia has no sense of time.  The government is inciting civil servants with bonuses to show up on time to work.  Professors at universities may come half an hour late to lectures: it is far better than the habit of frequent days off.  Evo Morales showed up two hours late to a press conference at the presidential palace: reporters had long gone.

            US Marines in Afghanistan love to disturb Taliban lovers: They turn on the loud speakers volume max on heavy metal songs such as Metallica, Thin Lizzy, and Offsrings. Heavy metal songs can be heard two miles away. Health care providers are not covering deafness syndromes of Afghani marines.

            Mafias in Italy could not function if not completely supported by wives and mothers.  Apparently, villages that are bases for mafia activities 90% of the residents are members of the mafia because mothers and wives incite men to belong to the community and reap the advantages of economic boom.  The new born is made to select a key or a knife: the key symbolizes police force and jails; the knife is the honor of the mafia members.  Mothers adjust the location of the knife to increase the odd of the baby touching the knife.

            Switzerland counts 30,000 “mailbox” companies that have no location or secretaries. 85% of these “mailbox” companies are created by foreign companies with the sole purpose of avoiding paying taxes in their country of origins. Officially, these companies host about 100 billions dollars but obviously, the real figure is far higher.

            Good news for luxury maniacs: there is over production of cultured pearls.  Prices have depreciated drastically: Time to bargain hard.  A few of these companies are throwing away the pearls to the pork and swine.




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