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Wednesday, July 20, 2006


I went ahead and submitted my application for a new passport in Dhur El Shuwir, a ten minutes drive up. I needed to make a copy of my ID and was shown a shack fronting the Internal Security offices.  This shack was used by one of the “mukhtars” to process applications.  The copier was dirty and the copy of my ID was dirtier but valid hopefully.

It took about an hour to process the application; I was asked to finger print one of my thumbs; another officer rechecked the application, a third one cashed 60, 000 LP per year of validation, then the captain of the Internal Security stamped the pages and told me to come a week later to fetch my passport.  I paid for only one year because the other alternative is for a five years validation with no discount.

When I arrived home my mother asked me where I was and told her that I was renewing my passport.  She told me that she was telling my father that was exactly what she suspected.

There are rumors that gas for cars will no longer be available three days from now because the three remaining gas storage areas are located in West Beirut and transport is scarce and dangerous.  William was about to drive to a library for supplies and I asked him whether he checked with his mother if she needed something. He said that he had not that habit.  I told him that gas might be cut off within two days and it might be a good idea to save on trips.  He thought it out for a few seconds and said that it made sense and then turned off the ignition and mounted three floors to check with his mother.  I sensed that youth were ready to comprehend the scale of the difficulties facing us.

The municipality cleaned and prepared an old private school that it acquired two years ago as for its offices, and is receiving a new wave of refugees from the South and Beirut; this wave is in a pretty tattered state and worsening as the war drags on.  It is becoming a serious health hazard to breathe the polluted air in the littoral.

Michael, a friend of Cedric, said that the hotel he worked at in West Beirut has closed its doors, all its computers were removed to the basement and only one guard posted; he is pretty depressed at the realization that he is out of job while ten days ago he felt it might be the best summer for him.

The US marines are evacuating their citizens for the second day.  The patriarch of the Christian Maronites just arrived from the USA by a US helicopter wearing the regulated helmet; my mother chuckled telling me this piece of news.

The resort town of Brumana is jammed and overwhelmed and cars moves like snails and no place to park cars even on side streets.

Israel land forces have been trying for 9 days to get a bridgehead in the south in the two vacated town of Ayroun and Maroun al Rass.  So far they failed to advance even one kilometer and the latest reports are that 9 Israelis soldiers are encircled and several have been made prisoners.  Dozens of Israeli tanks have been destroyed and several generals are pleading to scrap any land invasion because the estimates are that about 40 to 50 soldiers will be killed every day in these incursions.

On the political front, there is a steady advance for a cease fire and the international pressures are making a substantial dent on the resolve of GW Bush administration and the stupid US Congress that passed a resolution for the continued Israeli invasion.  The Israeli representative in the UN stormed out of the meeting because Anan did not mention Hezbollah, Iran or Syria in his speech asking for a cease fire.

The French embassy is evacuating its citizens from the port of Tyr.  I am now reading “The Lexus and the olive tree” by Thomas Friedman. Ashley went to the American Embassy late to apply for a passport and received it the same day.  My brother’s two sons left to Canada through Damascus and then from Amman.  They arrived for their summer vacation the night Israel bombed our airport.




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