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The “Arabs” in the US are the most educated and the richest?

The latest statistics performed in the US have demonstrated the following facts, relative to the 5.3 million of Arabic descent:

More than 60% of the Arabs , mainly the (Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Iraqis, North Africans) earned the highest university degrees versus 30% of the average US citizens

The average Arab in the US earn $54,000 versus 43,000

57% of the Arabs in the US own single family homes versus 43%

The Arabs in the US hold the highest posts and the most private businesses than the other US minorities, including European, Japanese, and Chinese.

The Lebanese constitute 40% of the total Arab US, followed by the Syrians (12.3%), the Egyptians (12%), the Palestinians (6%)….

The Christians among the Arabs in the US form 63% and the Moslems 24%.

John Stewart Kenneth said: “The Arabs are starting to scare us with their intelligence and competitiveness.  Even our thinking are challenged and changed.  Once opportunities for freedom, justice were available to the US Arabs, they advanced in accelerated speed.  The US Arabs came from poor countries and reacted to their former indignities in their original countries by showing us to the second rank in our society.”

Moses Naeem, founder of “Foreign Policies” in the USA wrote an article saying: “Why Arab descendants are more successful than most ordinary US citizens?  Why are they more intelligent and richer? Why in such a hurry?”

The Zionist lobby is reacting vehemently to these new finding:  The Zionists kept the stigma of stupid Arabs for 6 decades and showing them as terrorists and lazy in Hollywood movies.

Note: Indeed why?  Read my response on“arabs”-in-the-us-are-the-most-educated-and-the-richest/

“Friday of Wrath” is back; consistently every Friday and Saturday. Millions of citizens in dozen of Arab States are chanting for change and reforms of dictatorship, absolute monarchies, and One-Party regimes.

In Tunisia and Egypt, the mass demonstrators are reminding the temporary “care-takers” of the governments of promised reforms, to be resumed in quick pace.  In Yemen and Bahrein the mass demonstrators are adamant: “Down to the rulers”.  In Iraq, Algeria, Jordan, and Morocco “We need reforms NOW; we want constitutional monarchy, republican democracy, and government not appointed by the US occupying forces.”

In Libya, Qadhafi and his African mercenaries are retreating and entire provinces are free from the domination of a clown and 9 savage sons and daughters for 42 years.  The danger is that the superpowers are concocting a devilish scheme of a UN mandated power on Libya after Qadhafi: Oil production, stupid, and at “reasonable prices”.  Remember Lebanon?  For 6 years, Lebanon has been under UN mandated power via the International Court for the assassination of Rafiq Hariri PM; a court mainly politically oriented to destabilize the Lebanese community.

Are consistent verbal threats convincing? What are the latest Hillary’s posturing guiding revolutionary masses in the Arab World?

I feel very upset when I hear and read editorials proclaiming the entire mass upheavals in the Arab World are masterminded by the US Administration.  Since when did the US felt comfortable with peaceful mass demonstrations anywhere in the world?  Show me a single peaceful mass protest in the US when the National Guard was not dispatched in a hurry?  Since when the US supported democratic transformations in the Middle East or anywhere in the world?

Since when has any former colonial power supported peaceful mass upheavals in their former colonies, now and when they had mandated power over their colonies?

Do you believe multinational companies have the patience to negotiate deals with democratic institutions and end up bribing hundreds in the various echelons?

That Hillary Clinton utters: “When I say now, it means now” was not a bit convincing.  Why?  Because that threat and the successive ones were  pronounced as people’s revolts shifted to their advantage and the battle was over.  These injunctions came a bit too late in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrein, and Libya; a bit too late as the habit of dictators to be way too late in promising reforms.

Hillary showed up on the screen as Ben Ali of Tunisia was flown to Saudi Arabia; Hillary’s pronouncement on Egypt’s “revolution of the century” materialized as Mubarak sank into deep coma; Hillary got upset as Qadhafi air bombed peaceful demonstrators and declared that he hired 50,000 African mercenaries to kill his own people, even Merkel of Germany gave her opinion: “What Qadhafi said is horrible”…

How do you think all these dictators, monarchs, and oligarchies accumulated billions of dollars without the full cooperation of developed State governments, multinational enterprises, and foreign financial institutions?

A little common sense people:  This behemoths of an US Administration cannot move as swiftly as mass protests moves forward.  Thousands of reports and recommendations from hundreds of departments have to flow in and out before any US decision is see the light.

President Obama finally attested that these revolutions are the work of the masses and no foreign interventions participated.

No to the talking heads lucubrations claiming that the US presence in the Arab World is as overwhelming as never before; that the US is executing an alternative policy…  Fact is, the US influence in the Middle East has received a heavy blow for its consistent policies of humiliating the “Arab” people in the last half century.

The latest veto of the US in the UN is the striking proof that the US is cornered and behaving as arrogant dictators who have lost all rational thinking and resuming their evil activities as if nothing drastically new is happening.

“Friday of Wrath” demonstrators, save Libya from UN mandated power, using International courts and investigations of crimes against humanity as a weapon to subjugate the people.  Tunisia and Egyptian citizens, any UN mandated power on Libya will directly affect the purposes of your movement and will create problems to sidetrack and disturb your goals for drastic reforms and changes.

The economy did not restart.  The effective rate of unemployed citizens is increasing and converging to the dangerous critical mark of 20%.  That means 12% of the lower middle class citizens are jobless.  The Real Estates bubble is still infected.  Bursting the abscess of property ownership is not for any time soon for good reasons:  most foreclosures are illegal.  The documents of property ownership, amassed in the last three decades by banks and financial institutions, do not exist or are not available.

Paul Krugman, Nobel of economics for 2008, explains. Property rights are badly defined since nobody possesses  adequate documents for ownership.  In most cases, proper documents do not exist:  many loans have been extended by shady financial organizations intent on “showing numbers”.  The mortgages were sold to “funds” ad hoc that dismantled the loans into financial products and supported by mortgage borrowing.

The laws demand that these “funds” obtain the titles of mortgages detailing the obligations of the owners.  These legal formalities were considered to be useless and thus, were neglected by the financial institutions.  Consequently, most current foreclosures are illegal.  Facing this judicial nightmare, the courts are currently relying on sworn testimony of banks with written declarations signed by “robo-signers” or employees having no idea what they are signing on, simply because supervisors ordered them to sign.

The code order from the government to the justice system is: “If a bank declares to own a property then, you have to take their words for granted.”  The problem is that the “funds” cannot produce proper documents of ownership.  The mandatory parties (the financial institutions saved by the government after the crisis) can be sued by investors who bought the titles to ownership; these titles have fractions of their nominal values.

In my previous three articles I discussed reforms for this liberal capitalist democracy.  In this post I want to extend a reasonable way out for the bursting of the Real Estates bubble fiasco that is dooming the system to another financial crisis soon. Since the government has the legitimacy of creating the proper rights for ownership I suggest this proposal.  How about all properties “owned” by banks and financial institutions be considered as rented by the government for a short duration until laws of ownership are revised and proper documents delineated to be needed for property titles like the good old times?

It is advisable that reformed election laws that adequately represent the lower middle class and women be instituted to discussing property laws. If reforms are not to pass “peacefully and democratically”, at least, the next financial crisis will be postponed as the government is renting properties that lack legal documents for titles. People can still purchase these rented properties and State governments can extend the lease to 30 years.

The “Old Money” of the 1% oligarchy, capturing 30% of the nation’s wealth in the capitalist liberal democracy of the USA, knew of the incoming latest financial crash:  their immediate code order after the crisis was “Regaining confidence in our capitalist brand system”.   The code order meant “The common people must have lost hope that our political, social, and economic structure can continue to work as usual.  We must find a tactical scheme that extends hope that “change is very possible in our one century old-established system”.  The people must be worked upon to be re-convinced that our system is the only alternative to producing wealth; that the trickle down policy of the rich reaping the profit first before the scraps are re-distributed is still the most valid structure to contributing to a stable economy.”

Since economic reforms are out of the question and that restarting the economy any time soon is not feasible then,  a quick and dirty smoke screen effect scheme was to be generated.  The oligarchy, aided by the unethical technocrats, devised a diabolic believable smoke screen: “Let us elect a charismatic “Black Citizen” for President of the Republic. At least we will have demonstrated that our liberal democracy can absorb social change”  This scheme hides the untold purpose: The capitalist superstructure behind this ideological liberal democracy will resume functioning and will try to re-establishing security and stability in economic life after the people is exhausted and his savings depleted.

The Obama ticket did the job wonderfully.  Obama spread the requisite hope of  “confidence” in fantastic rhetorical speeches.  Then, Obama was put on short leach in order not to institute dangerous euphoric hopes that could run overboard.  The limited national health care coverage reform passed with the requisite roadblocks:  Reforms should not be taken for granted and done quickly because the people want it.  No other serious reforms were put on the table for discussion and for making decisions:  Just mentioning reasonable financial reforms were too dangerous to start with.

It does not look promising in the near future for any reforms.  The Republicans and the Democrats are sharing the same oligarchic bed and just sending angry smoke screens working on people’s fears of instability and insecurity.

Note:  I do not necessarily include the billionaires of the last two decades in the 1% oligarchy:  They might be more willing to support reasonable reforms to this brand of capitalism.

Women are back to being the most vocal and active members in society as in the 1840’s, though the “Mamas Grizzly” are on the wrong side for the proper political reforms.  Fact is, women are not equitably represented in the political system. In economical downturns, unemployed men feel worthless and barely take on their responsibilities in the family.  Unemployed men and husbands start imagining that women and wives have the magic wand to making ends meet.  Unemployed men and husbands hand long faces and loaf around in the house; wives want men out of the house, away from their skirts.  Wives want the government to open up free extracurricular activity centers so that men are out-of-the-way and enjoying their free time.  Wives don’t need adult husbands behaving like kids, complaining and whining and expecting wives to tranquillize their unsatisfied ego.

Save a limited health care reform that is yet to be effectively executed next year, nothing is working in the US after the financial crash.  The number of unemployed is increasing, the economy has not restarted, foreign policies for stabilizing world disturbances have not changed much, the environment degradation did not improve, and the troops are being relocated and reshuffled to other “hot regions”; there is diminished credibility that the dollar is worth the expense of printing it and no viable medium-term resolutions are seriously contemplated.  Politics in the US is heavily biased toward short-term election timeline.

Nothing is giving the US citizens and the world communities much hope that change in on the way; any kind of change.  The banks and financial institutions were salvaged but productive lending transactions have not materialized.  All financial facilitation laws are encouraging the elite richest class of the 10% to resuming their disgusting flatulent life-style, as if the system was meant to satisfying their greed and large ego.  The budget for the military and the thousands of “security agencies’ (old and newly established) are taking up 25% with no substantial returns for the common people.  The modernization and maintenance of the infrastructure are on slow burner waiting for better times.

Women are the most vocal and active members in this economic downturn that has no light at the end of the tunnel; women are demanding transparency in the political and economic decisions, procedures, and processes; women are demanding accelerated reforms options with fair representation of their gender and all the economic classes, especially the lower middle class representing 50% of the population.

The Federal Regulatory Commission known as the FED has maintained the lowest interest rate ever for years and is now zero per cent.  What for?  So that the richest enterprises can borrow more money and not spending it on creating new enterprises.  Actually, billions are invested in other more promising States economies such as Brazil that witnessed its currency the Real appreciates 30% in less than 20 months. 

To make things worse, the FED wants to be imaginative:  Its chairman Bernanke is planing on purchasing the long-term loans.  With what?  Printing more worthless money that has lost all credibility in the exchanges of world finance and economy.  What are the consequences?

First, the ever successively devalued dollar, unable yet to compete with emerging countries, will reach a critical point that will wipe out the liquid savings of the elderly and retired people who won’t be able to survive for another couple of years.

Second, China and Japan would reduce purchasing the treasury T-Bills to the bare minimum commensurate to political concessions.

Third, The competitiveness of the US is far from being appetizing to exporting goods.  China has appreciated its currency 20%  up but the US could not compete:  the direct consequence was for Vietnam and Malaysia taking on the slacks for Wal-Mart and other wholesalers.

The worst part is that the government has decreed a moratorium on immigration from Mexico.  How can the economy restart without fresh, and young immigrants aiding small enterprises to restart or be created?  Giovanni Peri, assistant professor at the University of Davis, wrote in Foreign Policy in Focus that “Mexican immigrants increase production capacity, stimulate investment, and is a catalyst for specialization.  Young Mexican immigrants never had any negative consequences in the US economy in the last 40 years.  In the last 40 years, the active potential doubled and salaries increased 40%.”

Peri goes on: “Immigrants are basically competing among immigrants but do not rob jobs to Americans.  When immigrants are hired, productivity increases and Americans are elevated to higher ranks such as supervisors and foremen, simply because they know the language; thus, this process increases the base of the lower middle class.  Immigrants complement the economy and do not substitute for existing jobs except when highly educated and specialized.  An engineer cannot do anything alone; give the engineer workers and enterprises are created.” 

With the dynamic market system in the USA, hundred of thousands of jobs are lost and an equal number re-appears.  The more there are able and young workers on the market and the higher are the odds for creating new enterprises.   Immigrant salaries are low but still high compared to what they earn in their homeland, even when the higher cost of living is factored in.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) met in Washington DC with its 187 representative members to discuss this raging war related to currency appraisal.  The institution demonstrated incredible impotency to resolving this problem, giving the illusion that currency value is the main and critical factor for restarting economies and stabilizing world commerce. Chairman Strauss-Khan pointed out that more focus should be on strict supervision of the vulnerable factors in the most advanced States.  Thus, the IMF is going to study the viability of zero interest rate in the US  that is diverting investments to other promising economies such as Brazil.

The US brand of “capitalist liberal democracy” has to be revisited and fairer representation of women and the lower middle class be reformed in election laws and procedures.  This liberal democracy guided by the elite richest 10% of the population and hoarding 50% of the wealth of the nation must reformed so that the lower classes can have a say on the kind of laws that preserve their interest during economic downturns.

The gimmicks of slightly increasing taxes on the rich classes with large loopholes cannot continue indefinitely.  Political power should be reinstituted to the common people and election laws and procedures simplified to encourage the lower middle class to run for election and get organized.

The lower middle class (LMC) in a capitalist system is recognized to be the most virulent and potent economic force that can pressure political institutions into drastic reforms.  The LMC has tasted the fruits of consumerism economy and is not going back to the previous conditions of humiliation, indignities, and starvation by all means possible.

LMC represents 70% of the internal buying power of consumerism goods and services and is targeted by credit card companies to accumulating debt on purchases at 20% interest rate.  LMC families constitute 50% of the population and over 60% of the work force.  LMC is mostly educated at the high school level and enjoys health care benefits and wants to acquire its first home.  The rank and file of the military machine is composed of mostly LMC citizens.  Basically, the military is a political institution meant to quickly absorb unemployed LMC in period of economic downturn and to releasing them to the workforce pool in the rare economic upturns.

Let me clarify how I comprehend class structure in capitalist system in order to drive my point through.  The lowest class  of the downtrodden, the illiterate immigrants, and the daily workers at kept at the 20% level of the population and used for the daily maintenance and upkeep of the system at the minimum wage: The lowest class is considered as the “Black slaves” (regardless of color)  by the elite oligarchic class of the disgustingly richest 1% hoarding 30% of the total wealth of the nation.

The middle class (divided among the lower, middle, and upper) middle classes represent 70%  of the population;  the lower middle class (LMC)  constitutes 70% of the middle class sections.  The richest class of 10% hoards 50% of the wealth of the nation and view the LMC as the “White slaves”.  When a government claims that unemployment has reached say 10% it means that the lowest middle class is suffering most of the unemployment rate of 6%; given that the daily workers are not factored in the statistics.

For example, if we say that at least 70% of the “working people” are from the middle class (divided among the lower, middle, and upper) middle classes and that 70% of the middle class are represented in the lower middle class section then, at least 4.9% of the unemployed are from the lower middle class (for example: 70%*70%*10%) or more accurately 6% of the active workforce.  The other 4% of the unemployed are constituted from all the other classes (excepting the 10% of the richest class:  Its amassed wealth works for them instead of actually producing wealth)

When a government starts drastic cut in the budget (except the military: It goes without saying) it affects primarily the lower middle class, since the 20% of downtrodden are already suffering at the bare minimum, are needed for the daily maintenance of the society, and cannot contribute to taxes.  Actually, the class of the downtrodden feels helpless and waits for the middle class to begins marching revolts and to join it and scare the richest class and their political, security forces, legal, and law institutions for a short while.  When unemployment jumps to 20%  it affects 12% of the lower middle class then, serious problems await the power-to-be in capitalist systems:  This number of 10% of unemployed lower middle class is a critical turning point for serious upheaval and revolts.

Are you interested how capitalism identifies you?  For example, in which economic class you are categorized for being watched closely? For example, the potential level of danger for destabilizing an exploiting system during economic downturn and how you are getting organized to adjust it to a fairer political representative system?  First, check the statistics of the medium yearly income of all the population in the nation.  The medium statistics means that half the population is below the medium and the other half earn above the medium.  The medium yearly income is smack  within the lower middle class category.   The range of the LMC is from 20% below medium and 20% above the medium.

The primary purpose of most of the new Federal security agencies (over 295 created since 2002) is not for tracking terrorist activities as publicly announced but to keeping track of internal activities of the lower middle class citizens; they are in fact backing up the FBI for keeping files on the virulent elements and organizational ability.   The Federal agencies want to research the trends and mood of this dangerous class during economic downturn and political upheaval.

In economic downturn and high unemployed citizens the Federal government or Centralized government has two options, both of them directly related to safeguarding the interest and privileges of elite 10% richest class.  Either the elite class is cornered to ceding privileges and extending fairer representation proportional to class number; or venturing into some sort of wars (which is the norm) in order to absorb the overflow of unemployed in the military and creating an illusion of  economic health and recovery by supplying the military campaigns.

Depending on the seriousness of unemployed LMC, wars can be expansion wars, preemptive wars, or what is called national wars such as “The nation has declared war” on Spain, Japan, Germany…  More on these facts in the next article since the advent of industrial capitalist age that consolidated its power on the economic and social structures.

It is to the advantage of most of the citizens in capitalist society that effective unemployment increases to beyond 20%  in order for serious reforms to be considered and enacted in forms of laws and financial institutions control, restrictions, and constraints. (to be continued)

The US military presence is leaving Iraq next year.  The US military involvement in Afghanistan is going to stop next year.  Open ground troops wars in the Middle-East without serious prior diplomatic and political involvement in that region cannot secure the interest of the US.  While the US got mindlessly into the muddy and dirty job of conquering the region by force; and without preparing the mind and soul of the people for convincing and valid alternatives, China has been filling the vacuum peacefully and efficiently.

The worst part is that the US prefers to run political negotiations in the region solo, except in military matters, and refuses the European Union and Russia any serious partnership in resolving the Middle-East dilemma.  How can this exhausted and lame superpower be able to resolve anything of such a magnitude on its own resources?  The US even failed resuming the direct negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians and felt helpless exerting the modicum of pressures on its vassal Israel to stopping expanding colonies in occupied lands.

The US having failed militarily to imposing its wants, the alliance of Iran and Syria demonstrated that they are the real regional players in the Middle-East.  Iran, Syria, and Turkey are the major players in Iraq and Lebanon.  Iran is slowly but surely displacing exhausted and diminished Pakistan as the most powerful regional power in Afghanistan.  Iraq can only be governed by the joint agreement among Turkey, Iran, and Syria. 

The US has retained the weakest regional players: First, Saudi Arabia does not even dare allowing its army to getting involved in Yemen:  The fragile Wahhabi Monarchy doesn’t want to open the window for military coups once its military becomes virulent and excited; second, Egypt is barely able to feed half its populous citizens (65 million) and was impotent resolving the case of Gaza.  Egypt has lost its influence in Sudan (for over 50 years) and allowed Sudan to be partitioned instead of catering to its stability and safeguarding its southern flanks.

The US, by giving the impression that it will side with its puny vassal of Israel against Turkey, has lost the confidence of the Turkish people.  Turkey was the key regional power that the US could count on during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.  With the overthrowing of the Shah regime in Iran, Israel and the US are impotent in exercising any convincing pressures to any kinds of negotiations with the Palestinians and Syria.  I guess the US would prefer that the inevitable revolts in the “moderate” Middle-Eastern States happen now before its ground troops vacate the region next year.

This geopolitical overview was necessary to discussing the Palestinians, Lebanese, and Syrians dilemma.  The US has usurped the International Court, for investigating the assassination of ex-Rafic Hariri PM, by using it as a political weapon to destabilizing Syria and Lebanon.  That is the vast opinion and impression in this region.  The UN is pressuring the International Court (IC) not to deliver the records and documents of its hearing with the 33 false witnesses to the Lebanese government.  Thus, Lebanon has no choice but to re-open its investigation with these false witnesses in order to be forewarned and convinced about the “political” preliminary accusations of the IC that might destabilize Lebanon’s fragile unity.

Syria has never received any tangible concessions from the US or Israel to resuming seriously negotiations.  The US has always delivered tangible preconditions to Israel before the start of any negotiation (in arms, financial support, and political backing).  The people and government in the Middle-East are not stupid to falling for the hundredth time with the pressuring slogan “take advantage of whatever the US can deliver before the preliminary election!” 

So far, the US is unable to changing its policies in the Middle-East for its own interest while all the facts and evidences of changing times are blowing in its face.

In 2002, Bush Junior reduced the tax rate on the richest class in America.  The tax rate is due to be reviewed and revised at the end of this year to come up as it was during the Clinton Administration (or 3% tax increase on the revenue):  The richest 1% of the Old Money (hoarding 30% of the GNP) are up in arm and claiming that they are not about to relinquish the rights and privileges they secured for over a century under this capitalist system.   Politicians are empathizing with the plight of those multimillionaires:  The politicians meet regularly with the representatives of the 1% richest (most probably to supplement their puny salary and extensive privileges?)  Those pocketing half a million per year are very vocal:  They say earning half a million does not signify being rich!  That the US government bailed the richest class first with trillion does not count as an argument:  The government is planning to rob them from their legitimate money!  It is probable that the capitalist judicial system would view the claim of the richest as valid legally based on tradition and customs?  Maybe the President should have run under a clear platform of drastic reforms to the capitalist system with clear programs on how to deliver his promises?

You would believe that it is the downtrodden and the millions who lost their jobs and homes who are growling.  There are differences in growling decibel: the growls of the richest with monopoly on power are dangerous, ominous, and have this incoming missile whistling frightening sound.  The US citizens will be hearing loads of crap in the coming two months.

There is another class of new billionaires who made fortune when Ronald Reagan declassified military basic research and application to private enterprises:  Instead of applying the GPS technology to locating Soviet submarines, private enterprises permitted locating the closest espresso cafe.  This additional 1% of new billionaires is more lenient and understanding of the need to supplementing the budget deficit with $700 billion over the next decade to be invested in infrastructure and education. 

Garret Gruener is one of those new billionaires; he currently directs Nanomix (a nanotechnology society) and the capital-risk corporation Alta Partners.  Gruener made fortune participating in the foundation of the research engine Internet and created and sold many new enterprises.  Gruener said: “None of my investments were determined by tax rate on revenue.  As usual, the Republicans claim that the “trickle-down” strategy for wealth distribution works best in the capitalist system; which means, the richer are the richest classes the more enterprises are created and the more jobs are available.  The contrary happened in the last decade:  job market was the worst ever, salary stagnated, and wealth inequalities among the classes increased.  There is this inevitable trend:  the periods of the vaster inequality among the classes witness financial crashes such as in 1929 and 2008.  So far, the US economic performance is very poor and joblessness is increasing.  Congress has to understand that more largess in gifts and privileges to the rich classes will drive this capitalist system into a serious impasse.”

There is another emerging giant in the Americas: Brazil.  The capitalist system in Brazil produced 1% of the richest class hoarding more than 30% of the GNP; but the problems will not take effect in this decade for two reasons: First, the economic structure of Brazil did not reach a steady-state; and second, Brazil has vast natural resources to compensate budget deficit in the short-term.  How the richest financial classes make their wealth?

In Brazil, the 1% richest generated 52 of the GNP while the economy based on real work generated just 42%.  When the government of Lula spent over $7 billion on a program to support the 13 million lower middle class families the financial institutions reaped 23 times that amount or 36% of the budget.  How?  The lower middle class (earning over $600 per month; the minimum wage having increased $250) currently hold 80% of the credit cards issued and represents 76% of the consumption of higher life-style.  This class is heavily indebted:  For every dollar received from the program the financial institutions generate $23 in form of interest and other expenses.

Brazil has also to deal with two critical problems:  First, 75% of the population are practically illiterate (they cannot understand an article published in dailies); and second, private land owners of vast areas are powerful force who will not relinquish a custom going as far as 200 years.  Those private agricultural lands are focused on monoculture like sugar cane and whatever multinational agro-corporations demands to be grown.

What the US is currently experiencing will catch up soon with Brazil if the capitalist system is not reformed with the coming President that will facilitate the task of the succeeding President 4 years later.

The prime enemies to Capitalist America are well-adjusted and well-fed minority and working class kids.  Parents in the US are witnessing a reduction of 40% of their quality time to caring for their kids.  Kids return home alone, eat frozen food, watch TV, play video games, and isolated from their environment. Parents have to work twice harder for longer duration for less than what they earned three decades ago. Even national health care coverage for the downtrodden has barely passed Congress with drastic restrictions.  Kids are getting hooked to alcohol and drugs and are seeking gang-type protection against their loneliness and disorientation.  Fact is, most States considered satellites to the USA lack national health coverage and the schooling system is mostly privatized.

Why IQ is dropping dangerously?  James Coleman reached this conclusion: “Kids competence in school depend largely on the total effect of the environment (family, community…)  The total effect of school programs and system are secondary factors.  It is basically the lack of environmental support and care that is driving kids stupid and dropping from schools:  Kids are being herded to the job market earlier than expected and working in minimum wage jobs with no prospect for advance for lack of adequate education.

For example, Bush Junior has started this program “No Child Left Behind” and is continued by Obama with a nastier restriction.  This program is meant to just teaching kids to the test.  Kids are tested every couple of years and so are the teachers tested in “performance” of teaching to the test program.  Not only kids are not learning but teachers have been robbed of their educational rights to forming good minds, reflecting brains, offering various perspectives and point of views.  Students are to answer according to preset ideological programs.  Obama wants that teachers be evaluated by students!  Ignorant kids evaluating how well the teacher is preparing him to pass a stupid test. Teachers have to play kid among kids to earning his salary:  kids are not learning anything in deep; the educational system does not want to produce competent and creative kids:  Just kids proficient in passing tests.  Later on, proficient in scalping institutions and bypassing regulations by learning how the system works.

John Dewey (1859-1952), social reformer and influential in educational methods, was a prime US principal sources of inspiration to a progressive educational movement.  Dewey wrote: “The ultimate goal of education is not consumerism goods but producing free men, associated as equals.”  Dewey stated in 1920: “Power resides in the control of means of production, of exchange, of publicity, of transport, and of communication.  Those running these facilities are governing the society. The quest for profit is managed and controlled by banks, landowners, and barons of industries. This quest for profit is reinforced by the press, journalists, and the other vectors in publicity and propaganda.”

The British mathematician and philosopher, Bertrand Russell stated: “Education has for objective to extending values contrary to domination; it must be forming well-advised citizens, in a free society; to conciliate patriotism and liberty with individual creativity.  This pre-suppose treating children as we treat a young shoot endowed with proper nature:  Requiring the right soil, air, light, and water.

The current educational ideology can be summarized as follows: “Each individual, in an ideal configuration, seeks to a position of master among slaves.”  Relentless competition and the lure for quick gain are sure ways to destroying a sense of community.  Normal people are feeling insecure, afraid, and uneasy in their environment.  People are claiming to be “apolitical” (in a bad connotation) because they feel helpless to performing any social changes:  They simply blame the political structure, government, and official.

People are sensing after frequent crisis (preemptive wars, financial crashes, and reduction in opportunities and salaries) that governments are but shadows to the capitalist structure favoring private multinationals.  Capitalist enterprises impress upon governments the policies and laws that suit their monopoly over reducing common people to serfdom.

The media is not doing an honest job:  They are not pointing the finger to the proper sources of people’s insecurity and inequality in opportunity and wealth.

For example, David Moss of Harvard Business School compared two graphs extending for a century.  The first graph showed statistics of the gap between the rich and the poor in America over the years.  The second graph showed the tightening of financial regulations and financial crisis.  The two graphs matched completely.  In 1929, 10% of Americans hoarded 50% of the wealth (the 1% of the richest Americans disposed of 24% of the total wealth). In 2007, exactly the same gap between the classes were observed.  In Europe, more factors inter in times of crisis because the States are involved in supporting the downtrodden in matters of health, schooling, and subsidies to the less fortunates.  While in 1930 the gap shrank between the classes, this gap has not changed since 2007.  Most probably, the crisis is not over until the Federal government support the less fortunate in work opportunities and better salaries.

Note:  You are encouraged to read Noam Chomsky’s “For a humanist education”

Led by women: US Labor movements (1840-1860)

David Montgomery in “Citizen worker: The experience of workers in the US with democracy and the free market during the 19th century” demonstrated that modern America was born of movements of workers’ protestations and demonstrations.

The workers’ press flourished from the beginning of the 19th century to 1930.  It was then suffocated by the private barons of industries after the scare tactics propaganda of the Red monster revolution in Russia.

Women were mostly the editors of workers’ presses and lambasted the new set of values of the barons of industries that reduced common people to experiencing degradation in their values, loss of dignity and independence, deprivation of self-esteem, decline of the status of workers as individuals, and the stepping back of culture.

For example, the “factory girls” of Lowell revolted when the owner cancelled the custom of workers assigning someone to read to them at loud voice when working. The women wrote:

who sells his work loses his liberty and becomes at the pay of enterprises controlled by rich aristocrats, ever ready to crush any minor protest to his right to serfdom. The alternative is that you sell the product of your work and save your individuality.  Workers must own the factories and regain their health, morale, intelligence, and their civil rights.”

The workers’ press denounced the “betrayal of clerks” in media, universities, and institutions concerned of legitimizing the tyranny of the “new spirit of the time” and disseminating degrading values of slaving for the job market. The US workers’ press and magazines preceded Karl Mark’ “Capital” by two decades.

Norman Ware’s book “The industrial Workers, 1840-1860:  The reaction of American industrial society to the advance of the industrial revolution” opened the way for further social studies that feel very current and most appropriate.

It is interesting to note that, during the social upheaval in France of 1848 (to deposing the monarch Louis-Philippe), women were the most vocal and active in march protests and denouncement.  The new breed of “psychologists” got in arm analyzing the activist women as ripe for asylum.  The club of psychologists and physicians claimed that women are not endowed with enough emotional strength to supporting “political excitements”.

Consequently, women activists tend to go overboard in zeal and relentless actions.  For example, women activists horrified the mental experts by wearing men’s cloth.  The experts would give samples of sober women, taking good care of husband, children, and home and then, suddenly dropping every social responsibilities to joining wholeheartedly the uprising.

The term “democratic sickness” was first introduced by Hamilton, just after the US independence, in order to siding with the aristocratic classes for governance.  “Democratic sickness” was taken up later on by the aristocrats and conservatives “thinkers” as a form of lunacy such as monomania, idiots, and demagogues.

Those passionate French women activists were haranguing the masses: “No more misery.  No more exploitation of man by man.  No more rich people.  No more police force.”  The same opinions on women activists were repeated after the Paris Commune in 1870.

Physicians strongly suggested that such women should be held in straight jackets because they are dangerous elements with ideas going contrary to nature in values relevant to family, properties, liberty, and constitution.

The German and English physicians worried that French “democratic sickness” could be physically contagious and they made sure to close borders to such trespassers for the duration of the upheaval.  The German physician Carl Starck warned of the “smaller brain size of French women that is organized in a peculiar manner, and fraught with pathological characteristics of autism and leading to physical degeneracy.”

The prime enemies to Capitalist America are well-adjusted and well-fed minority and working class kids.

Parents in the US are witnessing a reduction of 40% of their quality time to caring for their kids.  Kids return home alone, eat frozen food, watch TV, play video games, and isolated from their environment. Parents have to work twice harder for longer duration for less than what they earned three decades ago. Even national health care coverage for the downtrodden has barely passed Congress with drastic restrictions.

Kids are getting hooked to alcohol and drugs and are seeking gang-type protection against their loneliness and disorientation.  Fact is, most States considered satellites to the USA lack national health coverage and the schooling system is mostly privatized.

The Book. Burning The Book 

Note:  This poem was written more than 10 years ago and is relevant any time, anywhere.  

In any upheaval, books are burned first.  Next comes burning of people.  

1. Friend, I don’t resent that you found the Truth,

The whole truth, in a book, The Book, or a few books.

I don’t mind that your book is

About faith, sciences, or philosophy.

2. I want you to know that

I do enjoy total Certainty,

Certainly not for a lifetime.

I do enjoy complete comfort in the mind,

One night at a time.

I cherish reading a different book a day,

To disturb my soul a bit longer;

To sharpen my suspicion,

In your stand, a tad deeper.

3. I hear that you don’t mean

To abridge my liberty for seeking knowledge,

To impinge on my freedom of opinion,

To impress your truths on me,

To burn down my libraries,

To limit my range of personalities.

I like to believe that you don’t mean it;

But if you don’t, what do you really mean?




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