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Fighting for the Man; (October 9, 2009)


Food aplenty for the few:

They are addicted to junk food.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Delicious: hungry


Fighting for the traits, given and wanted traits,

Thriving for characters of the beyond;

Fighting for the provocation of the ambient collective;

The objective environment and the living one;

The ambient social, psychological, and family;

Fighting for the Man.


Toys aplenty for the few;

They are addicted to one-on-one machines.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

A piece of paper and threads gets kites flying high; smiles even higher;

A couple of sticks get a team running and laughing;

An old makeshift ball got kids gamboling and shrieking with joy.


Fighting for the society of objects;

The historical environment, of body and soul;

The cosmic belonging, the instinctive thrust;

The defense of the ego and the taste to live;

The denying and utilization of the other;

Fighting for the Man.


Vaccines and antibiotics for the few;

Open heart surgery for the few;

They got to be ninety and end up in nursing homes;

Alone: the refuse of humanity.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Barely first generation antibiotics;

They don’t get to live long;

Their young memory didn’t erase the fresh good time.

They die within their community and among parents.


Fighting for the nutritional instinct, sexuality,

The race, age, gender, and life;

Variations in metabolism, language of the forms,

The sick body and the domesticated body;

The presence and ascendancy of the other;

Fighting for the Man.


Spaces and green horizons for the few;

They are addicted to tiny cubicles in overcrowded megalopolis.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Wind, dust, eroded land, dry earth,

A shade under an old resilient tree out in the nowhere;

A trickle of water of a drying source;

Crying babies, skeletal babies, over-stretched stomachs;

And white carcasses dotting the parched landscape.


Fighting for the emotive duality, the emotive matrix,

The emotive root of characters;

Getting a grip on the conscious, rhythm, perseverance;

Space and living duration;

The I, here, and now; in extension, in tension, and in intention;

Generosity and avarice;

Fighting for the Man.



Homes, gardens, and highways for the few;

They are addicted to driving and drinking.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Trekking for hundreds of miles; bare foot, crackling skin,

Sore dried up eyes;

To reach one of those Blue Tents

Erected and tended by romantic hearts.


Fighting for accepting reality;

Refusing reality, imaginary refusal;

The real, irrational and the surreal;

Carnal intelligence, dramatic intelligence,

Dialogue, rational arguments, democracy, discrimination,

The master action, the power of deciding,

The struggling with obstacles,

The greatness and misery of the will;

Fighting for the Man.


A car accident, a mugging,

A child left unattended, locked in a car,

A dog, a cat, an iguana for the few.

One million widowed, two millions disappeared,

Three millions refugees,

Four millions disabled in pre-emptive wars,

To depose a dictator here, a tough-minded leader there;

Five millions orphans, dislocated institutions and social fabrics;

Fifty thousands incarcerated:

Potential terrorists, with no hope for legal due processes,

For the leftover of humanity.


Fighting for the moral character, the moral act,

The religious expression of moral limitation;

Comprehending the Man is a science;

Far more complex and exhilarating

Than inanimate physical sciences;

You don’t need to be neutral in human behavioral sciences,

Just be plainly unbiased.

You don’t need to be odorless and insipid in social sciences;

I have got to be fighting for the Man!

The vaccine is ready; sorry, in ten years: the AIDS/SIDA case (February, 22, 2009)

            AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) or SIDA in French has been diagnosed about 28 years ago. It is a virus that affect of immune system.  How this virus came to be in the first place?  The medical establishments claim that this virus appeared over a century ago in rural Africa.  The people affected by AIDS got weak and lost weight and thus their poor immune system were prime target for many other diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and dozen other diseases.  Thus, death was imputed to these known diseases.

            Then, rural Africa started to flock to the cities and AIDS epidemic flourished and many Europeans and foreigners got contaminated via unprotected sexual contacts. The Cuba military contingents sent to Africa and the South African mercenaries of the apartheid regime at the time and the French troops in West Africa transmitted that disease to Europe and the USA.  Lately, there were published several serious books pointing to probable causes for the widespread of the epidemics; they argued that AIDS was transmitted through live vaccines in Africa intended for other diseases.

            The epidemic was discovered by hazard in 1981. The Center of Disease Control in Atlanta discovered cases of sarcomas of Kaposi (36 cases in 30 months).  In 1983, cases of AIDS were detected in female partners of drug addicts or through infected blood transfusions. AIDS was getting rampant in Haiti and Cuba.  Quarantine health systems were re-applied to all immigrants tested positive to AIDS.

            The UN had issued a report on the state of AIDS in 2006.  There are over 33 millions infected or seropositive (they don’t have AIDS yet but they can transmit the virus sexually or through blood), 2.5 millions infections per year, and 2.1 millions dead per year.  68% of the infected are located in 8 countries in the sub-Saharan regions; obviously, the greatest majority of dead are also from these regions.  China, Central Europe, and South East Asia are experiencing drastic increases in AIDS.  There surely are formulas to predict trends for specific regions, the duration of incubation of the seropositive before it turns AIDS, and the duration to live (life expectancy) before an AIDS patient dies.  These variables are different by regions depending on the State health support and close monitoring of the virus.  In the USA and Europe an AIDS patient can expect to survive 10 years.

            Every now and then we receive news that vaccines for AIDS have been discovered only to get retractions and postponement for another decade.  In the meantime, I suspect Bush Junior zeal to combat AIDS in Africa as means to fund US pharmaceutical companies to pursue testing on ready, helpless, and cheap African guinea pigs.

Good Old Days: Let’s Review (Part 2, February 18, 2009)

Alexander Fleming published his discovery of penicillin in 1928 and with the aid of Chain and Florey antibiotic was born effectively in 1940. In 1942, enough amount of penicillin was produced to treat 170 injured English soldiers in Africa.

At the end of the war, 300,000 British soldiers were given priority to penicillin treatments, among them 100,000 cases of syphilis and 200,000 of gonorrhea Nietzsche died of syphilis in 1900; he suffered the agony of syphilis progression and devastations for over 34 years. Anyone still longs for the Good Old Days before penicillin?

Suppose these millions of returning soldiers were not treated with penicillin, how many generations of afflicted “crazies” would be running amuck among us? Millions upon millions of civilians were not treated with penicillin because there was not enough in production and millions of new-born “crazies” were afflicted with just this single disease.

The British know how to be first in recycling everything.  In 1847, Victor Hugo wrote “The British dailies state that several millions of human and horse bones were shipped to Hull. These bones were retrieved from the battle fields during the Napoleonic wars. The bones were transported to Yorkshire and grinde into powder and then sent to Duncaster as fertilizer and feed for cows”

A decade later, the first symptoms of “mad cow” were observed in Duncaster and lasted till recently. Only three decades ago did Creutzfeldt and Jacob discover the link between the “mad cow” disease (MCJ) and what the cows were offered to eat. Cows are supposed to eat grass and not the bones and flesh of the dead and dying sheep grinde in powder as feed! Worst, people were contracting a variant of the MCJ disease by eating cow meat.

The biochemist Stanley Prusiner discovered in 1982 that the variant of MCJ in human called “prion” (an acronym) is a protein mutation and not a virus, or bacteria, or a parasite. For an entire decade, Prusiner had to suffer the sarcasm of the medical profession before they came around and gave this protein mutated transmissible agent the label of Non Conventional Transmissible Agent (NCTA).

The MCJ disease was found among a primitive tribe in New Guinea in 1957; the sickness was called Kuru or “The laughing dead” because the terminally ill individual had no control over laughter and died of hunger for failure to swallow.

Adult women accounted for 66% of the afflicted because they were left to eat the innards of dead cadavers after the men had eaten the muscles. Anyone to board a time machine back to primitive New Guinea?

Note: Most of these accounts are extracted from “Amorous Dictionary of Medicine” by the surgeon Bernard Debre.




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