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Select your faith: As easy as ABC by Michael B. Larson?

Michael B. Larson has proposed a funny religious affiliation taxonomy. This flowchart is very traditional and cannot convey the diversity of faiths (religious, natural, ideological, social…).  First study the funny flowchart at the end before reading my comments:

1. Faiths are initially related to community “gastronomical customs” in food ingredients, cooking methods, fiesta ceremonies, intake of alcohol consumption.  Instead of starting with God, let us begin with the varieties of diet programs: Vegan, Vegetarian (excluding fish but including products that do not involve killing the living beings, like milk, honey…), strictly carnivorous, mixed (flesh-eating and vegetarian),  strictly herbs, Halal killing, “who cares how killed”…

We expand the base to include the beverages permitted for consumption (wine, beer, whiskey, frsh water, boiled water, lukewarm water…)  You’ll realize that this first cut will result in about the same results as in the flowchart, with an added bonus of automatic expanded detailed discrimination among the religious and sect beliefs.

2. Community structure and system of organization and sex customs (polygamy, monogamy, patriarchal, matriarchal…): Tribal, rural, urban, caste system, theocratic, oligarchic…Religions transformed over the ages to account for what communities feel more comfortable with revised customs and power “reforms”…

3. The handed down prophets and religious leaders: If you study the civil wars and “religious wars“, you realize that calamities are generated among sects (within a general religion and among specific sects of different religions).  The wars were not for “believing” in one God, several gods, or not believing in any gods…Religious sects are formed around charismatic leaders:  The members are willing to die for this leader but not for any abstract god…

4. Every monolithic religion created its arrays of specialized gods, of double gods, trinity, and several: They always reverted to tacit polytheism, one way or another, for political exigencies and converting the majority of the more natural multi-gods specialized trade and business systems of conviction…Pictures of gods and prophets might be prohibited in public places, but never within homes: People “pray” more frequently in front of a “material” picture, preferably a beautiful and colorful picture of their preferred Saint, martyr…Candlelight offer a more romantic climate for devotion, particularly bonfires…

5. Religion and sects can be differentiated according to weather conditions: Mostly desert region, high plateau, mostly cold, mostly equatorial, mostly rich in water, mostly arid…The environment is master: Living conditions takes precedence over abstract notions that do not fit the environment…

6.  Can you buy this concept of reincarnation when a sect opt for strictly incinerating the dead body? Since antiquity, fallen soldiers in any war were burned for practical reasons, before health consequences were fully understood.  If the dead body is not to follow nature processes of decaying and being devoured by the little insects, how can you claim incarnation?  Anyway, the creation of hell, heaven, and something else in between, has transcended the abstract notion of belief in incarnation into very detailed physical environment of fresh potable rivers (of water, wine, beer, juices…), delicious fruits, beautiful virgins…

It is obvious that the facts are terribly depressing, and religions extend a grain of hope  to keeping the communities from disintegrating in nihilist activities… trampled laws and orders out of controlled could lead to civil wars …

Mankind quest for the Absolute has always survived Temples and religion. Actually, religions exist simply because mankind yearn for the Absolute, uncontaminated by the miseries and shortcomings of reality

Note 1:


Note 2: I had no idea that Mormon consider underwear to have magical effects: Can any sane person deny this most important factor? Once, a group of very beautiful and exquisitely shaped Mormon  girls were dispatched to campus to proselytize a fundamentally “eugenics ideology”, as is the case with all cults. One of these beauties convinced me to quit smoking for just two weeks.

I kept my promise for the duration: The urge for smoking didn’t subside as she claimed and I quickly reverted to my bad habits. If I knew about this “magical stuff” I would have sold my soul for a peek.

In any case, a sect that allow males to marry up to 9 wives is obviously NOT a matriarchal community, and sex is done in the dark, so that the “magical underwear” do not confuse the hard working males into illicit temptations…?

Underwear, specifically female colorful underwear, should not be part of religious beliefs since this attraction is common to all people.  A religion is essentially created to savagely fight against another religion and not to finding common denominators among customs and traditions…

Note 3: It comes to no surprise that Jehovah Witness do not find underwear that” magical”:  They are as boring as their talks…Can you imagine people believing that an Old Book, translated and re-translated, is the word of God and should not be interpreted?  They believe stories of scores of people living to be 900 years, and totally illiterate people (disciples) to have written testaments with their own hand at age of 100…

Cancers and myths: Positions and cures

When it comes to health (physical and mental) then categorical positions on what to eat and how to behave are mostly dangerous attitudes that lead to the wrong cures.

When it comes to health categorical positions based on philosophical grounds (mostly masked by religious undertones) are far less dangerous than positions based on so-called “scientific grounds“.  Why?

When you feel sick and your have selected diet (vegetarian, vega, or whatever) based on philosophical attitudes and it turns out to be inefficient then, you can change your position on certain kinds of diets with little difficulty.

The scientific attitude or people claiming a diet because it was proven scientifically is much harder to resolve.

Fact is most people cannot read, analyze, or interpret scientific studies and they simply adopt a line on faulty and imprecise conclusions of  “scientific studies” that are mostly defective in design or procedures or partiality.  Claiming a diet on scientific ground is tantamount to jumping from a building with blinded eyes.

The true anti-cancer diet” was written by David Khayat who is head of cancer services at the hospital (La Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris).

Khayat is 54 years old and of Tunisian origin. Khayat sees 40 cancer patients per week and he wanted to review all cancer studies published in French and English in order to giving priority to preventive care.  Khayat said: “In the last five years, my patients asked me what to eat in order not prevent cancers and I had no clear answers.”

After meticulously studying most of cancer research Khayat was crest fallen of what he learned.  It appears that during a life time, one out of two men and one out of three women will experience one forms of cancers.

Myth #1: “What you eat is the cancer that you get”.  Wrong.  A third of cancer types are related to diets and the other two-thirds have other main factors.  A cancer lingers for 15 years and it is not by following a late specific diet that cancer will be prevented.  There are 25,000 bio-components in food and investigating the effects of each component and the interactions of these components is not an easy scientific matter.

Myth #2: “Eating fruits and vegetables will block or retard cancer development”.  Wrong.  or the other dictum: “Eat five kinds of fruits and vegetables per day to preserving your health.” Fact is fruits and vegetables are plagued with pesticides (proven to be carcinogenic) and simple washing will not do to removing pesticides.  Over 70% of pesticides that enter our digestive system come from vegetable products.  (We are going through a period where soil is impoverished and needs constant and abundant chemical fertilizers; the produce have to be treated with pesticides in order to reaching maturity).  Unless you are confident that your provider is entirely bio and that you can afford the higher prices, then do not bet on any effective diet.

Myth #3: “Wine is cancerogene from the first glass you drink.”  Wrong.  Khayat suggest for men to drink three glasses of wine per day (preferably red wine) and women two glasses (a maximum of 30 grams of ethanol):  wine has high levels of “resveratol” which is an antioxidant and thus, offers anti-cancer virtue.  The less alcoholic and the less in sugar content the better wine is for the health.  I don’t know; maybe wine is given special status among all other alcoholic beverages because studies on wine benefits are done in French, Italian, and Spanish.  Cheap wine in those countries might simply be cheaper than bottled water.  I want to know the effects of cheap beer, cheap vodka, and cheap gin: Just to be fair with consumers in most countries.

Myth #4: “Eat lots of fish.”  Wrong.  Fat and large fish, those  that feed on other fish, have high levels of heavy metals (far higher than industrial mines!) such as dioxin, arsenic, polychloro-biphenol, methyl mercury, cadmium and lead…) that are proven to be carcinogenic. Anyway, omega 3 was not proven to be that beneficial to health.

Khayat offers many recommendations:

First, eat meat with moderation and make sure meat does not come in direct contact with fire:  When temperature reaches over 240 (C degrees) then aromatic amino polycyclic are produced and they are proven to be highly carcinogenic.  There are no link between red meat and colon cancer.

It appears that Asiatic women using the “wok” have higher levels of lung cancer compared to other women and this is due to using the wok for cooking meat.  I would like to believe that studies on the wok effects have controlled most of the variables that produce cancers.  All that I can say when I read these kinds of “scientific studies” is that “Wok has to be studied more seriously”.

Second, Vitamin E, iron, and beta-carotene are out the window. These vitamins are time bombs.  People who regurgitated lots of vitamin E had more cases of colon cancers than normal people.  Beta-carotene (found in carrots) increase lung cancers among smokers.

Third, men suffer more prostate cancers than other kinds of cancers  Thus, men over 50 should eat plenty of tomatoes, drastically reduce milk and milk based consumptions, and eliminate fatty products that fabricate male hormones susceptible to stimulating cancerous cells in the prostate.

Fourth, Females have tendencies for higher cases of breast, uterus cancers after menopause.  Thus, women have to eat plenty of green and white kinds of vegetables that are rich in phyto-oestrogenes; they have to eat fruits and vegetables rich in fibers (ale, banana, onion, asparagus, whole grain breads, …): they accelerate the transit and reduce the time of contact between intestinal mucus and product potentially carcinogenic.  Women should drink non-fatty milk for its calcium.  Basically, what is harmful for men is good for women!  (Here I get nervous and pretty suspicious: what, if I like milk and milk products then, should I be angry and upset for being created with prostate?).

Fifth, eat in the morning yellow and orange kinds of fruits and vegetables( such as orange, mandarin, mango, grapefruit…): their high antioxidant properties repair a night fasting.  Eat at anytime and during the entire day all kinds of red and white fruits and vegetables (such as tomatoes, red cabbage, ale, onion, and soja): reasons not explained.  At night, eat green (broccoli, cabbage…): green color is the product of photosynthesis linked to solar activities and thus, night-time stabilizes these effects; avoid red-violet and blue products at night.  Here I get suspicious when colors are involved; for example, if there are outside effects then how these effects resume when eaten inside our system?

Six, eat plenty of Curcuma, green tea (the Japanese kind), ale, onion, quercetine, selenium, and tomatoes.

Note: I love to eat everything and in moderation.  Since I cannot afford meat then, I am doubly lucky.

I suggest that psychological stability far outweight food dieting for those categorical in their diet systems.

Misha is the Idiot dog of the neighborhood; (October 15, 2009)

Misha is a gentle female dog that had submitted to surgery after twice giving birth to too many puppies.

We had hard time distributing the puppies.  Misha loves to be cajoled and seeks friendly touches; she never barked before; when she did, it was soft with a message.

One day, my nephew William returned from the university with Misha in his car; she was a stray puppy and scared.

Misha slept in William’s room and William got serious raising Misha according to Internet information and guidelines on the effective ways to train an “intelligent” dog.

Misha would not eat before the right order for “go eat” is given. Many other various orders and signals were peppered around that got us all confused, except Misha the smart dog.

Four years later, William had to move on and settle in an urban city to have easy access to clients and in order to bike instead of driving with a mask on. Yes, William is a strict vegetarian, almost an extremist in his conviction of the kind of food that can harm your body and mind.

Every now and then, the ingredients and varieties of food change according to the new “intelligence” gathered on the Internet. Definitely meat and milk based products are evil food; onion and ail are enemies to focusing and meditating. The varieties of beans vary depending on the latest “intelligence” and research.

I won’t talk of William’s white garment (after his retreat in India), a remnant of Mani’s in third century Persia.

Well, this post is not about William but is focused on the student Misha.

One night, a dark brown and sort of ugly male dog, with almost mauve eyes, paid Misha a visit. In the dark I thought he was Misha and the dog conjectured that we might be friendly people. “Browny” parked in our parking lot and befriended Misha.

Misha was the leader and Browny followed her. Browny might not be a stray dog: he wears a collar but he liked very much our company and Misha gave him priority at eating time.

Once, Browny took a vacation for a couple of days and Misha got upset and started barking at night calling after Browny, the ugly dog.  Browny vacations increased and his staying outside the parking lot extended for many days and then weeks.  Misha got the habit of barking all night long.

Mother is unable to sleep. Even the dogs in the neighborhood stopped responding to Misha.

Misha has become the idiot of the neighborhood at night fall.  Misha might have a prophetic message to disseminate, but we comprehend not her language. The neighborhood dogs are not encouraging us to take Misha’s message too seriously.

William is urgently asked to go back to Internet and find out what animal researchers have in their bags to resolve Misha idiotic period.

William had an “valid” excuse for Misha’s current behaviors, but I forgot the premises.

It is sad to say that Elie drove on purpose over Browny, claiming that he didn’t see it at the entrance of the driveway.

Lethal Spiritual Myths (March 24, 2009)


As people delve into spirituality, a dangerous phenomenon is generated, mainly a firmer intolerance toward the spirituality of others. As if our newly acquired spirituality cannot develop without the debasement of other alternative spiritual methods. As if spirituality obeys the rule of demand and supply, or an accounting register that shows debit should match credit.


Myth one: Only one way leads to God.  This is the most dangerous and lethal myth that was the cause, and mostly the main excuse for many wars, persecutions, genocides, and judgments of our neighbors. 


The weakness in our spirituality is to blame the authorities or sacerdotal castes for the calamities that we perpetrate on others: We always fails to shoulder our individual responsibility for our belief system. 


That is why the authorities have an easy job of enslaving our spirit and guiding us whichever they wish us to do.


Myth two:  The spirit can cure-all.

There are countless individuals who realized that physicians can overcome illnesses that all our spiritual gimmicks could not cure. 


Many times, it is better to pray that the experienced surgeon still rely on God to guide his hands during operations.  How many were victims of curable illness simply because of taboo spirituality?


Myth three: Red meat obstructs divine light

There are many trends for “purifying our body” by eating the most appropriate kinds of food and how it should be cooked for various reasons, and basically and implicitly, based on religious doctrines.


There are sects that prohibit ale, onion, tomatoes, dairy product, leavened products, and sugar on the ground that they disturb focus in contemplation and meditations. 


Others sects prohibit other kinds of condiments on the ground that they are poison to the body ‘that shell that is sanctified by God“.


Jesus said “Evil is not in what enters your mouth but what goes out”.  Vegetables and flowers grown in greenhouses might be purer for the consumers, but they are incapable, as naturally grown vegetables, to resist minor weather variations. 


Vegetarians are still eating live condiments that obey the cycle of life, as we will also end up being food for lower creatures and fishes.


Myth four: God is sacrificial.

People seek self-sacrificial ways by claiming that the road to heaven is through physical suffering.  If this world is a benediction of God then, why not take the opportunity to enjoying our life? 


Jesus Christ suffered for three days but he enjoyed most of his life traveling, meeting people, sharing his bread, and disseminating his message of tolerance and charity.


The Prophet Muhammad said “Unhappiness is contagious; if you are unhappy you extend it to your neighbors”


Myth five: God is a concept that became real, like the number zero and the imaginary number in mathematics, for constructing moral values that suit Nations. 


This myth is intrinsically related to myth one: God was rendered indispensable for mankind, was reduced to serve man, malleable to man’s desires and his will for power. 


God is used to harangue armies to war and to escape the resolutions of real problems.  Man manipulates God as the arbiter in nuclear debates and even in school systems. 


God is used to lambast totalitarian regimes, Marxist regimes, opposition political parties, discriminating among the evil and good States, and West versus East.


God is made use of to justify repression, apartheid, genocide, and racism.


God is used as a moral police force to subjugate recalcitrant opinions. 


God is even used in sciences under masked names such as “I don’t know, it escapes human cognitive power, providence, organized chaos, other irrational causes, and so on”. 


Religions have instituted sacerdotal castes with power to dominate and regulate civil life from birth to death.  As long as institutions and State governments use God to do business then, God is another useful commodity and versatile enough to be transacted any which way. 


No, God is an individual necessity and has nothing to do with collective usage.  God never needed an institution to promote Him. 


Man had the firmament of stars, of nature, of the huge varieties of animals, vegetables, fruits, insect, seasons, thunderstorms, volcanoes, tidal waves, the sun, and the moon to believe that there is a God,.


Is that another myth that nothing man does will not fructify if God did not participate in the process?




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