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I left my scent in every corner (March 24, 2009)


Vera Anderson lived in Medford, Oregon all her life; you may say she lived in a place, and when she married then she relocated to the other side of Main Street. 

Vera had dreamed of touring the world when she retires, but she died before her plan takes off. 

Vera’s testament was to be cremated; her ash was distributed to 241 pouches; 50 to the chiefs of the main post offices in the 50 States and 191 to every recognized States by the UN. 

These pouches of ash were to be scattered to places that Vera would have liked to visit.  All around the world communities assembled to decide of the best locations to visit and her ash was dispersed accordingly.


No matter what we claim of what happens after death, deep down no one is certain. 

Otherwise, death would not be the single all encompassing truth that our spirit and thought and actions revolve around, consciously or unconsciously. 

Without death, there would not be that great variety of religions, belief systems, and philosophies. 

I like to be on the optimists’ side and hope that we shall revisit earth.

For what is worth legally, I like to leave on this post my testament:  I want my body cremated and my ash sent to the UN.  The UN should disperse my ash in every region on earth where famine, genocides, civil wars, and utter poverty are rampant. 

It is only fair: like any wise animal, it is excellent to leave my scent in every corner of my domain Earth, in regions I failed to set foot on.




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