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“How do you visualize your future?” Retired person answer

How do you feel after retirement? Are your potentials for a better and happier life feasible?

Do you feel that your previous life-style is still a hindrance to achieve any happy life?

Maybe you need more comfortable conditions, but can you find a happy trade-off between comfortable routine and a newer vision/mission in your after retirement life?

How much of a change can you sustain if your worldview is transformed?

How ready are you to tempted to grab your chances when you decide for a change?

Do you mean “How I see the potential that next year I will be better off than today?”

I feel physically and mentally great. I still can see and hear. I still read and write every day.

I am connected to the world through the social platforms of FB, Tweeter, Instagram… and I keep a blog.

I am very curious about world politics and affairs.

I keep myself updated on local politics and affairs.

I feel totally free and frank in my comments and replies.

I have the time and enough finance to travel whenever I need a change in scenery.

I owe money to No one

And I’m Not attached to promises that I learned Not to give, even if I can deliver on my promises.

I learned to be funny and appreciate sense of humor.

I learned to act uninhibited when occasions arise to cheer up people and bring a few hearty laughs: I appreciate playing the clown.

Every week, I decide on a plan of action and execute it thoroughly.

Deciding on a trip, applying for a passport, applying for credit card that will come handy overseas, purchasing a mobile phone to do online transaction and stay connected to internet and Whatsapp… anything that will permit me to pull off my plan.

Obviously, at this age you are totally conscious of your body demands and restrictions: bowel movement, frequency of bladder ejections, eye-drops…

Matters that never crossed our mind in much younger age, as if the body is a machine, independent of the day demands on our limited capacity to actions

These constraints are a great opportunity for more detailed planning, for any extracurricular activities outside the perimeter of your home

A friend clown of mine wrote after her show:”Two little girls who came at the end to tell me that last year they watched the other performance and “you made us write our dreams on balloons ! Mine was to become a doctor and mine was to have a big shop full of toys! We love this show too. Come next year”.

I commented on her FB “Me too. I need to sign my dream on a balloon (wa ana baddi waqqe3 3ala balloon): I’ll have inspiration then and there “of what a retired person wants from his life”

I hear retired people saying: “Go for the best. I want the best” on FB

Hopefully we assimilated what is “the best”, if we can afford it, if we got the energy to go for it

My friend replied: “Surely, we have to grab our chances (tenter sa chance)”.

And I replied “quand on a acquit les 3 facteurs precedent on a deja plus que tenter sa chance: on est déjà sur le chemin des grandes potentielles”

And how about you my friend “How do you feel your next year?”

Stay healthy and have a great year.




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