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US youth, your government is totally supporting Qadhafi of Libya who reigned as a dictator for 42 years.  Advanced Egypt could not completely interfere with Satellite signals and scramble social platforms.  How come Qadhafi is successful in blackening out all kinds of intelligence on what’s happening in Libya?  Has Qadhafi bribed the Egyptian army junta with a couple billion dollars to scramble Nile Sat to extending his reign a while longer?

The US and Europe have vested interest in keeping Qadhafi in power:  Whatever they want he delivers; and he could deliver since Libya was his own fiefdom, and nobody was to talk about oil revenue and how it was spent.

The Libyan army, or whatever army still “loyal” to this brutal clown of Qadhafi, has surrounded major cities that have been vacated by the police forces.  Tanks and airforce are pounding the civilian demonstrators in Benghazi, Baeda, Darna, and most cities in the eastern provinces.  No foodstuff are arriving to these cities.

Why the US government and Pentagon are supporting Qadhafi?  Can’t a legitimate democratic constitutional system in Libya sell oil at fair market price?  Aren’t the 5 million Libyans deserving of liberty from tyrants, freedom of expression, fair representation, and equitable distribution of oil revenue?

Yesterday, the son of Moammar Qadhafi, Seif al Islam, delivered a recorded speech.  This duplicate of his clownish father, but with an engineering diploma, babbled for an hour and repeated stupid arguments that are worse than any WikiLeaks facts on how this oligarchic regime thinks of its people.

Seif al Islam said:  “Libya is no Tunisia or Egypt”.  And you listen intently on how Libya is different.  The surprise comes in the form that Libya is an amalgam of tribes and clans.  And you wonder: “If after 42 years of ruling, Libya is still tribal and clannish then, why the Libyan citizens should extend the life of this regime for another half a century?”

Seif al Islam said: “If the Libyans don’t come around and negotiate with him within 24 hours then, Libya will witness a civil war that will kill more than a million of the 5 million “citizens”; and Europe and the US will re-colonize Libya and divide it into three States: The eastern region with Benghazi as Capital, the western region with Tripoli as Capital and the middle region rich in oil.”

Seif al Islam went on: “Libya has two thousand kilometers of coastline and the Libyans will flood Europe with refugees.  The Libyan will be spending $100 for a loaf of bread within a week and all the 200 billion in oil revenues will disappear in thin air because western oil company will stop managing and producing the Libyan oil”.  What?! After 42 years of ruling the Libyans are still unable to control, manage, produce, and export oil without foreign experts?

Seif al Islam was lamenting that all the wonderful projects and programs of building hospitals and schools… will go down the drain.  And you wonder: “What?  After 42 years of ruling Libya, no hospital and schools and… have not been erected?”

Seif al Islam has promised that a new flag, a new national anthem, and a new “modern constitution” will be negotiated; that all these reforms were ready to be implemented many years ago and waiting for proper timing.

Youth of America and Europe, this is not the time to playing dumb and allowing your governments robbing youth around the world of their vital natural rights for opportunities, dignity, freedom of opinions, fair representation, equitable justice system, and a hope in a better future.

Qadhafi has wrapped himself with plenty of mysteries:  They say that he instituted an army of young amazon girls to protect his security; that he isolated himself in the desert designing a car from A to Z; that he built a water canal crossing the desert; that he had atomic plants; that…All kinds of gigantic wasteful spending flowing straight to the sea and nothing to show the Libyan people.

Qadhafi refuses any label: Don’t call him king, sultan, caliph, emir, president, secretary general…He is Mr. X.  You may think whatever you want of him but “please, do not say that I am an asshole”

Youth of America and Europe, march, demonstrate, and express your desires and wishes in support of the valiant peaceful people being murdered in front of your eyes by the hundreds.

It is not just a matter of cleaning once room.  Personally engaging in the daily chores gives the correct perspective to what living is:  washing the dishes, mopping the floor, doing laundry, tending the garden…Running away to work as excuse to avoiding doing and learning what it takes to get life going is a sure sign of unhappiness and non satisfaction later on in life. How can we appreciate life and improve our potentials if we refuse to face life’s exigencies every day?  We are necessarily meditating as we participate in daily chores: a reminder for humility and missed potentials.

I disagree with the following regimentation for meditation of the apprentice temple priest way in Japan.

Those apprentice learn how to be strict to themselves:  They do daily simple schedules without excuses.  They wake up early morning before sun rises.  Before breakfast, they clean completely their residence:  They tidy and dust rooms, hallway and garden, and even mop the floor,  everyday no matter of what.  They take time to do these chores, not in a hurry.
They cook breakfast for everybody and  completely clean the kitchen before they start meditation, study and excise.  Of course afternoon is similar.  They don’t drink alcohol, caffeine, or smoke cigarettes.  They are supposedly doing only things good for their minds.  They follow strictly their daily schedule for many years in order to taming “each negative egos”. and then get permission to go to next levels? I don’t know.

I agree that to do everyday basic daily tasks (clean-up…) is very important to cleansing our minds each day. Each day the mind is refreshed by the action of cleaning.  I cannot agree that is the purpose of living:  We have natural rights to enjoy life; we have natural passions that need to be satisfied.  The hell with regimentation if it must enslave me for years in order to satisfy a “master’s” view or opinion of how life should be lived, and what we should do every day.  Learn and then find your own way: It shouldn’t take so many years to discover your passions and act upon them:  Just get on doing and acting.

There are chores for the morning; chores for the afternoon; and chores for the evening.  There are times for learning, reading, studying, writing, publishing, earning a living, and meditation.  You don’t want to reach old age before you realize that all these “levels for perfection” are a string of falsehoods.

There is this whole world to discover, people to listen to, to discuss with, to change your ideas and perspectives on life and nature.  You don’t need to be confined in a place, a method, a way of life to learn and improve yourself and find joy, satisfaction, and happiness. You don’t want to reach old age before you realize that all these “levels for perfection” were a string of falsehoods, slavery of the potentials of your mind, and futile restrictions on your vital natural rights.





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