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Scotland, Scots Independent from Imperial Constitutional monarchy of England?

For weeks, public media have been telling us the vote for independence is pretty close.

Actually, the US has infused plenty of funds and displayed mighty efforts to sway the Scots from voting Yes.

Most of the efforts were of the negative fear reaction kinds, but it appears that the Scots will vote Yes by a 60% margin.

The US will be the most badly damaged from an Independent Scotland and serious consequences will be felt around the world political scenarios.

Scotland will negotiate with England for about 2 years in order to iron out details.

England has accumulate huge sovereign debt in order to preserve its illusion of an Empire where the sun never sets.

Apparently, on a proportional basis for population (less than 6 million), Scotland will still incur $170 billion financial risks or 75% of its GNP.

During these harsh months in hiatus, Scotland will have to satisfy the many requirements of the EU to join. Particularly, establishing a central bank

What are the consequences?

1. England will cease to be at the beck of US foreign policies.

For a century now, England was the spearhead of US policies to destabilize Europe, especially the smooth functioning of the EU.

The US was happy to satisfy England illusion that it is a superpower with a veto power in the UN, in return for a total adhesion to US policies of being the cook and the European States to do the dishes and picking up the broken dishes too.

England was putting countless hurdles at every critical decision for a completely unified Europe.

And England was the first of the allies to join US preemptive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And England did its best to drag many countries from its former colonies to join US disastrous coalitions. Scots suffered heavy casualties in many of these wars that they didn’t believe in.

2, As Scotland is amputated from England, the British  will feel the heat and a mighty wake up call to face the reality that they are European and must integrate fully in the EU.

3. Many European companies that enjoy huge trade with Russia, particularly the German long-term investment in Russia, will flock to Scotland and try to circumvent the sanctions against Russia.

Scotland will become a hub for new business ventures until it finally  and officially joins the EU.

Note: For 4 centuries now, Russia was the “vital space” for Europe and particularly Germany. Countless wars were waged in order to enjoy the cheapest Russian wheat and other raw materials.

And Russia was the key player in defeating the Germans in both WW.

And russia was the country that permitted Germany to train it military forces in Russia and to test its new weapons as Europe was heaping countless restrictions on Germany after WWI.

Most powerful woman. Angela Merkel: Good for the world, bad for the Middle-East

Angela Jenkzsch Kasner Sauer Merkel’s biography when she lived in East Germany for 35 years is relegated in the notes section.

This article will focus on Angela’s positions toward Israel and the Shoah.

Merkel position is correct that it is all the German people who lived in East and West Germany who bear the responsibility of the great catastrophes, all the Shoahs that were inflicted on the Slave, Russian, Greek, and Jewish people…

Taking “Principled” position that “racism will never rule the world again” has to be reformed with pragmatic policies regarding actual, on the ground, practices of apartheid and racism in Israel.

On many occasions, in the UN and in the Knesset, Merkel declared Germany commitment to Israel security as a “Jewish State“. She even forced “Jewish State” in her party documents.

It stands to reason that part of Merkel’s position to the State of Israel was developed and linked to her closest advisers as she started her political career minister of Woman and Youth and then minister of the Environment.

Apparently, the second most powerful woman is Merkel’s hand right woman Beate Baumann (a staunch Zionist supporter). Beate has been the closest person to Angela since Merkel was given the portfolio of minister for Women and Youth in 1993, and has been her personal secretary ever since.

Two other advisers were also Zionist supporters. One of them, Lutz Stavenhagen, was Secretary of State for Security Services, who cooperated with Israel security and secretly shipped them tanks make of components belonging to the National People’s Army. He admitted his responsibility and was forced to resign.

Sure, Angela is against Israeli settlement in the Palestinian occupied land, and she occasionally remind Israel of Europe stand on these policies, but resuming building free nuclear submarines for this apartheid State is not sending the proper message that “racism should never rule again“.

The Holocaust means “burning sacrificial (living species) for the God”

Shoah is the Hebrew term to mean “Great Catastrophe”.

The Israelis prefer the word Shoah on the ground that the Germans didn’t sacrifice the Jews for a God. I beg to differ.

Nazi Germany sacrificed the believers of the One God Jehovah because there was no room for Jehovah in the monotheist German One God Idol representing the Teutonic people. The two “One God” were archaic in nature and the battlefield had to be waged among two people believing that they are the “superior race“.

The German people during WWII were not fighting for Hitler or Jesus… They were bound by a superior Religious sect that should dominate the other sects in “Continental Europe” from France to the Pacific.

There were countless Shoahs during the occupations of Nazi Germany: there were great catastrophes that befell the Slave people in Yugoslavia, the Russians, the Tzigans, the Greeks… Every people that lived in the Vital Space of Teutonic Germany.

The Jews may stick to this succinct word of Shoah, but it is to be reminded that over 60 million people suffered the same malevolent and “terminal” decision to displace other omnipotent “monotheist” Gods.

Merkel is blinded into not taking a strong stand against Nazi Israel who committed the Shoahs against the Palestinians, the Iraqis, the Lebanese and currently the Syrians, displaced all over the world in order for the “Superior Race” to dominate in its vital space in the Near East region.

Merkel supported Israel preemptive war on Gaza in 2008 and went as far as dispatching German navy, a first since WWII, to “monitor” any shipment of arms to Gaza.

Actually, the German navy mission was to cover the frequent missions of Israeli navy to commit assassinations on Syrian officials on the Syrian shores and allow shipments of arms to the Syrian insurgents into the port of Tripoli (Lebanon).

Merkel is angry with Israel Netanyahu PM frequent decisions to continue building settlement in Palestinian lands in opposition of the EU consensus to stop the building of settlements, and she finally had to come full circle in acknowledging the existence of a “Palestinian State” at the UN.

The claim that Angela position on the State of Israel stands out from the successive German Chancellors is not correct.

Since the establishment of Israel, Germany extended more economical, financial and military aid to Israel than the USA before the preemptive war of 1967.

In around 1955, Ben Gurion negotiated a $2 billion aid with Adenauer (A sum that far exceeded the combined GDP of all the “Arabic States” at the period. While Israel secret agents were hunting down, tracking and assassinating German scientists working in Egypt.

Note 1: Angela was born in Hamburg in 1954. The family moved to East Germany and settled in the city of Templin. The second largest Soviet garrison was located in Vogelsang, close to Templin.

The father Horst Kasner (Kazmierczak) was the pastor of Waldhof (forest court) and dean of the protestant Pastoral College and trained clergymen in rhetoric and oration.  The mother Herlind Jentzsch taught English and Latin.

Angela claims to be a quarter Polish since her grandparents were born and lived in the province of Posen.

Angela was excellent in mathematics and the Russian language and she loved the Russian literature and culture.

The family watched West Germany programs on TV and the sports on the East German TV.

Angela studied physics at the Karl Marx Univ. in Leipzig in 1973 and resumed her higher education at the Academy of Sciences in Berlin. She was the only woman working in the field of quantum chemistry and got her PhD in 1984.

She researched her topic in the Heyrovsky Institute in Prague. At the age of 23, she married the physicist Ulrich Merkel in 1977 and they divorced in 1982. She remarried with Dr. Joachin Sauer 15 years later.

After the divorce, Angela hitch-hiked through southern Russia to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Before the unification of Germany, Angela managed to travel to West Germany only once to attend a wedding of a cousin, although she lived in East Berlin for decades. Her brother is Marcus and her 10-year younger sister is Irene.

Note 2: Biography is extracted from Stefan Kornelius “Angela Merkel: The Chancellor and her World”

Speech of Hitler lambasting Roosevelt: As Germany declares war on the US on Dec. 11, 1941

Hitler knew that Roosevelt favored England, but the US President was unable to counter the 80% of the US public opinion, which was very reluctant of intervening in this war.

Roosevelt has agreed to lend Churchill on credit for military hardware purchases, foodstuff and raw materials, most of the 33 million tons of supplies that England needed every month, just to survive.

The US companies were exporting all kinds of products and rare raw materials to both sides, and accumulating huge profit.

In Nov. 23, 1941, Germany foreign minister Ribbentrop meet with Japan’s ambassador Oshima and told him:

“We know today for certain from the intransigence of the US, that the negotiations with Japan will end in failure.  If Japan decides to go to war against the USA, that option will be favorable to the Führer, and Germany will join Japan in declaring war on the US…”

Four weeks later, on Dec. 7, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed half the US naval fleet in Hawaii.

On Dec. 6, 1941, Roosevelt had written to Japan’s Emperor Hirohito:

“We, State leaders, have the sacred duty of restoring the traditional friendship between our two countries”

On the same day, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

The airplane carriers were not in sight of the Japanese planes and were saved from certain sinking. That was a fatal mistake that would turn the tide during the Midway sea battle.

A week later, Hitler declares war on the US and delivered this public speech:

“I accuse Roosevelt of crimes against international laws.

Roosevelt comes from a rich family and lived the privileged life that democratic States facilitate the existence of the rich classes, this class labeled the 10,000 ultra rich.

Roosevelt lived WWI in the shadow of his protector (President) Wilson, amid the sphere of the war profiteers and exploited the miseries of the poor classes riddled with soaring inflation and engaged in vast speculation deals

I was a simple soldier in WWI, and I got injured, and was released as poor as ever.

Roosevelt is intent on switching his policies from the internal public opinion demands to external affairs, aided by his Jewish cohort the Frankfurter, Baruch, Cohen and Morgenthau…”

Initially Germany’s policy was to keep the US neutral in the conflict. Germany was interested in Continental Europe, including Russia as its Vital Space.

On Feb. 1941, German foreign minister Ribbentrop had met again with Japan’s ambassador Oshima.

Ribbentrop tells Oshima that the Führer is considering to extend his vital space eastward, toward Russia, and that he accepts the risk of a war with Russia.

Ribbentrop insists that Japan should not give Roosevelt any excuse for the USA to enter the war: We are in the same boat with you, and the US produces more military hardware than all the belligerent forces engaged around the world…”

Hitler came to believe the view that Roosevelt is the main danger in the US and that the Jews in the White House were strongly influencing his foreign policies. Hitler said:

“The American have no future. The USA is a rotten country. The racial problems and the vast inequalities are rampant. The US inspires me with aversion and deep disgust. Half Jewish, and half niggers: This is the US society in a nutshell. How can a community founded on solely generating money and stand up among the nations?…”

It is to be noted that, when Germany declared war on the USA, it was already in deep trouble after occupying large swap of lands in Russia and facing serious counter-offensives from the Soviet armies, in this cold Russian winter…

Germany was fighting the two largest powers in the world at the same time.

If Germany coordinated its attack on Russia with Japan, the entire war scenario would have changed. Japan was already in Manchuria and occupied Korea and the coastal parts of China… But Hitler wanted all of Russia to belong solely to Germany!

“No country on earth would tolerate missiles…”: Blighted by short memory?

Isn’t it frustrating and a huge let down to listen to a President, supposedly educated, cosmopolitan, and sensitive to women rights and kids rights, regurgitate the same slogans that other presidents, far less educated, and downright racists, have uttered in many other occasions?

When Obama said, with a straight and smirking face, in a country still under military dictatorship (Burma or Myanmar):

“No country on Earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders…” (He was talking of the “rights” of apartheid Israel to launch preemptive wars on Gaza…).

I got into wondering:

1. Since when Gaza has been separated from Palestine, and since when the Palestinians in Gaza have been denied the Palestinian entity to claim that the missiles are sent from outside the borders?

2. And what about Israeli missiles showering on Gaza? Why Israeli missiles must be tolerated? Mind you that Israel has already launched 1,500 jet attacks on Gaza and using bombs and missiles far lethal than whatever missiles Hamas has been launching (700 missiles in total, and barely injuring a dozen Israelis, while Israel has already killed 300 and injured 2,000 Palestinian civilians)

3. And what about the drone missile attacks that Obama has been giving the green light to destroy and assassinate people outside the US borders, every week in the last 4 years, and even a couple of hours after he was reelected for a second term?

Does Obama believe that the people in Yemen and Pakistan have less rights to tolerate US missiles raining on civilians as collateral damages?

Photo: But Yemenis are so tolerant, so...
4. How come when it comes to the Middle-East, US politicians, presidents, and officials play dumb as if repeating sentences from rot, exactly the same speech, word for word, as robot used to deliver memorized speeches?

5. How come Obama wants to deny the Palestinian an observer seat in the UN? What’s wrong with an Independent Palestinian State Mr. Obama?

6. How come the Black President can suffer apartheid Israel to keep killing Palestinians in their occupied lands? Has Mr. Obama forgotten that Blacks and Latinos have struggled for centuries against the apartheid system in the USA? Some decency Mr. Obama, goddamnit!

7. Has Mr. Obama forgotten that Netanyahu PM of Israel has campaigned against him and supported his challenger for the second term, and got involved heavily in the US internal affairs?  Can you take a stand Mr. Obama, goddamnit?

أمانة برقبتك ليوم الدين لا تخرج قبل أن تضغط لايك وتقول الله يرحمهم

Palestinian kids from the same family died under the rubble of their homes

أمانة برقبتك ليوم الدين لا تخرج قبل أن تضغط لايك وتقول الله يرحمهم
Would you be able to compare the effects of Hamas tiny missiles and low explosive charges with the deep craters and ravages and destruction done by Israel bombs and missiles? And yet, Israel has already dropped more than 3,000 such bombs on all Gaza infrastructure and civilians…


Funny how many US reporters lag in international news and changes. For example, CNN tv host: “What is the reaction to US secretary of state getting on a plane and coming to the region?”
The Reporter on the border of Gaza: “We haven’t had the chance to get reaction about the visit of Hillary Clinton, but we talked to the office of PRESIDENT HOSNI MUBARAK…”

The reporter didn’t get it yet that defunct Mubarak was displaced during the Arab Spring…

Call it what you like, but it cannot be out of defense if you are occupying other people lands (Noam Chomsky)

Call it a just reaction to mosquito stings that disrupt your comfortable “vital space” and you feel this just urge to swap the mosquito that harmed your tranquility and apartheid life-style




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