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Lucky when you passes away surprised

Passing away surprised; (Mar. 7, 2010)

Shadow of death never fluttered in his mind

Shadows are not meant to scare but to cool

Lucky who passes away surprised.


I have a friend who mocked death grandly.

Many of his dear friends died still young

New friends are friends with no names:

Vivid memory revolves around good old days.


My old friend had a stroke lately.

I learned to pray morning and night.

I pray for his relief, the sooner.


Life is not worth living any longer

If he cannot talk no more

Hear no more, walk no more.


I am starting to lean on the concept

That hopeless people in health

Can will it to die.


My father and mother passed away at age of 92,

Six years apart.

My father was bedridden for a year and on oxygen.

On Christmas eve, at noon, he died without a sound.

He looked at peace.

I had to approached a mirror to be convinced that no breath is being exhaled.


My mother was in an intensive care for a week, mostly in a coma.

All her vital organs had deteriorated, except her heart.

The evening before her death, we signed this paper for Not being re-animated.

The next morning, mother woke up and showed many signs of consciousness.

I was convinced that she will make it.

An hour later, her heart gave way.


Proud and generous souls should be graced

To pass away surprisingly stunned.




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