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Voting in Texas: Thinking is Hard

Wow, this is tough. I do love guns and Jesus. I also have a vagina and a homegrown Bush of my own. Thinking is hard.

rich-full-life posted:

Go vote.

Or don’t and just complain about or join in the celebration of the rest of the country’s decision today.

It’s happening with or without you.

I don’t have much to say about the election because I’ve hit my limit on political rhetoric, and I find the subject too polarizing.

I like my friends and family, so much so, that I’ve ignored many of them for months now.

I didn’t even hide their Facebook feeds.

My skills at scrolling past opinions I don’t agree with, and not discussing politics have been sharply honed in recent months.

But, I did make some pictures so I could be somewhat topical today.

Like a hemorrhoids cream.

The Republicans dragged on their selection for a candidate, for so long, that Romney had to outdo his “radical” chauvinistic opponents (The Tea Party-types), and going farther and farther to extreme positions.  By the time he had to face Obama, he felt stuck in ridiculous proclamations on abortions, women rights, minorities, the non tax-paying leeches, and demonstrating that he is totally ignorant in foreign policy issues, and ready to make the rich richer… and willing to bomb his way as Bush Jr did…

The US new facts say: It is no longer the white males and pro-zionists who elect a president. They are the women, the growing minorities of Latinos (24 million voters), the Blacks, the unemployed lower middle classes who are fed up of being recruited to do all the preemptive wars…

Sane US citizens didn’t have to think hard. Obama had it secured for another 4-year term. And guess what?

Obama ordered another drone bombing on Yemen’s Al Qaeda potential leaders, a couple of hours after election!

How many Yemenis would have been saved by the time Romney studied his files?




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