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This confusing business of spreading institutional propaganda?

Western media in the “confused business”: Writing Iran when meaning Saudi Kingdom?

Mind you that this article was posted in 2012

The Olympic game charter prohibits States to discriminate between genders  in at least two clauses. And yet, Saudi Arabia will not let women participate in sports, while Iran do send sport-women to games…

Suppose Iran was discriminating, wouldn’t international outcry be deafening us? But nobody is willing to make waves when Saudi Arabia is the culprit…

Saudi Arabia Wahhabi, theocratic and absolute monarchic State has executed 76 people in 2011, such as women condemned for witchcraft, non-noble class homosexuals, sodomizers, adulterous women, drug traffickers, apostasy…and cutting hands of robbers…But the UN is not interested in what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.

Except the UN High Commissariat for human rights, no international institutions bring up these violations in Saudi Kingdom…

Neither the UN Council, nor the G20 (that met this year in the Kingdom), nor the International Monetary Fund (IMF)…care of what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Kingdom is practically untouched and never blamed (the same as this colonial apartheid implant of Israel)…

For example, in 2008, French Sarkozy declared: “Under the vigorous impulse of his Majesty Abdullah, Saudi Arabia is developing a civilized policy…” (Coming from Sarkozy under justice investigation in France and the instigator of the civil war in Libya)

Saudi Arabia impulse is still in funding and supporting the most obscurantist Islamic extremists in Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali…

They are funding TV cables channels dedicated to Islamic salafism, erecting Mosques in every street, sending free million of Korans (Wahhabi version), and million of books on “How to subjugate wives and daughters in obeying patriarchal systems…”

Saudi Arabia is lethally crushing youth demonstrations under the banner of “New form of terrorism”, killing peaceful Shia demonstrators in the Eastern region, jailing over 20,000 each year for freedom of expression charges, and has sent military reinforcement into Bahrain to crush the civil uprising, and is supporting the Al Qaeda in Yemen and Somalia…

The irony is that Saudi Arabia is the refuge for all dictators, Tunisia Ben Ali, Egypt, Uganda Idi Amin, many African dictators… And current Tunisia Hamadi Jebali PM visited Saudi Arabia and lauded the good deeds of this archaic monarchy, and refrained from demanding the extradition of Tunisia dictator, or the return of the stolen billion…

Saudi Kingdom would want everyone to believe that the main nemesis is Shia Iran, as Israel would want everyone to believe this strategy…

As  if peaceful nuclear energy program is the enemy to human rights, democracy, freedom of expression…

And it is the Iranian people who are to suffer from economic and financial sanctions, while Saudi Arabia fund and sustain terrorism everywhere in Islamic States

Western media are persisting in the “confused business” of not politically discussing the current US policies in the Arab World: Are they Writing Iran when meaning Saudi Arabia?

The big picture can be described as follows:

1. China keeps the US economy afloat with “fresh money” in buying government bonds

2. Saudi Kingdom keeps the US Federal budget afloat by cyclically infusing funds, particularly in crisis situations such as preemptive military operations, changing “rogue” regimes, enforcing oil embargoes…(And lately, succumbing to Trump blackmails to eliminate hundreds of $billion loans and buying useless weapons Not under the control of the Kingdom military…)

3. The US cyclically rectifies Israel endemic budget deficits, using Saudi Kingdom largess. Can’t we claim that Saudi Arabia is the main funder of the theocratic and apartheid Zionist State?

Is the US cowing to Saudi Arabia strategy of reducing all States in the Middle-East to theocratic Sunni Wahhabi salafism and archaic regimes and encouraging Israel to be a carbon copy of the surrounding States?

Note: Since 2012, Qatar, Bahrain and Gulf Emirates have shared in US order to fund the terrorist movements participating in Syria “civil war”, destabilizing Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Somalia, and many African States.

Any good news in and out?

After Iraq invasion. (December 7, 2008)

Let me offer new facts and then older facts that were not disseminated; then I will ask the question “Why the Bush Administration needed a major war?

Then the follow up question “Why Iraq specifically?”

Then the resolution question “What where the results of this pre-emptive war, what after Iraq, what of the millions of Iraqis who suffered this harrowing invasion?”.

Since the Wall Street crash, the USA has lost over 550,000 jobs and as many in the developed States and there is no end to that trend.  

In 1989, the world experienced a nasty financial crash that destabilized the Asian markets and then Latin America and its ripple effect hit the US as Bush was being inaugurated.  

Thus, before the Twin Tower disaster the US was financially unstable and the joblessness rate was very high and increasing.  

After the 9/11 attack the stock market in the US hit its lowest and the rate of decrease was about 36%, almost as bad as today.  

The major difference was that the financial disaster then was not publicized and the whole affair turned to the necessity of preventing further terrorist activities and defending the “Nation”.

The US needed badly a major war.

First, to absorb the unemployed, especially the Latinos, and

Second, to divert attention from acute economical and financial problems that the Republicans were not equipped to handle under their free, non controlled capitalist policies.

Why Iraq then?  

Afghanistan was a non entity and very poor to launch a major war and invest so much on it. 

 Iraq had no Qaida elements within its territory, simply because Dictator Saddam Hussein was a Sunni leader and would not permit other Sunni organizations to eat from his own dish.  

Iraq had no nuclear weapons; the Nuclear Control Agency said so; the European leaders said so; the UN said so and refused to support this foolish pre-emptive war.  

The Bush Administration went solo against the World community. Why?

Iraq was a State with the highest reserve in oil and second to Saudi Arabia in potentials for production.

Iraq was strategically located amidst the oil producing countries in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia is a staunch ally to the US.  Iran is too big to swallow.  

Iraq was about right since it had been seriously weakened after 10 years of economic embargo by the Bush Father and Clinton. (Over 2 million babies died in Iraq in that period of embargo for lack of powder milk and basic medicines).  

The neighboring Arab States were easy prey for frequent US financial blackmail to invest in Treasury bonds and other financial gifts such as purchasing redundant military hardware at the highest prices.

For the long term, the US planned to blackmail powerful China, avid of oil, by controlling directly the distribution and production of oil.

When the US forces entered Baghdad, Bush Junior declared “Victory”.  

Two years later Bush Junior revised his declaration “Victory was way premature”.  Recently, Bush Junior was begging the Iraqis to accept the “Security Agreement” to save face for the retreat of his troops.  

What would you expect from an Iraqi government, appointed by the US forces, but to obey its Masters?

What were the results of this long pre-emptive war?

First, over one thousand Iraqi scientists in all fields have been systematically assassinated by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad.  

The names and professions of these scientists and professors are published on the internet. Israel was greatly relieved: The huge brain potential of the Iraqi people was a nightmare for tiny Israel; and backed by huge oil reserves and fertile lands and prosperous industries.  

It is said that the Egyptians write books, the Lebanese publish and the Iraqi read the books.  For over ten years now the “Arabs” have not been reading their published books!

Second, a catastrophic ecological situation has befallen Iraq: the oil that could not be processed or distributed was re-directed to be dumped in valleys; vast areas are lost for ever and ever to any reclamation.

Third, over one million Iraqi civilians died and three fold that number crippled.

Fourth, oil production never reached the level of ten years ago.

Fifth, the US has stolen, highway robbery, the oil produced in Iraq with nothing to show for it but destruction, miseries, and sectarian warfare.  

Security in Iraq is the last thing in the mind of the Bush Junior Administration; the Iraqis can go to hell and why? Why?

Sixth, China re-directed its investment for oil fields toward Africa and the US is totally impotent.

Seventh, China has struck deals with Russia and India and the oil pipelines are almost finished and freed from maritime transport and US blackmailing tactics.

Eight, the hatred and animosities against the US policies in the Arab and Muslim people has reached the zenith and no public image gimmicks would do.

Nine, Russia has checked the US-NATO expansion toward its borders.

Tenth, the US is totally bankrupt and humiliated economically, financially, and militarily.  Shall I go on?

The cycle is back from where we started.  

The financial conditions are worse than in 2001 and unemployment rate even worst.  What then?  

Which country is now ripe for another pre-emptive war in order to suck in the jobless population and to blackmail the Arab State for financial secure?   

Saudi Kingdom is ideal: nobody like this savage, ignorant, narrow minded Wahhabi sect of this theocratic monarchy family.  

The world can do without this hotbed of terrorism, salafist, wahabi sect which is the source of the Al Qaeda and its numerous branches; except the USA obviously.

Don’t you hate this hypocrite of a monster claiming that he was against war but the CIA lied to him?

The case is to be handled by the International Tribunal of war crimes and perpetrators of genocides on a wide scale.  

If the International community fails its duty towards this massacre of the decade and persists in acting biased toward the developed colonial nations then the underground organizations will take over in the name of justice and for a long, long time.

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 131

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Sure, Abdullah Saleh of Yemen is a master opportunist, but the Hawthis  need to balance their ideology to keep the security and integrity of Yemen. He mounted a coup on his partners, failed and was assassinated when fleeing, like his predessessors

It is Not because we never trusted the Saudi Kingdom frenetic “dominion” policy over their neighbors that we have to keep trusting the mullahs and wilayat Faqih of Iran once their power take roots.

Dans mon cas, la “folle du logis”, l’imaginaire des reves diurnes demande plus d’espace et deplace la memoire des details.

Je suis un auteur amnesiaque, une ardoise du passe’ mal effacee’. Si j’ai ecrit mon autobiographie, c’est justement pour mettre de cote’ cette ardois de malheur.

J’ insiste sur l’atmosphere generale, les sensations, les actions et reactions: Les details du passe’ ne me viennent pas.

Une foret dense est une foret, une jungle enigmatique, touffue, une representation de l’obscurite’, de l’irrationale, de la folie qui guette a tout moment.

The third impression is that State influence is relatively weak; almost all the economy is privatized. Discrepancies in social earnings are balanced out by social and community feeling of responsibilities toward the less well off. (Einstein in 1940 of the USA)

The rich people are willing to re-distribute a large chunk of their wealth and offer their services to the communities simply because public opinion is strong and demands such tendencies (Einstein in 1940 of the USA)

The 5th impression is that the US citizen is generally not receptive to classical music and plastic art. (Einstein in 1940 of the USA

Is it a good enough proposal for Moslem Brotherhood to claim that women will not be subjugated to the same servile standards as in Saudi Kingdom, the most obscurantist Wahhabi sect, to enhancing freedom of opinion, liberty, and equal rights in Egypt, Turkey and Qatar?

Talleyrand said during the revolution, which culminated in a period of utter Terror: “The French had no idea that in the Regency (during King Louis 16), in their long history, they never had it so well and lived that well” . De Tocqueville demonstrated that France was the best Kingdom in Europe during King Louis 16


The slaughter-hood of Moslem Sunnis by Wahhabi Saudi Kingdom: Not Iran, stupid

The Wahhabi sect in Saudi Kingdom started the slaughter-hood of Sunni Moslems in 1745: Over 17,000 perished in the Hijaz.  And the succession of this practice continue unabated ever since.

ناجي امهز.

إيران خطر حقيقي على العرب والمسلمين السنة?.

ان اول مجزرة حصلت في بلاد الحجاز وذهب ضحيتها اكثر من 17000 الف مسلم سني قام بها مؤسس الفكر الإرهابي الوهابي محمد بن عبد الوهاب عام 1745 – لا يوجد هنا تدخل للشيعة ولا لإيران.

1903 قتل عبد العزيز بن ال سعود 160 مسلم سني من قبيلة مطير .

1904 في بداية العام قتل عبد العزيز بن ال سعود 800 مسلم سني من قبيلة شمر

1904 من نهاية العام قتل عبد العزيز بن ال سعود2500 مسلم سني من قبيلة شمر

ان اول من تامر على الدم السني عام 1914 واستباح دماء المسلمين الحنفيين في الحرب العالمية الأولى هو الملك عبد العزيز بن ال سعود عندما شارك الى جانب التحالف البريطاني الفرنسي لإسقاط الخلافة الإسلامية وقتل في هذه المعارك اكثر من 200 الف سني عربي خدمة للمشروع اليهودي 1917- لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لايران ولا للشيعة

عام 1918 قتل جيش عبد العزيز بن ال سعود اكثر من الف شخص من السنة لانتزاع ارض الحجاز

1920 قتل جيش ال سعود اكثر من 3000 سني من عشائر وبدو الكويت

1920 قتل جيش ال سعود اكثر من 3500 مسلم سني ليستولي على منطقة عسير

من عام 1920 حتى عام 1930 وحسب مختلف الإحصاءات قتل جيش عبد العزيز بن ال سعود اكثر من 45000 مسلم سني بأبشع وأفظع الطرق التي لم تألفها قبل هذا التاريخ القبائل العربية.

1925 قتل جيش ال سعود اكثر 3000 مسلم سني من عشائر الاردن والاستيلاء على ارض الحجاز

1930 انقلب عبد العزيز على حلفائه وقتل منهم بالتعاون مع الانجليز 1500 مسلم سني

1930 حتى 1935 قتل جيش ال سعود اكثر من 18000 مسلم سني يمني – لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لايران ولا للشيعة

1930 حتى عام 1941 تآمرت السعودية مع الانتداب البريطاني والفرنسي على الحركة الثورية التي انطلقت بالعراق لاعادة الخلافة الاسلامية حيث قتل اكثر من 8000 عراقي.

1940 بسبب دعم ال سعود بالنفط والمال للانجليز قتل اكثر من 12000 الف مسلم سني من الشعب المصري في معركة العلمين، حيث طلبت الحكومة الألمانية من الحكومة الايطالية ان تقصف حقول النفط السعودية التي تعطي النفط بالمجان للانجليز- لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لإيران ولا للشيعة

1948 أعطيت فلسطين لليهود بموجب اتفاق وقعه الملك عبد العزيز بن ال سعود للحكومة البريطانية يتعهد فيه بوهب ارض فلسطين لليهود المساكين، وبسبب الاتفاق اليهودي السعودي سقط بفلسطين منذ 1948 حتى 2017 اكثر من 2 مليون قتيل من المسلمين السنة الفلسطينيين وتهجير اكثر من 12 مليون سني فلسطيني بالعالم – لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لايران ولا للشيعة

1956 وبعد العدوان الثلاثي الإسرائيلي الفرنسي البريطاني على مصر ومذبحة خان يونس التي ذبح فيها 500 مسلم سني على ايدي اليهود، اكتشف الزعيم الراحل عبد الناصر خيانة ال سعود له فأطلق في عام 1962مقولته الشهيرة ) ان جزمة الجندي المصري …)- لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لإيران ولا للشيعة

1961 قامت السعودية بالتعاون مع الانجليز وبعض الدول الخليجية بالتآمر على ثورة الزعيم عبد الكريم قاسم رئيس العراق حيث قتل اكثر من 30 الف مسلم واعدم الرئيس عبد الكريم قاسم

1967 خاضت كل من مصر والاردن وسوريا والعراق ولبنان حربا ضد اسرائيل التي ارتكبت مجزرة يافا وسقط في هذه المعركة التي عرفت بالنكسة بسبب تخاذل السعودية اكثر من 25 الف شهيد و 50 الف جريح ولم تتدخل السعودية الا اثناء انعقاد القمة العربية في الخرطوم حيث تبرعت بالمال. لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لايران ولا للشيعة

1973 شنت كل من مصر وسوريا حربا على اسرائيل بدعم عربي، كان على راسه جلالة الملك فيصل الذي امر بقطع النفط عن امريكا والغرب، وبعد ان انتصر العرب على إسرائيل، قام بعض ال سعود وبقرار امريكي إسرائيلي باغتيال جلالة الملك فيصل عقابا له على قطع النفط عن امريكا والغرب نصرة للقضايا العربية- لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لايران ولا للشيعة.

1979 انزل العلم الإسرائيلي عن مبنى السفارة الاسرائيلية في ايران ورفع مكانه العلم الفلسطيني وسميت سفارة دولة فلسطين – هنا اعلنت السعودية ان ايران تدخلت بالشؤون العربية.

1980 بامر من امريكا واسرائيل والغرب ودعم سعودي خليجي شن العراق حربا على ايران دامت 8 سنوات ذهب ضحيتها اكثر من مليون قتيل من العرب واعترف صدام حسين بعد اجتياحه الكويت بان الذي دفعه للحرب على ايران هي السعودية باوامر اسرائيلية امريكية- ايران هنا اعتدي عليها لانها تدعم القضية الفلسطينية.

1988 بعد انتهاء الحرب الإيرانية العراقية أنشأت السعودية تنظيم القاعدة في عام 1988 وأرسلته إلى أفغانستان حيث قتل من السنة الأفغان أكثر من 3 مليون أفغاني- لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لإيران ولا للشيعة.

1990 بعد ان رفضت السعودية وبعض دول الخليج ان تفي بالتزاماتها للعراق احتل صدام حسين الكويت حيث قتل اكثر من 1000 مواطن كويتي- لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لإيران ولا للشيعة

1990 تدخلت قوات التحالف بقيادة أمريكا وبدعم مالي عسكري سعودي خليجي بما عرف بدرع الصحراء لتحرير الكويت وتبعها في عام 1991 عملية عسكرية سميت عاصفة الصحراء، أدت الى مقتل ما يقارب ال 200 الف مواطن عربي – لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لإيران ولا للشيعة

1992 قوات عسكرية سعودية تشن هجوم على الحدود القطرية وتقتل اكثر من 50 مسلم سني قطري .

2003 قامت الولايات المتحدة وبتمويل سعودي ودعم لوجستي بحرب تحرير العراق بعد ان تمت محاصرته لأكثر من 10 سنوات سقط ضحية هذه الحرب أكثر من مليون مواطن عراقي – هنا استفادوا الشيعة والكورد من سقوط صدام حسين الذي ارتكب ابشع المجازر بحق الكورد والشيعة العراقيين.

2004 وحتى عام 2017 تنظيمات المذهب الوهابي التكفيري الإرهابي تقتل في العراق بطريقة وحشية بواسطة الذبح والعمليات الإرهابية الانتحارية في المساجد والأسواق- لا يوجد هنا تدخل لا لإيران ولا للشيعة فالتنظيم وهابي إرهابي

2006 شنت إسرائيل حربها على لبنان بدعم أمريكي سعودي بحجة ان حزب الله تدعمه ايران

2008 شنت إسرائيل حربا على قطاع غزة السني وبصمت سعودي مطبق بحجة ان حماس تدعمها ايران

2009 الجيش السعودي يشن هجوما عنيفا على اليمن تحت مسمى الأرض المحروقة

2011 الجيش السعودي يدخل مملكة البحرين للقضاء على تحرك مدني سلمي.

2011 الأمن السعودي يهاجم منطقة القطيف السعودية ولم يعلم حتى تاريخه عدد القتلى والمفقودين

2012 شنت إسرائيل حربا على قطاع غزة السني بدعم سعودي بحجة ان حماس تدعمها إيران

2012 حتى 2017 التنظيمات الإرهابية الوهابية تجتاح العراق وسوريا وليبيا واليمن وفي مصر تقتل المسلمين والمسيحيين والأقليات بأفظع الطرق والأساليب بطريقة الذبح والحرق والإعدامات بالسيف ناهيك عن العمليات الإرهابية الانتحارية- المذهب الوهابي السلفي ليس إيراني ولا شيعي.

2015 الجيش السعودي يشن حملة عسكرية واسعة مع حلفائه على اليمن ويستهدف كل شيء وسجل سقوط أكثر من 15الف مسلم يمني غالبيتهم من النساء والأطفال بالإضافة إلى المجاعة وانتشار الأوبئة والأمراض مع دمار قدر بمليارات الدولارات.

2017 السعودية تحاصر دولة قطر وحتى كتابة هذا المقال لم تضح أسباب محاصرة السعودية وحلفاؤها لقطر.

هذا هو المكتوب في كافة الدراسات الغربية والعربية والموثق تاريخيا فارجوا منكم مساعدتي لنبحث معا عن الخطر الايراني او الشيعي على العرب والمسلمين.

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 62

Un camarade en cachot (1.10*1.50 m) tenait bon, rigolait et se trouvait en forme. Il imaginait des troupeaux d’élephants errant irrésistiblement á travers les grands espaces ouverts de l ‘Afrique “Le temps de l’orgueille est fini. Il est temps de nous tourner avec humilité vers les autres animaux”

Il est temps de nous rassurer que nous sommes capables de préserver cette liberté géante des troupeaux d’animaux qui vit encore á nos cotés.

La semaine derniére j’ai eu mes ragnagnas (puberté)

Est-il possible que seul notre quartier soit saturé de tensions et de violence, alors que le reste de la ville était radieux et bienveillant?

Cette fois-ci, sa crise de folie était de Bonheur: son ancient amant, il y avait longtemps á cela, avait produit un receuille de poêms et signait sur la premiére page une dédicace a elle.

Saudi Kingdom and the “Gulf” Emirate States have no shrines, religious or otherwise. The Wahhabi sect made sure none of that nonsense should exist. They were about to destroy the Ka3bat in Mecca, after demolishing the Prophet tomb in Medina, but King Saud was pressured to recognize its great economical and political worth: He militarily crushed the early extremist Wahhabi leaders.

It was the British who consistently supported with finance and weapons the Wahhabi tribes since the 19th century. Egypt Mohammad Ali and his son Ibrahim crushed this Wahhabi insurgency that disturbed all the neighboring tribes, Iraq and Syria. And Mecca was looted and the Wahhabi fighters assassinated everyone in their path, as today ISIS.

The British rearmed and financed the Wahhabi again.

As long as Palestinian youths in Lebanese refugee camps are forbidden to work in their disciplines or included in the Lebanese army. They’ll always be the best and easiest resource for extremist movements to lure them in

The British were occupied by the Vikings who occupied the Normandie in France who reconquered England… What specificity the British want to preserve out of the EU? Even Obama was clear: Get off our back and join the EU: we can no longer afford to support you financially

Rationality set aside, long-term projects confuse me: No girl ever approached me and told me: “Cool it down Adonis. Don’t you worry. This long-term stuff, I take care of it”

Les hommes politiques de premier plan rallient le marxisme par génerosité d’ame au mépris de leurs interest évidents. Les ratés rejoignent faute d’avoir été appréciés ailleurs.

France 1913: les filles arrivant au College étaient harasses: elles donnaient des repetitions et corrigaient des copies pour des salaires de famine

France 1913: les filles prévoyaient leur échec probable á l’agrégation qui les rejettaient dans le prolérariat des institutions d’ établissement privés (Louise Weiss) 

Camstoll Group? A US institution funded by Emirate States and Israel to downgrade the reputation of Qatar since 2014.

Israel is against funding Hamas, and UAE against subsidizing Moslem Brotherhoods in Egypt, Turkey and Syria

After suicide terrorist attacks in Iran, Saudi Kingdom has to decide: Yemen or Qatar? Wise Iran is Not about to let 2 wars in her strategic sea, Not so with crazy Saudi Kingdom

Nothing like a courageous night dream to produce a happy zesty day. So is a glorious morning bowel movement.

The young generations want young leaders: They need to retain this hope of a young tomorrow

Ma fille, les hommes ont horreur des femmes qui les aiment et aussi qui ne les aiment pas. Debrouille-toi

Je ne vis pas dans la misère: c’est le doute qui me rend misereux

C’est énervant: L’autre est toujours en majorité. Quand trouverais-je un moment de relax?

Faire le voeux de quelque chose est un jeu d’enfant

Le ritual nous libére de la necéssité de nous exprimer

En premier temps, on ne choisit pas sa foi. Et le temps second n’arrive que pour les idiots

Quoiqu’il advient, la vie continue? De quelle vie parle-t-on? Toute personne ayant droit á l’éducation a aussi le droit de ne pas lire certain livres

La tolerance est de s’accomoder de la contradiction intellectuelle. La tolerance est la meilleure attitude révolutionnaire de tout moment

La tolerance est une activité morale et de premiére ordre

Toute personne qui a droit de monter á l’échafaut a droit á monter á la tribune

Toute personne qui a droit á porter les armes a le droit de voter

Toute personne ayant la responsibilité de payer des impots a la responsibilité de critique les decisions financiéres

Toute personne ayant le droit d’adherer  á une religion a le droit de s’opposer aux clerges

Fear of success as for failure goes hand in hand: Changes are around the bend

The US is having a field day since 2011, hearing these free false propaganda heaping on it all the intelligence and potency to affecting the Spring Revolutions in Arab World. US doesn’t know zilch about us and is impotent in changing anything.

L’argent est un ciment: il consolide, renforce et répart. Sinon, il est utilisé pour faire les guerres. Ne l’accumule pas

Notes and comments or FB and Twitter Part 23

La mére: Il croit que je n’ai personne pour me defendre, qu’on peut m’humilier impunement. Comme il se trompe. Va mon enfant, va lui donner une paire de gifles. Et on a commencé a me considerer le voyou du quartier.
Chaque fois qu’une femme vous prend dans ses bras, ce ne sont plus que condoleances. On revient gueuler sur la tombe de sa mére, comme un chien abandonné. Helas, j’aurais aimer avoir ces sensations.
Saudi Kingdom Wahhabi sect share common denominator with Orthodox Jews: Heap all sins, and blame all catastrophes on women. Lock them up

Russia to deploy 400 police forces to monitor East Aleppo. Question: are they trained to behave according to Human rights law?

Stupid Ertogan: He viewed Aleppo as the main Turkish competitor in industry. He annihilated both industries for decades.

Okay. When next UN resolution for dismantling all settlements in Palestine?

There are No haphazard settlements in Israel. And this is Not a point of view

The only factor that prevent a UN resolution from being emptied of its contents is by steadfastly developing internal cohesion and unity in the nation

If astrophysicists can say: “We know nothing about Black Matters. But we know it Exist”. then I am entitled to forward a few hypotheses on that matter

Main function of any brain in living species is to Sense his limitations. Mankind made it his purpose to sanction this primal sense for survival. So much unnecessary pain, suffering and frustrations.

We used to note quick thoughts and feelings on diary booklets. No need to take it hard on notes displayed on social media: They are supposed Not to be shared.

Information overload: every accident happening in Europe or USA has to be declared and assured “Not terrorist related”

The Madoff Ponzi scheme made rich the early “investors” at 10% return rate (double any rate they could hope of) and they lead the fancy life at the expense of the late comers who joined the band wagon of greed. Those who re-invested, thinking of the future, lost their life saving. A big fish in a much bigger species of Ponzi multinational financial companies from all over the world.

Mafia and intelligence services are adopting the terror methods in order to eliminate specific persons under the cover of what looks like a Daesh terrorist. Istambul horror can be categorized under a mafia contract. An institution in the government is in cohort with this activity. The killers will never be caught: they have been disposed of.

The Turkish officials are Not making any sense. They claim the terrorist came from Syria, though they caught no one yet. They claim there was 10 guards outside and 20 inside, and yet, the killer took all his time, over 30 minutes, to reload 6 times and clean his weapon too. Can we get the complete list of the dead people in order to figure out who were the competitors? 

The Street Kid: one look is good enough to discriminate the sheep from the lion: he has got to grow or perish

Invariably, adventure find you when you are young. Otherwise, you have got to select among the adventure you are ready to undertake.

Solutions to our problems delay the growth of our lofty spirit

One day, the world that I knew would be regarded as a vulgar nightmare: the world of my dreams will take over.

The most corny news:

Obscurantist Wahhabi Saudi monarchy, the hotbed of all terrors, assembling Islamic allies to fight terrors and terrorists

This Saudi monarchy has no shame or respect for people’s common sense.

The main ally to US/Israel strategy to destabilizing the Middle-East is Saudi Arabia, along with Turkey of Erdogan.

Most ‘Members’ of this haphazard alliance were surprised by Saudi anti-terror coalition plan: They were Not officially asked to join. But Saudi Arabia doesn’t care: It’s just a propaganda stunt. Trying to position the Wahhabi sect as the dominant brand in Islam.

Officials in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Lebanon… all said they had not formally agreed to join the alliance.

Saudi Arabia has said 34 mainly Muslim nations have joined a new military alliance to fight terrorism.

The list of 34 members: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Palestinians, Qatar, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Palestinians are fighting Israeli terrorism and apartheid policies: Is Israel considered by Saudi Arabia in the Evil side?

Yemen is fighting the Saudis and had been devastated by more than 6 months of intensive airstrike. Which Yemen is in the coalition?

Turkey refused to be added to that coalition: It has a strategy of its own

Ivory Coast is 50% Christians

Tunisia has already taken a secular path, as it had before the uprising in 2011

Lebanon constitution divides the power between the Christians and Moslems, and what Salam PM says is totally irrelevant.

A joint operations centre is to be established in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, state media reported.

Countries from Asia, Africa and the Arab world are involved in the alliance but Saudi Arabia’s main regional rival Iran is not.

Neither Iraq nor Syria, whose governments are close to Shia-ruled Iran, are in the coalition, nor is Afghanistan

It comes amid international pressure for Gulf Arab states to do more in the fight against so-called Islamic State.

Saudi Defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman said the new alliance would co-ordinate efforts against extremists in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan. (And Somalia, Mali, Nigeria…?)

An effective force? Frank Gardner, security correspondent, BBC News

Two things stand out immediately about this new Saudi-based Islamic Coalition.

1. The Shia-majority nations of Iran and Iraq are noticeably absent, as is their ally Syria.

It is far from clear how, in practice, the coalition would conduct counter-terrorism operations in IS-plagued Iraq and Syria without the agreement of those governments.

2. Secondly, there is the question of the exact definition of terrorism. The Saudi authorities’ interpretation of it extends far beyond the violent actions of armed insurgents. (The Syrian opposition forces assembled in Saudi Arabia are most of them categorized as terrorists by even western nations)

Recent legislation has branded peaceful opposition activists and reformers, whether online or in the street, as suspected “terrorists” and a security risk to the state.

Amnesty International said it had concerns that this new coalition could be used to further restrict human rights.

Speaking at a news conference in Riyadh, Prince Mohammed said the counter-terrorism force was borne out of “the Islamic world’s vigilance in fighting this disease [terrorism] which has damaged the Islamic world.

“Currently, every Muslim country is fighting terrorism individually… so co-ordinating efforts is very important.”

The coalition would not just focus on fighting IS, he added. Few other details have been given.

Islamic State fighters in Raqqa, Syria (file image)Image copyright AP
Image caption Islamic State would not be the only target, the coalition says

The SPA state news agency said 10 other “Islamic countries” had expressed support, including Indonesia.

Prince Mohammed said: “These countries have procedures to go through before joining the coalition, but out of keenness to achieve this coalition as soon as possible, [the alliance of] 34 countries has been announced.”

In announcing the coalition, SPA stated that Islam forbids “corruption and destruction in the world” and that terrorism represents “a serious violation of human dignity and rights, especially the right to life and the right to security”.

Saudi Arabia is part of the US-led coalition against IS and is also leading a military intervention in Yemen.

A number of countries have expressed surprise that they were included by Saudi Arabia in a new military alliance to fight terrorism.

Officials in Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia all said they had not formally agreed to join the alliance.

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday said 34 mainly Muslim nations would be part of the counter-terrorism grouping.

Prince Mohammed said it would focus on efforts to fight terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan.

“Currently, every Muslim country is fighting terrorism individually… so co-ordinating efforts is very important,” he told a news conference.

He indicated there were still “procedures” for these countries to go through before joining, “but out of keenness to achieve this coalition as soon as possible, [the alliance of] 34 countries has been announced”.

(Out of keenness? But almost all of these Islamic countries are against the Wahhabi sect)

‘Awaiting further details’

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry was quoted in the Dawn newspaper as saying he was surprised by the announcement and had asked the Pakistani ambassador in Riyadh for clarification.

So was Lebanon’s foreign minister Jubran Bassil

The country’s foreign office said in a statement later on Wednesday that it was “awaiting further details to decide the extent of its participation in different activities of the alliance” before making a decision on whether to join.

In Indonesia, the foreign ministry said it too had not yet decided whether to join.

“The government is still observing and waiting to see the modalities of the military coalition formed by Saudi Arabia,” foreign ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir told The Jakarta Post.

Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein went further – expressing support for the coalition but ruling out any military involvement from Kuala Lumpur.

“The Saudi initiative does not involve any military commitment, but an understanding that we will combat militancy,” he said. (Did you understand anything in that statement?)

Announcing the alliance, Saudi Arabia said a joint operations centre would be established in the capital Riyadh and the coalition would focus on terror groups “whatever their doctrine”.

It comes amid international pressure for Gulf Arab states to do more in the fight against so-called Islamic State.

The BBC’s Frank Gardner points out that the Shia-majority nations of Iran and Iraq, as well as Syria, are noticeably absent from the alliance.

It is far from clear how it could conduct counter-terrorism operations in IS-plagued Iraq and Syria without the agreement of those governments, he adds.



Swapping wives among monarchs and Emirs: This is what Al Saud tribe does best

It is all done within the Wahhabi religious sect forms: The monarch or an emir from Al Saud divorces his wife and marry her to his brother and then may reclaim his former wife…

Just a lengthy game of having fun with women, getting tired of a woman, missing her, reclaiming her…

Who is to account or blame? For example,:

1. The founder of this dynasty in Saudi Arabia, Abdel Aziz bin Saud bin Mordachai, married Hossat and then married her to his brother Muhammad bin Abdel Rahman. Hossat gave birth to Abdullah and a daughter.

The monarch discovered that Hossat is getting prettier and remarried her from his brother. Hossat gave birth to a large litter who became monarchs and respected Emirs, called the Sudari branch in the royal big family.

Hossat gave birth to:

1. late monarch Fahd

2. Current monarch Selman

3. The vice defense minister and aeronautic Sultan bin Abdel Azir

4. The former interior minister Ahmad bin Abdul Rahman

5. The late Nayef who was appointed as second in line

6. Turky II

The famous billionaire Al Walid bin Talal emulated this Wahhabi royal pass time and customs: He gave up his first wife Asma bin Aydan to his cousin Abdul Aziz, the son of his “uncle” Fahd. He remarried Amira , the sister of his first wife, and received %25 million in endowment. He sent his totally illiterate second wife to Paris for a full year in order to learn the etiquette.

Our late PM billionaire, Rafic Hariri, made his fortune in Saudi Arabia and gave away his Iraqi wife to the monarch Fahd. He  married Nazek Awdeh, the wife of one of his employee. The first wife gave Rafic Baha2 and Saad. Saad was appointed Lebanon PM and leader of the Moustakbal Sunni movement

Note 1: When Abdel Aziz seized power over Mecca and Medina in April 1926, he ordered his troops to destroy all the tombs and shrines of the Prophet companions , wives and daughters in Medina. He was about to erase the Prophet tomb and mosque when an uproar in Egypt and India stopped him in his tracks.  This plan was re-ignited lately, 80 years later, to demolish the mosque under which the Prophet is supposedly buried, remove the corpse and bury it in an anonymous location.
The Wahhabi sect believe it an abomination to visit and pray over tombs and shrines. This is what exactly the Wahhabi extremist terrorist ISIS is doing in Iraq, Syria, Libya and anywhere they get hold of territories.
Note 2: The founder of the Wahhabi sect had a Jewish father. No wonder that the Saudi dynasty had close ties to the Zionist movement since 1920 and later with Israel.
Note 3: The British empire supported continuously the Wahhabi tribes with money and weapons since the 18th century in order to destabilize the Ottoman empire in Iraq and Syria. Britain had an eye on Yemen and the Arabic/Persia Gulf.

تبادل الزوجات في مضارب آل سعود
طوني حداد

من يقرأ تاريخ ال سعود يلحظ ان هذه الظاهرة ( ظاهرة تبادل الزوجات ) منتشرة بينهم وتتم عملية التبادل علنا بعد ان تضفى عليها الشرعية من خلال طلاق وزواج شكلي … فعندما تزوج مؤسس المملكة عبد العزيز ال سعود من “حصّة” بنت احمد بن محمد السديري اكتفى منها ثم أهداها لأخيه الأمير محمد بن عبد الرحمن الذي تزوجها وأنجب منها الامير عبدالله وشقيقته …
عندما اصبحت حصّة زوجة لاخيه ( احلوّت ) في عينية فقام باستردادها من اخيه ( طلاق وزواج شكلي ) … وبفضل حصّة هذه أصبحت عشيرتها تعتبر من عشائر الشيوخ في السعودية بعد ان كانت كمّا مهملا من اللصوص وقطّاع الطرق البدو وأصبح ابن عمها أهم صحفي سعودي -أنتو أكبر القدر-..
حصة السديري في زواجها الثاني من عبد العزيز انجبت ابناء يعرفون باسم:
( السديريون السبعة ) وهم:
الملك الحالي سلمان بن عبد العزيز .
الملك المتوفي فهد بن عبد العزيز آل سعود الملك السابق.
الأمير المتوفي سلطان بن عبد العزيز آل سعود ولي العهد السابق.
الأمير عبد الرحمن بن عبد العزيز آل سعود نائب وزير الدفاع والطيران السابف.
الأمير تركي الثاني بن عبد العزيز آل سعود زوج الاميرة هند الفاسي المغربية.
الأمير المتوفي نايف بن عبد العزيز آل سعود ولي العهد الأسبق.
الأمير أحمد بن عبد العزيز آل سعود وزير الداخلية السابق.
أعاد الملياردير الأمير الوليد بن طلال وابن عمه الأمير عبد العزيز بن فهد سيرة جدهما الكبير … فقاما بتبادل للزوجات ايضا كما ذكرنا أعلاه …
بدأ العملية الوليد بن طلال الذي تزوج من ( اسماء بنت عيدان بن نايف بن سحمي الطويل العصيمي العتيبي ) وبعد ذلك( احلوّت ) اسماء في عيون ابن عمه الامير عبد العزيز بن فهد … الوليد تنازل لابن عمه عن اسماء فطلقها ليتزوجها عبد العزيز … وحتى يكتمل الفيلم الجنسي تزوج الوليد من اختها ( اميرة ) فيكون بذلك قد تزوج بنات العائلة كلها ( عائلة عيدان بن نايف )!
لا نعرف مهر أسماء الاول – عندما تزوجها الوليد – او مقدار مهرها الثاني – بعد ان تسلمها منه ابن عمه عبد العزيز “جيّرها له” – ولكننا نعرف على وجه اليقين أن مهر اختها ( اميرة ) كان خمسة وعشرين مليون دولار-كما ذكرت صحيفة الوطن السعودية- وقدأرسلها الوليد قبل الزواج منها الى فرنسا لمدة سنة كاملة لتعلم الاتكيت وفن التعامل مع المجتمعات الراقية لانها تنتمي لعائلة بدوية من بدو نجد وبالكاد كانت تعرف نطق اسمها …
و طالما سيرة “الدعارة الشرعيّة” انفتحت فلا ننسى “ساكن الضريح” اللبناني السعودي..
فرفيق الحريري تنازل عن زوجته الاولى العراقية -والدة بهاء وسعد- للملك فهد … وتزوج من نازك عودة وهي فلسطينية أردنية كانت زوجة موظف كان يعمل في شركات الحريري الذي بدوره تنازل عنها لرفيق الحريري مقابل مبلغ مرقوم وأصبح اسمها نازك الحريري بدلا من نازك عودة..
تاريخ آل سعود أبناء “موردخاي”تاريخُ داعر شاذ ..عقولهم تحت سراويلهم الداخلية ..زيجاتهم “تعريص مقنّع بالشرع”, قطعان من رعاعٍ همج , فورة النفط أخفت أذنابهم داخل عباءاتهم النتنة وجعلتهم -شكلاً- بشراً..هم البهائم الأعراب الذين وصفهم سبحانه وتعالى بقوله:
“أشد كفراً ونفاقاً”..
حثالة المخلوقات قاطبة..سلالة أبالسة من الأوباش المجرمين الدمويين.
والخازوق أنّ هؤلاء السفلة وسخ التاريخ نصّبوا أنفسهم مبشرين بالجرية والديمقراطية وحقوق الانسان وقادوا أكبر كذبة وجريمة في تاريخ العرب “الربيع العربي”..
ويخوضون اليوم حربهم المدمّرة القذرة ضد سورية واليمن صاحبتا الحضارة التي تمتدّ الى ماقبل التاريخ..
صدق من قال:
“أفصح ماتكون القحباء حين تحاضر بالعفاف”

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 Isis rules in Mosul and Ninawa Province: “New US Reservation Land” for Islamist fighters denied re-entry to homelands

Since 1981, thousands of Muslim fighters flocked to Afghanistan to resist the Soviet invasion.

The US delivered the Stinger missiles in huge quantity to knock down the Soviet helicopters.

The Soviet troops vacated Afghanistan and the US stopped any reconstruction funds to stabilize and secure Afghanistan.

The Afghan warlords took over the country and Taliban was welcomed by the US as a “stabilizing factor”  until The Twin Towers went down after the gigantic Buddha statue in Bamian was blown up by Taliban. The same process of blowing all shrines, churches and mosques executed by ISIS.

All militants were denied re-entry in their homelands for fear of “destabilizing” the status quo of the political/social systems.

And Yugoslavia was split after a lengthy civil war .

And Chechnya civil war took a heavy toll and the fighters joined factions outside their homeland.

And then Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Mali, Chad… And all these fighters still denied re-entry.

And when they returned during the “Arab Spring” uprising, they were wooed to fight in Syria and Iraq.

Over 2,ooo Europeans have joined the extremist Islamic factions in Syria since 2011 and are denied re-entry.

Britain was unable to woo more than 170 to join its army as reservists, but hundreds of them were willing to travel and fight in Syria.

Do Iraqis living under Isis rule in Mosul are beginning to show resistance?

Despite military triumphs, Islamist militants are losing hearts, minds and obedience of residents who have had enough
Demolished grave of prohet Jonah near Mosul

Iraqis inspect wreckage of grave of prophet Jonah in Mosul which was allegedly destroyed by Isis. Photograph: EPA

Iraqis living under Isis rule in north Iraq, where non-Sunni residents have been forced from their homes and tens of mosques have been deemed idolatrous and marked for destruction, have started to push back against the extreme interpretation of Islam being imposed on them.

(Actually, far more Sunnis have been killed by the extremist factions for control of lands, oil, spoils and interests)

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has won significant territorial victories and declared an Islamic caliphate in swaths of land it has seized, from al-Bab in Syria to Falluja in Iraq.

The US recently said Isis was worse than al-Qaida (pdf) and that it had a “full-blown army”. It has subsequently increased reconnaissance flights over Mosul, from one flight a month just two months ago to 50 flights a day (as ISIS moved toward Kurdistan Erbil)

Isis fighters have fought and wrested territory from the Syrian army, the Iraqi army and the Kurdish peshmerga, but have revealed their fragility in governance, in particular, a brutal disregard for local religious and cultural values.

In Mosul, despite its military triumphs, Isis is losing the hearts, minds and obedience of residents who say they have had enough.

When its fighters destroyed the Nabi Jonah mosque (Jonah’s tomb) in the Iraqi city last Thursday, they failed to remove copies of the Qur’an and other religious texts. Residents treading through the ruins of the building found torn and burnt pages of the holy books scattered across the rubble. It was an insult to Islam that was captured on video and unified the city in outrage.

“[Isis] claims that having graves inside mosques is heretical but what about the Qur’an, why did not they remove the Qur’an from the mosque before destroying it?” one resident, who did not wish to be named, asked the Guardian.

The fighters – who adhere to an extreme interpretation of Sunni Islam (Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia) that requires the destruction of shrines and graves as idolatory – have reportedly drawn up a list of around 50 mosques to be destroyed in Mosul so far.

The group has a unit called Katayib Taswiya, the demolition battalion, whose job is to identify heretical mosques for destruction. The battalion razes to the ground any mosques built on tombs. If a graveyard has been built after the mosque’s construction, then they will destroy the graves and any section of the mosque building.

Among the 50 on the list are a shrine to the prophet Seth – considered in Islam, Judaism and Christianity to be Adam and Eve’s third son – and the 14th-century Prophet Jirjis mosque and shrine, which was bombed and largely destroyed on Friday.

The Prominent Iraqi architect Ihsan Fethi described the destruction of the heritage site in Nineveh as “cultural suicide”.

Speaking to the Guardian from Mosul, Bashar, a 38-year-old musician, said people had tried to occupy the mosques under threat in an effort to prevent fighters from bombing them.

When the demolition battalion made its move on the Jirjis mosque in the Souq al-Sharin neigbourhood, some residents decided to take a stand. On Friday and Saturday evening, they slept inside the mosque in the hope that their presence would dissuade the militants from their demolition attempts. The fighters came back on Sunday and destroyed the graveyard as planned, but most of the mosque is still standing.

Isis defended its destruction of the sites in a post on one of its main websites on Tuesday: “The demolition of structures erected above graves is a matter of great religious clarity. Our pious predecessors have done so … There is no debate on the legitimacy of demolishing or removing those graves and shrines.”

But on Sunday, Mosul residents continued their defiance.

They had named Monday as the first day of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. On Sunday evening, militants paraded through the city, ordering citizens through loudspeakers mounted on vehicles to continue their fast on Monday or face punishment. These warnings were ignored and the arrival of Eid was announced from Mosul’s mosques on Monday. In the face of public rebellion, Isis changed its mind and several hours later announced the end of Ramadan.

With at least 8,000 years of continuous habitation, Mosul is considered an archeological treasure, with many heritage sites belonging to all religions and sects. Dubbed “small Iraq”, people from a range of religions and ethnicities have lived side by side peacefully for centuries.

This solidarity was displayed last week when several thousand Christian residents were given a deadline of midday on Saturday to convert to Islam, pay a special tax or “face the sword”.

Fleeing Christians told the Guardian that when they were preparing to leave, fearful of the threats, their Muslim neighbours told them to stay put and promised to defend them should Isis come after them. Most of the Christian population fled regardless to areas under control of the Kurdistan regional government. (Stories of feeing residents claim that the neighbors wanted to occupy their possessions and homes and failed to protect them)

This weekend, reports leaked from the city that Isis had ordered the closure of women’s salons and placed specific restrictions on the styling of men’s facial hair. Drug supplies, particularly for those with kidney disease, are running short.

In what could be an indicative violent eruption of resentment and anger from the population, two Isis fighters were reportedly shot dead in broad daylight in the Qayara neighbourhood of south Mosul on Sunday. A witness told the Guardian he saw three assailants fleeing the scene through the city’s narrow alleyways.

The initial joy with which Isis was received in Mosul, as liberators for the Sunni population after years of sectarian corruption and restriction at the hands of the Iraqi army, may already have run dry.

(Maybe so, but wishful thinking does not replace the fact of the continuing occupation)

The desolate people in the Middle-East: All the “Red Lines” barriers… Never to cross…

1. “Red Line”: Never surge for baffled dignity and freedom to express your opinions…

2.  “Red Line”: Never fight for preserving your natural resources…

3. “Red Line”: Never develop opportunities and social structures to retain your human resources with your own borders…

4. “Red Line”: Never use the weapons we export to you, unless they are applied on your own people…

5. “Red Line”: Your armies are for internal security jobs…

6. “Red Line”: Never apply chemical weapons, until we command you to use them, in due time, when cruisers and missiles are readied by your seashores to selectively apply UN prohibition conventions on the weaker States…

The desolate people in the ME, still rules with the mind of the mandated power and colonial dominion: “You people are not fit for independence, you have no rights to take stands against the interests of the USA, France, England, Russia, Italy, Spain, the Ottoman Turkey, the Persian Iran, the new Zionist State…

The desolate people in the ME and North Africa have to submit to the ridicule of the bird brained Sara Paulin: “Let their Allah sort it out for us…”

The Allah of Saudi Arabia Wahhabi sect, the Allah of the Morocco Kingdom, the Allah of Jordan Kingdom, Allah of Chechnya, Allah of Taliban, Allah of Persia Iran…

“Let their Allah sort it out for us…” The various Allah of the Christians: The Chaldeans and Assyrians in Iraq, the Maronites in Lebanon, the Greek Orthodox in Syria, the Copts in Egypt…

“Let their Allah sort it out for us…” The Allah of the Sephardic Jews, of the Ashkenazi jews, of the “Blue Moslem” Egyptian Jews, the Allah of the Ethiopian Jews…

The desolate people in the ME have no strong relations with any superpower, just clients for useless preconditions attached to weapons exported at ludicrous price tags….

Even Russia has much stronger relations with Israel than Syria and Egypt combined, and even at the peak of the Soviet Union alignment…

The Zionist Lobby in current Russia is by far more dynamic and influential than all the “non-existent” Arabic lobbies in Russia…

And Israel bombed Syria 3 time this year, with Russia Putin green lights.

No, no one is coming to the rescue of the desolate people in the ME and North Africa: The only aid is military strikes to humiliate the people even further… into total submission to the eternal colonial powers

The editorials in the US dailies are not meant to educate and inform the US citizens on the problems of the people in the ME: The role of the editorials is to warn the US citizens of the recurring decisions of the US government for impending military strikes on the desolate people in the ME

History shows the violent nature of an empire, breaking one country after the other in the name of freedom of speech and liberty….pity a nation!

History shows the violent nature of an empire, breaking one country after the other in the name of freedom of speech & liberty....pity a nation !




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