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Why Hitler invaded Russia: Cycle closing in again?

In the previous two articles I mentioned that:

First, the German General Ludendorff in WWI had a vast vision of Teutonic vital space (Lebensraum) in eastern Europe. Ludendorff and marshal Hindenburg had pressured Lenin (leader of the new Bolshevik revolution) to sign a peace treaty in 1918.  Germany of the Kaiser Reich II doubled in size and in population. 

Lenin could temporarily afford to release Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Roumania, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan to Germany in order to consolidate his communism reign on Russia. 

This extension in size, natural resources, and population didn’t last 6 months before Germany capitulated, but it generated grave consequences. 

Germany had dispatched over one million soldiers to this eastern front in order to transfer natural resources and foodstuff back to famished Germany.  Among the soldiers were the voluntary military corps (people of German origin in the newly acquired lands) known as Freikorps or “franc corps”.

Second, during the six months before the collapse of the German army in the Western fronts, the Freikorps advanced to regain the lands that Medieval Germany had conquered in the 13th century. The Freikorps soldiers felt at home. After the war, they also linked up with the “White Russian army” (supporting Russia monarchy) to jointly fighting the “Red Russian army” of the Bolsheviks.

Third, in the next two years 1919-1921, there were more revolutionary insurrections and upheavals in Germany than all of Europe during the last two centuries.  The fact is that the terrible “Spanish” flu that decimated over 20 million after the war, and the disintegration of three empires (Ottoman, Russian, and Austria), the flux of refugees from Russia and many other countries to Western Europe, and the lengthy Paris “Peace Treaty” negotiations have obscured the chaos that Germany’s political and social structures were experiencing.

Thus, the Freikorps, returning to Germany after the retreat and disbanding of the “White Russian army”, formed the backbone of Germany governments counter attacks on insurgent groups, reformist, communists, socialists movements and parties. The Freikorps squashed with utmost savagery the marxists, communists, and leftist revolts in many cities such as Berlin, Munich, and in the Ruhr region (the main region for heavy industries and mining.).  These reprisals were precursors of what Nazi Germany would apply with the Waffen SS.

Fourth, during the world economic conference held in Italy, Walter Rathenau (Germany foreign affairs minister) tried his best to keeping the Western European States (France, England, Italy) engaged with Germany politically and economically, but he failed.  Thus, Walter Rathenau turned to the Soviet Union and met secretly with the Russian negotiator Leonid Krasin in Rapallo (Italy). 

They signed a secret treaty allowing Germany to re-arm and train within Russia; Germany was to buy oil concession in Baku and trade engineering know-how. Thus, for 20 years, Germany dispatched to Russia thousands of “German work commandos”: they conducted joint military maneuvers and both army officers trained together on tank warfare and aviation (blitzkrieg).  Germany manufactured military planes around Moscow and tested chemical gas warfare.

The English author D.H Lawrence visited Germany around 1924 and wrote a letter to the editor stating: “We could say that life in Germany shifted eastward (toward Russia).  Germany is no longer trying any reconciliation with Western Europe (France, England, Italy).  It is over.  The barrier has closed down.  It is as if German life has lost contact with Western Europe.  Germany gives the impression of vacuum and menace.  Germany is very different from my previous visit two and a half years ago…”

D.H Lawrence resume:

“The German spirit is turned again toward Russia and the Tatars.  Germany is rediscovering its oriental Hun destructive fascination for Attila.  There are these bizarre and strange bands of youth professing anti-materialist faith and extending quasi mystical assertions.  There is something primitive with these youth, as if tribes have exploded into marauding clans.  The ancient charm of the old world is broken.  The shaggy antique savage spirit is instilled.  A dangerous phenomenon is taking place and will influence greatly future events.” (How prophetic; Hitler was barely known at that time)

Why Hitler invaded Russia in 1942 when he had a serious alliance with Stalin and England was on its knees? 

Stalin greatly admired Hitler, and WWII started as Stalin and Hitler invaded Poland in the same time, according to the secret treaty. But France and England declared war on Germany and not on Russia.

Stalin had executed 80% of his military officers (about 30,000) and Russia army was no match to Germany. Did Stalin increase the prices of raw materials and oil because he was losing power and facing grave conditions? What is certain, Stalin demands in lands and dominion were increasing, and Germany wanted to be the dominant power in Continental Europe.

Could Hitler not suffer any longer the existence of two great dictators in his “German vital space“? (Mussolini didn’t count)

Could Hitler no longer suffer the existence of a totally materialistic ideology that would not agree with a particular German Teutonic God as neighbor?

Did Hitler, who didn’t really want to invade England, felt secured that England had learned the lesson after the sustained air attacks and would quickly demand cease-fire? Actually, England was on its knees when Hitler stopped the air raids on England. Did Churchill promised Hitler not to intervene if he invaded Russia? (why Churchill would intervene at this junction, and how?)

Most probably, the allied forces used deep psychology to encouraging Hitler to execute his plans for invading Russia prematurely.  It was well-known that Hitler had dreams of the Teutonic vital space eastward that Germany had acquired in 1918 by a treaty with Lenin.  The military plans were already drawn and waiting for the order.  What plans, drawn by the military, are for if not for being executed?

Most probably, England whispered to Hitler’s general staff that in return for Egypt (that England will not relinquish), Germany could retain the French northern Africa colonies (to humiliate France even further). Is that why the Afrikakorps of Rommel was not supplied and was forgotten by Hitler as it was ready to capture Egypt?

The German and Russian armies fought in lands they jointly maneuvered in for 20 years.

Currently, this Teutonic vital space is at work from an economical perspective after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Germany export is mostly oriented toward the new States that recaptured their independence from the Soviet Union in 1990.  Germany would have rather have its own European Union formed of Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Ukraine.

The western European States and Greece are just added burden that Germany feels it was pressured to supporting.  Probably, the European Union might adopt a second currency (alongside the Euro) just for internal trade purposes among the economically weaker European States.

Walter Rathenau was a Jewish German baron of industry; he was the head of AEG empire for energy production around the world.  Rathenau had frequent meeting with the Kaiser and was consulted by the German governments.  He opposed the WWI and warned the military High Command that Germany will lack raw materials before the end of the second year of war; the High Command officers laughed out these worries claiming that the war will at best last four months. Then, when Germany declared war, Walter Rathenau unilaterally, and without any government finance or support, stock piled cotton, rubber, and chemical products that aided the German army to withstand another two years of war.

Walter Rathenau was respected by German officials but terribly hated.  He declined any involvement as a high-placed official in the Paris “Peace treaty” negotiations because he knew the danger for a Jew of acceding to public political positions.  Finally, Rathenau grudgingly agreed to be Germany Foreign Affairs minister in 1922.  To the ire of his mother Rathenau replied: “They could find no one else for that job.” 

During the world economic conference held in Italy, Rathenau tried his best to keeping the Western European States (France, England, Italy) engaged with Germany politically and economically but failed.  Thus, he turned to the Soviet Union and met secretly with the Russian negotiator Leonid Krasin in Rapallo (Italy).  They signed a secret treaty allowing Germany to re-arm and train within Russia; Germany was to buy oil concession in Baku and trade engineering knowhow.

Thus, for 20 years, Germany dispatched to Russia thousands of “German work commandos”; they conducted joint military maneuvers and both army officers trained together on tank warfare and aviation (blitzkrieg).  Germany manufactured military planes around Moscow and tested chemical gas warfare.

In June 1922, three youths assassinated Rathenau.  Two assassins were killed and the driver, Ernst von Salomon, spent 5 years in prison.  It is claimed that the assassination was ordered by an ultra-nationalist group; most probably, a Western nation got wind of the secret clauses in the deal with Russia and decided that Rathenau had to pay the high price.  The damage was done.

Note 1:  Leonid Krasin was an oil baron in Baku (Capital of Azerbaijan) in the early 20th century; he was already a communist in 1905 and manufactured bombs and financed terrorist marxist groups in Baku. Stalin was 28 years of age and was one of the terrorist leaders and he demanded ransoms for the safety of the rich families in Baku.

Note 2:  Ernst von Salomon became a professional lawyer and published “The Questionnaire” and “The reproved”.  He also screen wrote “Liana, Goddess of the Jungle” in 1956.

Note 3:  Rathenau published “The new society” that was adopted integrally as a plan by the Munich soviet municipality of Bavaria in 1919.

Transcending a myth:  “Chosen people?”

There is this trend among the vast majority of Jewish communities, within each powerful nation, to associate with the prevalent capitalist ideology of the elite class of the nation. 

In general, they want to emulate the Jewish “dignitaries” or Jewish noteworthy personalities who have contacts with the power to be.

As long as the social and political system encourages professionalism, easy business laws, and education to all minorities then, it becomes irrelevant whether the system is monarchic, constitutional monarchy, dictatorship, apartheid, racist, “anti-semite”, faked democracy, social-democrate, or neo-conservative capitalist.

Once the Jewish dignitaries start feeling the heat of abridged opportunities, they galvanize the rabbis and the Jews in ghettos to supporting reforms that bring the system back to “normal”. 

The Jewish dignitaries have pragmatic spirits:  They want to found the mythical and very weak claim of the “chosen people” of their Bible on firmer grounds and objective realities.  It is the behavior of transcending unsustainable ridiculous historic myth into something very tangible; like assimilating and adopting the culture of the powerful nation they are living in; a culture that has proven and demonstrated its superiority among nations.

For example, Jews in Germany, before WWI and during the period before WWII, had for models and aspirations the Teutonic Wagnerian culture.  Walter Rathenau, the head of the AEG industrial empire of power production, encouraged Jews to be assimilated in German society and civilization.  He claimed that: “My religion is that Germanic faith that transcends all religiosity.” 

The neo-Kant philosopher Herman Cohen published an essay in 1915 haranguing German Jews to defending the notion of German superiority in culture and industry in this modern era of civilization.

The German rabbi Mark Dinemann vehemently compared the retreat of French troops from the Ruhr industrial zone in 1930 to the coming out of the Jews of Moses from the desert.   The same attachment to German culture was expressed by Thomas Mann and Albert Einstein before serious anti-Jewish laws restricted opportunities for equal treatments.

Antisemitism was the norm in Germany and Russia but the Jewish dignitaries felt at home and the Jewish communities followed what pleased their noteworthy personalities. 

The Jewish professionals felt at home during the first Arab Islamic Empires, they were at home in Andalusia, then in the Ottoman Empire, in the Persian Empires; they felt at home in Imperial Russia, in Imperial Germany, in Great Britain, during Napoleon reign, in Turkey during Kamal Ataturk, and in apartheid South Africa.

Most pogroms and holocausts were the results of propaganda claiming that the prominent jewish dignitaries were the mastermind of turmoil and revolts to the status quo. 

Fact is, Jewish “notables” in advanced nations swam freely in the climate of vast opportunities and managed to capture key business sectors and educational professions.  Thus, the perception that this minority could manage to reach high position and acquire remunerating professions without tacit political contribution and association was very strong among the large famished and ignorant masses.

As Jews settled in this fabricated State of Israel they had no climate of civilization to emulate

Within 60 years, Israel society is being guided by Orthodox Jewish sects that are no different from the Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia or the salafist Islamic fundamentalists. 

For 60 years, Jews who never settled outside of Israel were swimming in stinking streams fraught with all kind of dangerous viruses. Only those who got out of Israel on time and returned to one of the “advanced States” had the opportunity to resuming a healthy moral life away from this degradation into racism and apartheid mentality.

It is no enigma why the US, Russia, and the European States are keeping up investment in Israel and extending the most sophisticated arms: They do not want the Israelis to return to their original Homes.  They want the Israelis to keep the illusion that they are part of the Western civilization. 

It is just an illusion because the environment does not encourage healthy culture and freedom of opinions.  It is no enigma why the Israeli “dignitaries” are not the professors, humanists, or inventors but are the world top traders in drug, arms, prostitution, slavery, and body organs.

It is no enigma why the US Jewish J-Street lobby is trying to counter balance the Zionist lobby.  Moderate and professional Jews in the US are feeling the heat:  The US citizens are ready to believe the strong impressions that it is the Zionist lobby that is cowering the US Administrations into total bias in the Middle East and the Israeli/Palestinian cause. 

The US policies in the Middle East is to keeping this region unstable and in constant state of war but the Zionist lobby wants to perpetuate the illusion and impressions that they are the ones in complete control of the US finance, economy, medias, and foreign affairs. 

The US citizens are in a state of losing confidence in their potentials for drastic reforms and Jews might become the scapegoat of people’s violent tendencies in time of loss of hope for a better future.

Einstein speaks on Zionism; (Dec. 2, 2009)

Einstein was a staunch Zionist since before 1920.  He said in reply to a letter “I discovered that I was Jewish by the non-Jews as I arrived in Germany 15 years ago” (Einstein was appointed professor at the University of Prussia immediately after WWI in 1918 as his theory of relativity was demonstrated by observation).

“The individual Jews reached a high state of evolution but they lacked the support of united communities of blood and tradition:  Individual insecurity generates and provokes huge moral fragility.  Only the creation of a homeland would heal this sick people.

You may call this notion of homeland  “nationalism”, a concept that I hate but you are not wrong in your term. It is a kind of nationalism with no will for acquiring political power but preoccupied mainly to preserving the dignity and moral health of the Jews.

If we were not living within intolerant communities then I would be the first to reject all kinds of nationalism for the benefit of a universal community”. (Didn’t we all read this lame argument?)

Einstein considered Herzl his guiding ideological leader who worked to aiding the Jewish people to discover solidarity for an achievable purpose of establishing a Jewish homeland.

Einstein never missed an occasion in supporting the Zionism cause in meetings, speeches, and collecting funds for various Zionist organizations such as (organization for handicraft and agricultural work, ORT) and (organization for health protection of the Zionists, OZE).

He visited the USA in 1930 to drum up funding and gathering specialist volunteers to establish a medical Jewish university in Jerusalem.  He bantered to the leading literary figures of the period such as Bernard Shaw and H.G Wells in order to draw support from international figures.

Einstein impressed upon the audience that Jews have passion for knowledge, justice, and individual independence that are rooted in Jewish traditions.

Anyone who is contrary to the ideals of reason and individual liberty is necessary “anti-Semite”. (Anti-democratic? Anti-secularism?…)

He claims that Judaism has no concept of the world; it focuses almost exclusively on the moral aspects, the sanctity of life, and the right of all living creatures to life.

Sanctity of life is the supreme value to which all moral values are linked to.

Judaism is not a “faith” because the Jewish God refuses superstitions; the God of the Jews cannot be considered a substitute to life on earth: serving God means serving life on earth; joy for the beauty in this world as the singing of birds, the mumbling of kids toward life.

Einstein would like us to believe that the God of Judaism is sort of a “cosmic spirit “, a symbol for the respect to life and justice and that Marx and Spinoza were inspired by that spirit.

He recalled that Walter Rathenau once said “when a Jew says that he is hunting for his pleasure, then he is lying”

(The brief history of the Zionist State has demonstrated that hunting Palestinians is the prime entertainment of the Israelis, Jews or not).

Einstein claimed that the Sabbath sanctifies animals (so that they may be slaughtered during religious ceremonies?)  Einstein ventures into saying that if the old Jewish traditions relied on fear tactics to impose its values then it has outgrown it (Israel is currently totally relying on instilling fear in the region on a State scale).

Einstein claims that if we factor out the teachings of Jesus and the Jewish prophets from their religious institutions then we discover that we have a doctrine capable of healing humanity of all its social ills. (What is then left to teach?)

He went on “as long as we lived in ghettos, the Jewish communities experienced material and physical hardship but never psychological or social problems.  After the emancipation of the Jews in (most of Europe) and their integration in the European societies then the Jewish youth integrated fully in schools, universities, and professional institutions and started to shun Jewish traditions and customs.

This conversion was unilateral: the overwhelming majority in the European societies engaged in discrimination. We have to clarify our condition as strangers and draw conclusions; we have to work out our social solutions; we have to establish our own syndicates and institutions and refrain from imitating the non-Jewish sets of values and customs.  That is the solution for anti-Semitism

Einstein abhorred the concept of nationalism but made it an exception for the Jews.

He insisted on calling the Palestinians “Arabs”; this is not a simple general label that the Europeans used, but an ideological Zionist indoctrination to rob the native Palestinians of any national identity.

He said that a Jewish homeland should be a spiritual center; the goal is not to establishing a political community but a cultural community founded on Jewish traditions.

Jews and Arabs (in Palestine) got to reach an understanding on guiding lines for efficacious community needs: Switzerland represents a state evolution that caters to the complex constitution among its various nationalities.  Our colonization enterprise to re-construct Palestine should be realized to serve the concrete interests of the Arab population; thus, we should refrain from allowing the mandated power of England to meddle in our affairs”.

These pronouncements came after the “Jewish colonization” came to a standstill in the late 20’s due to the trickling of external funding after the US financial crash and the stubborn resistance of the Palestinian to further Jewish immigration.

It seems that Weizmann managed to coax England to resume its facilitation to Jewish immigration.

In response to a letter from an “Arab” in March 1930, Einstein suggested the formation of mixed “private councils”; four members of each “nationality” would delegates of non-political organizations and syndicates such as medical, legal, worker syndicates or orders and a religious representative.

The private council would meet once a week and discuss and deliberate; all discussions to stay secret then decisions would be disseminated to the public as an entity.

Einstein must have played the dumb: if the Palestinians could find non-political organizations then it was not the case with the Jews. Also, Palestine had a dozen religious sects including many Christian sects and Muslem sects to be able to sending one religious representative.

It is very possible that Europe would have considered reserving statehood for the Western Jews in east Europe because they were integrated in European societies; the main apprehension was the flooding of oriental Jews to Europe, a potentially not agreeable policy to racist Europe.

Einstein must have learned of the genocide committed against the Palestinians after Israel was recognized a State by the UN in 1948; hundred of thousands of Palestinians were displaced by brute force from their towns by a policy of transfer enacted by Ben Gurion.

Has Einstein written or spoken on these crimes against humanity?  

It is said that Ben Gurion PM has proposed to Einstein to be President of the new Israeli State but that he refused for declining health.

All Einstein’s manuscripts and documents are preserved in Israel.

Is there any time limit to have Einstein papers released to the general public?

Einstein was the prime disseminator of the Zionist movement targeting the elite political and academic figures in the western world due to his aura as the leading theoretical scientist since 1918.

It is very plausible that after the recognition of Israel that Einstein was formally hired as a spy so that his pronouncements be strictly controlled and kept secret after Israel decided on political policies that didn’t agree with Einstein’s principles.

Note: Einstein warns on fascist nature of Israel




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