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Tacloban City and WARAY towns:

Eradicated by Philippine Typhoon Hayan (Yolanda)

The UN estimated that the calamity in the Philippine needs over $300 million to soften the egregious impact of Typhoon Hayan (Haiyan) that hit Tacloban City (about one million) with a speed of 290 km/hr, the highest ever experienced so far.

About 30 States subscribed to almost $175 million, and aids are arriving, but the coordination is lacking and security is to be desired as the people started looting everything, and even storming homes.

Ships for evacuating the people to safer locations in other islands are scarce and the stench of the decaying bodies is a serious problem, and diseases could spread quickly in this hot weather.

Home invasion in Kristina Heights, Tacloban City

November 11, 2013 (11:15 PM)

We received a plea for help on TACLOBAN (and nearby WARAY towns) YOLANDA UPDATE.

Translation in English: “Papa, people are invading the houses in our subdivision. Help us papa, people are getting killed inside their houses. Do not come you might be harmed. Come in the morning, we are scared. We won’t be sleeping tonight.”

Home invasion plea for help

While the media tells us that peace and order is slowly being restored, we still receive news suggesting otherwise.  A member of the facebook group immediately responded by sending an SMS text to city hall to have this investigated.

Please send more protection to Kristina Heights, Tacloban City. San Gerardo Heights, home to some middle to well-off families, might also be vulnerable to to such attacks.

11:40 PM

Watching DZMM: the announcer has just interviewed a resident from Abucay. Seems like looters strike at night too in spite of the curfew. A shot was heard in Abucay.

On a related note, here is another disturbing update on facebook:

Translation in English: “Please relay this to authorities. Some people are looting in houses. They force themselves into the houses… especially in San Gerardo Heights, Kassel City, and Kristina Heights. No one answers from 117 hotline. Please, whoever has contacts from the authorities, please pass.”




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