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THE LEBANESE STATE IS VERY RICH: Airport, maritime ports, coastal real estates, right to print money, to tax import/export, communication facilities…


No, the estimation of $50 BILLION of the assets of the State of Lebanon by the Lebanese private banks is a falsehood.

(Video posted on Linkedin by DAGHER AUDIT)′′

People ask me: is there a solution? Of course there is a solution. The Lebanese state is rich. He has very important powers.

He has a monopoly on Port activities and facilities, Airport, he has MEA (air transport) and as I understood 20% of Lebanon’s land and the whole coastline. (Mind you that the various religious sects own at least 50% of Lebanon real estates, and they don’t even pay taxes on anything they import, or a pay a dime for the utilities such as electricity, water consumption…)

He has everything in the sea of oil and natural gas and he grants authorisations to Lebanon Post and to various telephony operators and others.

These are breathtaking powers. According to what I’m told all these ′′ assets ′′ were estimated at $ 40 billion. Now that’s an accountant’s vision.

Just explain to me how all his assets and powers that include printing money are limited to $ 40 billion?

And on the other hand, and I’m still taking this as an example, a company like Tesla (that delivered 200,000 cars on a promised half a million) and barely making money and having 2 or 3 factories, is worth today in the market 500 billion dollars?

Can you explain this logic? That means that valuation is not from assets but from what we’re going to do with it. Of our vision.

As long as we’re in this situation where there’s no material and economic agenda – what will we do with these assets? – We’ll only be worth 40 or 50 billion dollars.

We need to build a convincing project. You all gonna tell me who’s going to take care of all this?

We have 14 million expatriate Lebanese and Lebanon is Not investing in them. They are a force for Lebanon “.  · See original  · 

Note 1: The company of Elon Musk barely delivered 200,000 cars on the 500,000 promised. And yet, it is the most valued company and individuals who invested in its shares early on are already millionnaire. Investors are Not stupid this time around: they know the US government is backing this company with all its might.

Note 2: Francois Bacha commented. “Ghosn confond revenu et patrimoine“. (Francois, you are Not more knowledgeable and smarter than Ghosn to claim that Ghosn is confounding these two concepts)

On est en faillite parce qu’on n’a pas les liquidités, comme 90% des faillites et de plus il s’aligne totalement sur la vision de l’ABL qui elle même surestime les propriétés de l’état. (Lebanon has already printed trillion of Lebanese pounds, and there is No problems in liquidity. Find another reason Francois)

Qui souhaiterait par ex acheter la MEA qui ne vaut plus rien aujourd’hui? (Many investors will buy it for a single $. That is Not the point. It is a major factor that represent the power of the State)

Autre chose, son exemple de Tesla démontre qu’il n’a rien compris à la dématérialisation de l’économie aujourd’hui. Que cela soit Tesla ou Apple, les grandes entreprises ne possèdent plus d’usines propres généralement mais sous-traitent leurs production. (This has been the case for more than 6 decades in the US. All factories are overseas and almost everything is done as subcontractors and this is the main weakness of the US economy compared to China. The US is No longer able to produce anything tangible, and even lost the skills to generate “products”)




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