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The brain: A most efficient, tailor-made porno video, produced on short notice

Repeated personal experiences suggest this hypothesis: “As the body feels overheating, and danger of suffocation is imminent while sleeping, it sends an urgent message to the brain that says:

“Houston, we have a problem. I am overheating down there. I am experiencing heat imbalance that is going out of control. My diagnostic is that the best alternative for my difficulties is to induce semen ejection release. Mr. Brain, this is your job. Do your trick immediately. Create, produce, and run a porno video that will insure a wet dream…Urgent. Skip the background soundtrack. Over…”

If you know of a “research study”, with valid experiments, disqualifying my hypothesis, do send a link.

The story or script of most brain porno videos is mostly incoherent, but you can count on successive surprises, which never crossed your mind, that will result in serious production.

For example, my latest video and the first of its kind, shows a young girl in a room waiting for her first client.  I am in the room and feeling too comfortable to vacate the premises.  The girl moves beside me and says: “A lightening stuck me for an hour this evening”  I am trying to correct her saying: “You mean for a split second…”, but she is not hearing me.  I am repeating my stupid correction and she is pulling up her skirt and displaying her naked left leg.  I am looking at a werewolf scene:  long, dense, and dark hair covering the leg.  I am uncovering her left leg (don’t know why) and the same visual of horror.  I move my right hand over to her covered pussy and then my hand is pressing her naked hairy ass.  The girl is softly whispering to another even younger girl: “You can always bet on his hand running all over the parts…”

I am faced with just two alternatives: staying in bed and resume my uncomfortable semi-wakeful sleep, or get out of bed, search in the dark for a set of underwear, under shirt…and clean up in the toilet…It is very difficult to return to sleep:  The body is awake, and contented with its achievement, and I dare not fall asleep for fear of a rerun of the ugly video…

My brain played me a mean trick, but it sent me a valuable message: “Effectiveness is not synonymous with conventional beauty.  Effectiveness is not necessarily compatible with applied ready-made standard design…”




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