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“Expert opinion” of steadfast Egyptians: Far more convincing than Mubarak’s oligarchy, Western media, and “moderate Arab Dictators”

The downtrodden masses in Egypt offered an “expert opinion” on the “psychological” make up of the people in the Middle East, Arab world, and Moslem people in general.

And their “expert opinion” how they perceive their conditions, situations, hopes, longing, and the kinds of political and social reforms they intend to establish after Mubarak’s oligarchic departure and how to run a country.

The expert opinion of the Egyptian masses in the last 10 days is very different from the expert opinions of Mubarak’s, his oligarchy, and the western States so-called democracies and their affiliated mass media.

For 3 decades, the US and western States governments and establishments (including their affiliated mass media), have been playing dumb and faking that they could not comprehend the people’s behaviors and interests in the developing countries, especially the Moslems and “Arabs” in the Middle East: They wanted to disseminate the falsehood that if dictators go, then Moslem extremists jihadists will rule; as if there is a difference between dictators based on religions, race, or gender…

In order to disseminate falsehoods to their “democratic publics“, the western States claimed that the expert opinions of Mubarak, his oligarchy, and the Egyptian intelligentsia and businessmen expressed the opinions of their “tamed” people.

Hasanine Hikal, the veteran journalist of the daily Al Ahram, said it clearly: “Gamal, second son of Mubarak, has been the real power behind the scene in the last ten years; Mubarak was just enjoying his retirement.

Gamal Mubarak formed governments of young entrepreneurs, mostly “financial experts” (transacting with the IMF and multinational financial institutions at high interest rates), and close family relatives, who adopted the multinational financial corporations view on what is considered development:  Easy financial transactions were invested in Banks, financial institutions, modern communication (mobile…), luxury Real Estates for tourism, monopoly trades based on subsidized products… and neglected the industrial and agricultural bases of the Egyptian nation.

The chasm grew rapidly between the ultra rich and the 60 million surviving on one dollar a day.

The British daily The Guardian evaluated the wealth of the Mubarak family at no less than $70 billion, more than the total national debt. Actually, Gamal bought the rotten Egyptian loans at 35% of their values, knowing full well that his father Mubarak will not default on them. Mubarak the father bought reserved lands for the military and invested State money on infrastructure and sold the developed luxury Real Estates properties.

So what’s going on for the US president and the western governments to demanding that Mubarak has to go NOW and not in September?

It is not that they are excited with the courageous uprising of the Egyptian people for better living conditions within the framework of human rights; or because the 83 year-old Mubarak senile behaviors are worrisome; or because thousands of Egyptians marching and demonstrating peacefully have been injured and hundreds dead in the last ten days.

Mubarak has to go now as the scapegoat of the old oligarchic system so that the old system continues to function in the usual framework and foundation rules as set  by the US and western State governments and establishments.

Yes, Mubarak has to “go now” so that the 30 year-old “baby oligarchy” is not flushed out in the drain with his figure-head Mubarak.

Fact is, the so-called “democratic systems” in the western States were pretty comfortable doing business as usual with easy-going and non-demanding dictators in matters of accountability and control of multinational deals and political conformity.  They reaped huge profits in developing countries ruled by dictators and oligarchies.

Fact is, democratic institutions in developing countries meant big and complex headaches for “democratic rich States”; it went counter to the easy and straightforward exploitation methods, it was not in the same logic of colonial dictates of imposing rules and regulations.

So how the process of forming public opinions is unfolding in the western countries?

The sustained defiance of the downtrodden in Egypt has awakened the public opinion in the west to the great possibility that alternative “expert opinions” relative to Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria… need to be explored.

After weeks of peaceful mass protests in the oligarchic States, the “democratic public”  have shifted positions to considering the “expert opinions” of the masses as more convincing and accurate than what the “Mubaraks”, oligarchies, and the western medias have been disseminating for decades.

The “elite democratic systems” in the US and Europe had to appease the new paradigm shift of their public to coincide with the “democratic logic” they understand.  Thus, Mubarak has to go!

His newly appointed Vice President Omar Suleiman and chief secret services has to stay in the sake of continuity, stability, security and in order for Egypt not to merge into “anarchy”; they think the Egyptians are fools and will ultimately give up the fight!  As if the Egyptians have not witnessed and experienced false promises from a regime that maintained military emergency laws for 30 years.

But this is not how the Egyptians and the “democratic public”  comprehend the message of the masses.  They say “It is too little, too late”.  Hilary Clinton is aghast that the media are censured, reporters, journalists  and media professionals are now persecuted in Egypt.

Question:   Were they not persecuted in the last 3 decades, put in jails, free expression banished , and leaders of opinions assassinated under the three decades continuous military curfew?

Mubarak got the message clear and strong, but the oligarchy wanted to try another tactic: “Let’s work on this naive and shifty democratic public  How about the “democratic public” are actually demanding another second opinion of how much the Egyptians love and cherish the Mubarak regime?”

So, the old system unleashed its hooligans (baltagiehs) to squash the steadfast and determined downtrodden in Tahrir Square:  Camels, horses, Molotov bombs, snipers, police cars running over the masses and smashing the civilians… Well, the democratic public were not convinced that this second opinion is any better than what they were accustomed to hear for three decades.  The Game is over.

Last Friday was “Friday of anger”, this Friday is “Gumaat al Raheel” or the Friday Mubarak has to vacate the Presidential Palace is targeting the entire old system.  Mubarak and his retinue played a dangerous game of “all or nothing” and lost All.  The governments in the US and Europe have got to deal with new and drastic realities.

Thousand of foreigners are fleeing Egypt while the revolution of the century is unfolding before their eyes.  Couldn’t you wait another day? T

he greatest events will happen after Mubarak flees to London:  Aren’t you excited how the Egyptian people want to reform their political structure?

What is happening in Egypt is far-reaching to the Middle East and to many “democratic States” around the world.  The people in Egypt, the downtrodden, have already changed the structure of the regime and elected popular leaders from the masses by constituting local committees and ensuring security and sustainability of the uprising.  The army of the people is a great boost.

No political parties took the lead or demanded this mass upheaval.  This is a Great Revolution and will surely emerge in a successful peaceful transition for the interest of not only 80 million Egyptian but hundreds of millions under oligarchic regimes.

I believe that mass upheavals cannot be sustained without great women leading in the front rows of marches:  Women in Egypt will be recognized as the leading revolutionary around the world.

If the October revolution in Russia of 1917 changed the world last century, and barely lasted 70 years, this mass popular and sustained revolution in Egypt is the popular revolution of this century:  A turning point.

This revolution is a beacon to all people living in so-called “democratic States” but lacking equitable and fair election laws that represent the entire population.

We are watching the revolution of Egypt now, we are riveted to our cables and mesmerized by this surge of energy and confidence delivered by a people thought to be sleeping in caves; but tomorrow will unfold the kinds of metal and far-reaching democratic spirit Egypt is reserving to the entire world.

The domino effects is not reserved to oligarchic regimes:  watch out faked “democratic regimes”: The power is not the domain of the elite classes, the old-money, the cartels of multinational institutions, the wealthy, and the professional politicians.

Power is in the hand of the people who want liberty, freedom, opportunities for a better future:  We are all entitled for dignity and a place under this glorious sun.

Note:  The same economic ideology of relying on quick financial transactions returns were adopted in Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel with consequent sharp class divide and great poverty among the masses.

The western media have been throwing smoke screens as to the non-existence of a Palestinian people since the recognition of the State of Israel in 1948.  Zionism and western media kept hammering out the notion that Palestinians are just another tribe among “Arab people” and had no distinctive characteristics, culture, and national spirit.  Golda Meir was utterly blunt when she proclaimed: “there are no Palestinians” in 1970 as the Palestinians started organizing their national resistance movement as early as 1965.

What define a people if not uniting to fighting an occupier?  Since 1930, the Palestinian people have been exercising frequent uprising and armed struggle upheavals against colonial Britain.  In 1936, Britain had to mobilize 100,000 troops to quell the 6-month Palestinian revolt (called al Qassam) that lacked the rudiment of arms and means to fighting mighty Britain.  How could the British troops in 1917 advance in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria to defeating the Ottoman army if the nationalist Palestinians refused to cooperate with the allied forces?

How could the Palestinian people not exist when even the UN divided Palestine into two States in 1948 between Jews and Palestinians?  It is a historical fact that Zionism had lost hope establishing a State in Palestine in 1920 when the resistance of Palestinians to the immigration of Jews forced Britain to stop any further immigration and the Rothschild family desisted financing further kibbutz and building Tel Aviv.  Then, the US financial crash of 1929 put a complete hold on any further financing to Jewish organizations in Palestine.

If it was not for brutal British colonial power then, there was no way that Zionism could have settled in Palestine.  Why Britain delayed giving independence to Palestinians when it gave it to Jordan and Iraq, and when France acknowledge independence of Syria in 1936 and Lebanon in 1943?  Is it because Jews served in the British army in WWI and WWII? Another reason that Palestinians are the patriots and legitimate people of Palestine because they fought the occupying colonial power when the Jews were mercenaries to the occupation force.

Israel wants to be recognized as a Jewish State.  Are the Jews out of their mind? Is the US out of its mind? Is Russia out of its mind? Is the UN out of its mind?  How can Israel survive as a religious State amid surrounding Moslem States (that will surely be hijacked by extremist fundamentalist Moslems) simply because Israel was declared a Jewish religious State?  If the western nations could maneuver within nationalist feelings and allegiances then, how can they navigate within the sea of religious extremism?

The latest round of negotiation does not have to last a year.  There are four evidences: First, Palestinians want an independent State; second, they want Jerusalem as Capital; third, they will never relinquish their right for return to their place of birth (even if in the State of Israel); fourth, all lands occupied by force will have to be vacated.  What is so difficult about these truths that acknowledge by every sane person?

Let’s get on with this lousy peace negotiation that has lasted three decades before it is too late for diplomacy, good will, and peaceful intentions.




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