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President of Syria, Bashar Assad, second son of the infamous late Hafez Assad, left Damascus with his wife, children and mother to Ankara, Turkey.  Bashar spoke in a press conference and announced his resignation of the Presidency, after 11 years of supposedly dictator rule.  Bashar said:

“Syrian citizens,  I thank you for the mass support last week.  I was told that your gathering was as large as when Gamal Abdel Nasser visited Damascus in the 60’s.  I know that you are no fools, and know exactly what has been going on in Syria for last four decades.  You mass support was an attempt at encouraging me to dispose of an entrenched oligarchy that was subjugating your dreams and aspirations for 40 years.

I have to admit that, after 11 years of presidency, I failed to making a dent at the power of the ruling class.  I came to the irreversible conclusion that, if I have to salvage the socialist economic and social development, and any credibility of Syria as a weighty nation in the Arab World, I must resign.

I refuse to be the scapegoat of this impudent oligarchy, hiding behind my credibility to continuing their immoral and cruel activities.  Your courage and determination in the last three weeks demonstrated that you can vanquish the oligarchic system.  Without me in the picture, this murderous  oligarchy has to directly face your mass demonstrations demanding freedom of expressions, dignity, and basic  human rights.

It is such a relief to discover that you are no longer afraid and scared of this ignorant and arrogant club of vested interests in your silence.

With increased legitimacy in democratic equitable election laws, Syria will be freed from blackmail imposed on it by the US, France, and Israel for 40 years.  Syria was insecure and unstable for 40 years, and our enemies knew our precarious conditions and abused of our political weaknesses.  Syria will become a true steadfast and resilient nation, struggling against oppressors and occupiers.

I refuse to go down in history as another Qadhafi, a dictator who assassinated his own people and who dilapidated whatever development the citizens managed to institute over 40 years. I am confident the valiant Syrian people will be the vanguard of reforms and change in the Arab World.

I announce that I have resigned my makeshift Presidential functions.  I will not be a candidate to the next election.  I will not support the candidacy of any one in the clan, or who supported the previous regime, or even those who declined to speaking openly of the impasse that Syria was  heading to.

Note:  This chimerical speech of resigning power, without plenty of nudges, is not to occur.  Bashar is as rotten, spoiled, and sharing in the activities of cruelty and public robbery of the treasury as his odious entourage.  Can’t we dream a bit?  I can by writing. But I am confident that the brave Syrian citizens will do the right thing, and very soon.  There is a wave of wrath in the Arab World demanding a moratorium on absolute monarchs, dictators, and one party regimes.




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