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What’s going on in the Gulf Arab Emirate States?  Mercenaries of Erik Prince got a lucrative contract?

Why these Gulf  “Arab” Emirate States, about seven of them, recognized by the UN in 1971-72, at the instigation of the British previous colonial power, are frenziedly hiring Western mercenaries?  These absolute monarchies of previous nomadic tribe leaders are named Abou Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah,  Ajman, Umm al Qaiwan, Ras al Khaimah,  and Fujirah.  Abou Dhabi is the political Capital, while Dubai is the economic Capital.

Are Pakistanis no longer good enough to defend these fictitious States from the ingenious and historically powerful neighbor Iran?  The Emirates don’t want to hire Moslem mercenaries because they cannot guarantee that Moslems would consistently murder Moslems.

In November, dozens of Colombian mercenaries landed in Abu Dhabi airport, late at night, and intelligence service personnel facilitated the bypassing of control processes and inspection of the alleged construction workers.  The group was whisked to a military complex, to be integrated to Erik Prince “Reflex Response (R2)” newly named mercenary enterprise.  The cost of the contract is about $530 million.  When Erik Prince enterprise pays $42 million for flaunting the US regulations in training troops in Jordan and other countries, that is samll pittance.  Implicitly, Erik is getting green light from the US government for these illicit contracts.

For example, the FBI agent Ricky Chambers (CT), is facilitating recruitment from ex-military personnel who participated in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The hired mercenary is paid about $200,000 per year.  The Thor Global Enterprises, located in the Caribbean Island of Tortala is subcontracted for hiring the mercenaries from Latin America.

The Colombian Calixto Rincon (42 year-old) said in an interview that the Emirates were on the lookout, since the year 2010, for combatants from troubled countries like Columbia.  He said: “We were confined in our camp, except for our morning jogging exercises.”  Occasionally, buses drive these mercenaries to hotels in Dubai to meet with prostitutes.

Basically, Erik Prince is planning to locate the major business of training mercenaries to the Gulf Arab Emirates, securing contracts in the billion of dollars.

The New York Times divulged this piece of intelligence that the Crown prince is planning to hire a battalion of 800 foreign mercenaries. Officially, the mercenaries are to defend oil pipelines from sabotage attacks and high rises.  Everybody understand that this battalion is to trained to counter internal revolts, particularly these populous camps trapping foreign and “Arab” workforce.

The training military camp is baptized Zayed Military City.  Humvees and diesel trucks are aligned in covered garages. American, British and German ex-special operation officers, as well as French Foreign Legion are the major cadres.

Worse, the Gulf Emirate States have signed a contract with South Korea in 2009 to build four nuclear power plants, costing over $15 billion.

How do these Gulf States forcefully erected an enemy, when full cooperation with Iran should have been the most useful and sustainable in the long-term?

Note 1:  Most information were gathered from an article published in the French weekly “Le Courrier International”

Note 2: A friend of mine living in the Emirates told me that the government forced the company he is working for to hire Eric Prince’s employees as guards, instead of the far less expensive Indians at the employ of his company.  More than 50% of the pay of the newly hired goes to the security company…




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