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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 121

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Europeans are claiming Christianity to be the foundation for Europe’s new trend for “mercy, forgiveness, and kindness” . Trying to attach these attribute to Europeans) forget that for many centuries the strongest faith in Europe was the taste for violence such as in the Inquisition, the chasing out of the Moslems and Jews from Spain, the Crusading campaigns, the conquest of overseas lands with the benediction of Papal Rome, the division of the conquered lands among the European monarchs by Papal decrees, the religious mass massacres among the Christian sects and factions with Papal consent…

In many wars in Europe where the Catholic Church was an integral party, and the worst of all the Dark Age in Europe that lasted from 400 to the 15th century, because the central religious power in Rome was apprehensive of rational thinking and forbade the influx of scientific works that might rob it of its temporal power.

The 7 lessons that the “Arab people” have long learned and that the “Arab States” should have finally grasped from the Western imperialism behaviors and strategy in the Middle-East are:

1. The Western powers never gives up their drive to control the Middle East, whatever the setbacks
2. Imperial powers can usually be relied on to delude themselves about what Arabs actually think
3. The Big UN veto Powers are old hands at “beautifying” client regimes to keep the oil flowing
4. People in the Middle East don’t forget their history – even when the US and Europe do their best to erase violent colonial past from history books
5. The West has always presented “Arabs”, who insist on running their own affairs, as fanatics
6. Foreign military intervention in the Middle East brings death, destruction, and the game of “divide to rule”
7. Western sponsorship of Palestine’s colonisation is a permanent block for normal relations with the Arab world

For decades, the “white” Israelis were riding on their high horses: About time they re-learn to walk, and walk the walk. Same suggestions applied to these thousands of “Royal” Saudi princes and princesses.

“What if” questions are Not the exclusive domain for Artificial Intelligence programmers: They are the secret weapons of imagination for serious authors since writing was invented.

Three different ideas, positions or attitudes  might be insignificant and ridiculous, but the common links among them are of higher quality.

Serious authors are far obsessed with death than the common mortals: you get to bare with many of their confabulations (affabulations).

There are books you cherish reading as you wake up. Kind of prelude to the gun shot before the marathon of the day.

Will Saudi Kingdom liberate Saad’s family in exchange of his properties in the Kingdom? Comme Ogeh “bail” de sortie? Tradition of keeping hostages is still strong and the rule?

Time is of the essence: Will president Aoun re-visit Elysee to investigate Saad PM?

Waking up to eat shit? Not enjoying their morning. First, they need to smell the roses, after they pissed and did their shit. After smelling the roses, lighting a cigarette is the best way to start the grueling day

 Si le Liban, depuis des décennies, ne traite pas ses propres poubelles, cela n’est pas la faute de Saudi Kingdom, de Téhéran, d’Israel ou de USA. 

Swapping wives in Saudi royal family. It is all done within the Wahhabi religious sect forms: The monarch or an emir from Al Saud divorces his wife and marry her to his brother and then may reclaim his former wife…

Yemenis: sieges and economic blockades harvest more casualties than field battles.

Due to famine, malnutrition, dissemination of diseases, lack of medicine, high infantile mortality, polluted and infected water supply, and the casualties are essentially non-combatant people. Cholera and diphtheria epidemics adding to destruction of infrastructure and hospitals Yemenis are dying like flies.

The root of mouktada is “kada” (died): raahet 3alayna bi “nanzor bi mouktadaha” min al Riyadh, la Paris, la medreh wayn

Loubnan leissa moustahdaf wa en raahat 3aleih: collateral casualty, as usual.

3am ye 2oulo ennak zeer nissa2. Mazbout. Fi new trend in Lebanon: al isha3aat al helweh sari3at 

Esmeh Adonis ya 7elweh_- Ba3ref- bta3rfeh esmeh aw innaki 7elwat?- El tnayn. wa hal yakhfa al kamar? Tfadalou, 3melo a7ssan.

7elween. shou? hawdeh elleh bi shoufo. 3ouyouni? 7elo al confience. bta3mleh compliment la 7alek.

Leish kel ha tot7eer bil Petanque? kella sha2fet 700 g wa bt3otbo ketf wa dahr? Ghayro al technique wa cochonneh between 6-10 m, Bi kaffi macho behaviors




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