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Lebanese Billionaires with account in Switzerland and Not able to withdraw a cent?

From Wikileaks?
Note that our Parliament chief, Nabih Berry, his wife and his son have accumulated $15 bn. Former Prime minister Fouad Seniora deposited over $9 bn in less than 4 years after Not recording in the Central Bank $11 bn from foreign loans received . Former Prime minister Najib and his brother Taha Mikati $16 bn. Our central bank chief Riyad Salameh deposited $5 bn, our former President Michel Sulaiman $2 bn…
And not counting the hundreds of politicians and deputies who hoarded in the millions

لائحة إسمية بالمسؤولين اللبنانيين الذين لديهم حسابات مجمّدة في البنوك السويسرية ، الغير قادرين على سحب دولار واحد منها بتعليمات من الإدارة الأميركية(المصدر ويكيلكس)

١-فؤاد السنيورة ٩.١ مليار دولار
٢- نجيب ميقاتي٧.٨ مليار دولار
٣-طه ميقاتي ٦.٨ مليار دولار

٤-نبيه برّي ٦.٣ مليار دولار
٥-ميشال المر ٥.٩ مليار دولار
٦- سعدالدين الحريري ٥.٩ مليار دولار
٧-رندا بري ٥.٧ مليار دولار
٨-رياض سلامة ٥ مليار دولار

٩-وليد جنبلاط ٤.٦ مليار دولار
١٠- الياس المر ٣.٦ مليار دولار
١١-عبدالله بري ٢ مليار دولار

١٢ ميشال سليمان ٢ مليار دولار
١٣- نقولا فتوش ١.٩ مليار دولار
١٤- فؤاد مخزومي ١.٩ مليار دولار
١٥- مريام سكاف ١.٦ مليار دولار.

بالإضافة إلى مئات الأسماء التي رصيدها يتراوح بين نص مليار دولار صعودا حتى مليار دولار. وهناك المئات أيضا أموالهم مودعة في البنوك الأميركية والفرنسية ستصدر لائحة بأغلبيتهم تباعاً

للأسف هذا لبنان وهؤلاء زعمائه.ويجب على الشعب اللبناني أن يعرف أين مقدرات البلاد.
عاش الزعماء ….مات الشعب
سرق الزعماء….افتقر الشعب

From a dying Secret cult member: Wikileaks uncovered what he thinks is the real reason for US invading Iraq

Note: Secret cults members are denied the deeper secret of their belief system: Wikileaks documents is just describing the outer reasons of this member for his lack of knowing the core material project.

All the secret or cult organizations are inter-related: They are offshoot of one another. A founder, or founders, add a layer, a mythical story, a side objective to hide the fundamental reason for instituting the organization.

Lamis Bejjani posted on FB  a few documents of Wilileaks on the Not known reasons for invading Itaq by Bush Jr. 12 hrs · 

Apparently, Wikileaks uncovered documents of a dying member of this International Federal Brotherhood (IFB) organization

Anyone heard of this International Federal Brotherhood IFB organization? (Any link with Muslim Brotherhood? Evangelical “christian” sects? Jehovah witnesses? Tom Cruse sect? The Free Mason (Builders) that fomented countless uprising)

Apparently its members think that Iraq is this ancient location where outer space civilizations ruled it and left symbols  of cosmic knowledge for how to materially rule the world.

(The IFB relied on Gilgamesh epic story, and the Jews relied on it also and on the customs of the Near-East to fabricate a history they never had) 

Egypt is the other location, but since Egypt’s history proved to be Not that expansionist and spiritual in its belief system, then Egypt was Not considered the nemesis for the USA and the western colonial powers.

Consequently, physically controlling the reserves of oil and gas to blackmail the nascent superpowers of China and potential India was a convincing leitmotif for the US administration to invade Iraq.

The other objective was to use Iraq as the center for fomenting the Sunni-Shia feud between Iran and Saudi Kingdom.

This member divulged that Saddam Hussein was the ideal agent for the US since he acceded to power and delivered on all the orders he received from the USA.

Saddam assassinated all the Baath leaders who favored unity with the Syrian Baath party during late Hafez Assad. (The leaders of two parties had fine tuned the clauses for the unification). He attacked Islamic Iran to weaken and destabilize this nascent regime. He invaded Kuwait. He tamed the Kurds in northern Iraq when the US needed a cease fire with the late Shah.

Saddam was willing to sell all the oil Iraq produced to the US and the colonial powers. He was willing to allow the US to establish military bases in many regions in Iraq. Consequently, invading Itaq for the oil was Never the real reason. Or to establish a democracy after a dictatorship.

Since Iraq has a diversity of religious sects and the Shias are a majority, it made sense to frighten the neighboring Sunni States and Turkey to ally with the USA against the rise of the powerful Islamic Shiite Iran.

This member said that it was no coincidence that Bush Sr, declared in 1991 his desire to establish a New Middle East, to replace the bipolar status during the Soviet Union dominance.

The first activities of the US troops was to install their headquarters in the ancient Iraqi cities of Babel and Sumer in order to thoroughly excavate their sites for artifacts that could guide the IFB to deepen their knowledge on how to rule the world materially.

This new empire ruthlessly acted, as ancient Iraq empires did, from Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Alexander the Greek, the Sassanian who had their Capital in Ctesiphon (Al Mada2en), and lately the Abbasid Caliphate that ruled half the world at the time.

(This member was never told that the Mogul, coming from the steps, ruled lands far larger than the Abbasid dynasty or the Roman or China in its apogee)

The US established the largest embassy in the world in Baghdad that host 1,000 employees in 20 buildings, and invested $1 billion on it, in an areas 6 times larger than the UN compound and 10 times larger than its embassy in China. (Actually, the US didn’t build anything: they were already constructed by Saddam Hussein in the Green Zone)

Mind you that the US is also investing $1 billion on its embassy in Lebanon in Awkar, which means the US is planning to move most of its personnel in the Middle East to Lebanon.

This member divulged also that the IFB created the terrorist factions of ISIS and Al Nusra to totally devastate Iraq historical sites and reduce its people to misery.

A reminder for our people in the Near-East (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine):

  1. We constitute one people in one nation that the Western colonial powers call it Greater Syria, the hotbed of all ancient civilizations and the most strategic region between West and East
  2. That Israel was implanted in our region to prevent any daily trade and communication among the same people (in the Near East and an expansion to the Middle-East as a strategic geopolitical region).
  3. Israel was created to fail any sustained development among the same people who were divided into “independent” States to foment civil wars among themselves as any kinds of development emerged in any state
  4. . Israel and the colonial powers of USA/France/Britain are existential threat to our future well-being. Their goal is to hinder and prevent any facilitation of daily interconnection.
  5. This region was linked by train before the establishment of Israel, and when any part experienced economic difficulties, they simply transferred to another part.
  6. We are One people and One Nation with same language (different slang obviously), same tradition, same customs same culinary system…
  7. The colonial powers didn’t want this One people to resume their progress since the discovery of Oil and Gas in abundance could be used as a  strategic weapon.
  8. Israel was used as a colonial implant to effectively separate this One people. Consequently, each State is behaving in isolation of the common interest and denying the refugees (consequence of the Machiavelli plans of the colonial powers) permanent residency that would satisfy Israel requirement of transforming itself into a purely Jewish Homeland, which it blatantly confirmed it in its recent constitution. 
  9. The US “christian” Evangelical Zionist provided the religious background as excuse to fulfilling the colonial powers interest in a divided region. Trump is simply ratifying what Congress has already proclaimed 2 decades ago and the process is being quickened.
  10. Thus, No other alternative to the people in this region but to resist this advanced and hurried process of re-transferring everybody for the nth time.

Note 2: This wish of dominion of the Middle-East is kind of evaporating given the current development.

Though the million of handicapped people and dismembered born babies left behind in Iraq and Syria are Not accounted for.

Though the pollution of rivers, lands ans sea are never broached by western medias.

ويكليكس باخطر وثائقه يكشف السبب الحقيقي لاحتلال العراق
الوقائع الاخبارية ​ ​: بعض الوثائق السرية الموجود في موقع وكليلكس …هذه هي الأسباب السرية لأحتلال العراق
امريكي، وهو على فراش الموت، احد زعماء(فيدرالية الاخوة العالميةIFB )، المنظة السرية العالمية التي تتحكم بامريكا وغالبية الدول الغربية:
لا احد يدرك كم(العراق) مهم بالنسبة لنا نحن في (IFB). لقد نجحنا بالتضليل على السببين الاكبرين لاحتلالنا له، من خلال التركيز على السببين المعروفين الذين اتفق عليهما الجميع:

1ـ ان العراق، جغرافيا هو مركز الشرق الاوسط. السيطرة عليه تعني السيطرة على قلب الشرق الاوسط، جغرافيا وعسكريا وحضاريا.
2ـ وهو كذلك اقتصاديا يمتلك اكبر خزين نفطي، بالاضافة الى النهرين والكثير من المعادن المهمة المكتشفة وغير المكتشفة.

لكن بالحقيقة ان هذين السببين ثانويين في استراتجيتنا الخفية. فلو كانا هما الاساسيين كما اوحينا للجميع، لما اضطررنا ابدا لاحتلال العراق، لأن صدام حسين كان مستعدا لتقديم كل التنازلات لنا، يمنحنا حق استثمار البترول كما نرغب، وكذلك التعاون العسكري الكامل معنا بما فيه انشاء قواعد عسكرية مشتركة في انحاء العراق.

لكن طموحاتنا ازاء هذا البلد اكبر من امكانات صدام مهما اراد التنازل لنا، اذ تتجاوز الى حد بعيد المصالح النفطية والعسكرية، الى مصالح استراتيجية سياسية وعقائدية وتاريخية تعتبر هذا البلد من اخطر المناطق في استراتجيتنا الكبرى للسيطرة على العالم، وبالتالي تتطلب حضورنا المباشر في ارض العراق:

1ـ سياسيا ـ دينيا، وهذه نقطة مهمة جدا : ان شعب العراق يتنوع الى شيعة وسنة(بالاضافة الى الاكراد والتركمان والمسيحيين وغيرهم)، ويقع مباشرة وسط القطبين الاسلاميين المتصارعين: القطب الشيعي الايراني والقطب السني السعودي. وهذا يعني انه البلد الوحيد المهيأ جغرافيا وسكانيا، لأن يكون ساحة للصراع بين القطبين المتحاربين وتعميق الشقة في العالم الاسلامي اجمعه بين الشيعة والسنة.(سنفصل هذه النقطة بعد قليل).
رمزيا وباطنيا، وهذه النقطة تعتبر واحدة من اكبر اسرارنا التي نجهد لاخفائها : ان للعراق اهمية روحية تاريخية خطيرة بالنسبة لنا نحن اعضاء (IFB)، لحسن الحظ لم ينتبه لها احد غيرنا. ليس صدفة ابدا ان رئيسنا بوش اختار يوم اعلان الحرب الاولى على العراق عام 1991 ليعلن عن نهاية نظام القطبين المتنافسين وانبثاق (النظام العالمي الجديد) أي ميلاد اول حضارة عالمية موحدة في التاريخ.

القيمة التاريخية والباطنية العظمى للعراق
اننا نؤمن من خلال قناعاتنا الباطنية السرية المورثة بأن الكون تتحكم به قوى جبارة خفية مجهولة، لغتها هي الرموز الكونية المعروفة، من اهمها ابراج النجوم. ان هذه القوى الجبارة منذ خلق الارض قد اختارت بعض المناطق لتكون مقرات ثابتة لها. يبدوا انها قد اختارت الشرق الاوسط ليكون موطنها وارض نشاطها وابداعها التاريخي والحضاري. وقد اختارت عاصمتين لها: (العراق) ليكون مركز الابداع الناري الفعال والاجتياحي والتوسعي. و(مصر) لتكون مركز الابداع المائي الانكفائي والمستقر. لهذا فأن هذين البلدين بقيا مركزا حضارة وتاريخ الشرق الاوسط وعموم العالم القديم، طيلة آلاف الاعوام. ليس صدفة ابدا انهما كانا مقرا لاولى واعظم حضارات البشرية، لأن تلك الحضارات كانت من صنع تلك القوى الجبارة المجهولة.

من المهم التوضيح: أن الحضارة المصرية لا تخيفنا لانها طيلة التاريخ ظلت حضارة مسالمة، لم تنبثق فيها دولة توسعية ولم تمارس الغزو الخارجي الا لاسباب دفاعية، اذ ظلت دائما معتكفة على ذاتها وعلاقتها مع الجيران قائمة على الحماية والدفاع وليس التوسع والغزو. انها حضارة روحانية أخروية جوهرها تقديس الحياة الاخرى، لهذا فأن اعظم رموزها هي (الاهرام)، اتي هي اساسا قبورا للملوك، وكتابها المقدس هو(كتاب الموتى) الذي فحواه كيفية تجاوز يوم الحساب وبلوغ الآخرة!

بينما الحضارة النهرينية هي النقيض تماما، انها مادية دنيوية لا تؤمن بالحياة الاخرى ولا بجنة موعودة، بل غايتها الدنيا والمتعة، لهذا فأن اعظم رموزها هو (برج بابل والجنائن المعلقة) وهي رموز دنيوية غايتها العظمة والمتعة، اما كتابها المقدس فهو(قصة كلكامش) الذي اعلن صراحة استحالة بلوغ الخلود وان غاية الانسان هو التمتع بالدنيا. نعم أن الروح العراقية نقيض الروح المصرية، لأنها نارية استحواذية توسعية، فكان العراق مقرا لامبراطوريات كبرى توسعية منذ البابلين والآشوريين، وصولا لأخطرها امبراطورية العباسيين التي حكمت نصف آسيا وشمال افريقيا طيلة قرون. بل ان هذا البلد كان كذلك مقرا وعاصمة لامبراطوريات اجنبية كبرى، مثل امبراطوريتا الاسكندر المقدوني ثم الساسانيين الذين اختاروا المدائن عاصمة لهم.

لهذا فأننا في (فيدرالية الاخوة العالمية) قد آمنا بأن الحضارة المصرية لا يمكنها ان تنافسنا، فبقينا دائما في علاقة ايجابية معها بل جعلناها ركنا مقدسا في عقيدتنا الباطنية وتبنينا الكثير من رموزها الدينية. ونجهد دائما لتسليط الاضواء عليها في وسائل الاعلام والمؤتمرات والجامعات والمتاحف والمكتبات.

اما الحضارة العراقية فهي منافسنا الاكبر لأنها الاقرب الينا، فحضارتنا الغربية هي صورة محدثة عنها، أي ذرورة الحضارة المادية الدنيوية. أننا نعرف ونعترف بأن جذور حضارة الغربية ترجع الى بابل، ونحن لا نتنكر لها، بل نخشى ان نعلن عن ذلك صراحة لألا تسرقنا هذه الحضارة وتستولي علينا، فتصبح (بغداد) هي (باريس ولندن ونيويورك). انها الروح التي نحتاجها ونقدسها في اعماقنا، لكننا لا نريد ان نعترف بها، الا بعد التيقن من قدرتنا على السيطرة عليها. نحن مثل الابناء اليافعين، نحتاج الى الكثير من النضج والاستعداد لكي نتصالح مع معلمنا الاول ونتمكن من التفاهم الايجابي معه والاستفادة من خبراته وثرواته. ان العراق حضارة خطيرة بقدرما هي جبارة وغنية وعظيمة.

انه اشبه بالحيوان الحيال المفترس الذي يحتاج الى الكثير من القوة والسيطرة والمراوغة والتركيع والتجويع من اجل تدجينه وترويضه. ان أي ضعف من قبلنا ازاء هذه الروح العراقية النارية المتحفزة سوف يمنحها الفرصة التاريخية المنتظرة لكي تثب علينا وتلتهمنا مثلما التهمت غيرنا من قبلنا. انظرو الى صدام، كان يكفي بعض الغفلة والدعم والتساهل من قبلنا، حتى يشرع فجأة بتنفيذ مشروعه الامبراطوري الشرق الاوسطي، من خلال التوغل في ايران ثم احتلال الكويت للسيطرة على العربية السعودية لينفث حلمه الامبراطوري الموروث والمتجذر في ارض موطنه!

لهذا فأننا منذ سنوات طويلة تمحورت سياستنا ازاء هذه الحضارة الخطرة في ناحيتين:
ـ التعتيم عليها في جميع وسائل الاعلام والمؤسسات المعنية، رغم تقديسنا السري لها. بل العمل على تشويهها من خلال التركيز على الموقف التوراتي منها ومسألة(سبي اليهود) ونقمة الله على بابل وتدميرها. والتعتيم ايضا على دور العرب والمسلمين والحضارة العباسية في تنوير اوربا. وجعل(الف ليلة وليلة) وحكايات العبيد والجواري هي الصورة الاعلامية الوحيدة الشائعة في الاعلام العالمي.

ـ بنفس الوقت، فأننا نجهد بكل امكانياتنا للتعمق في معرفة تواريخ وتفاصيل وخفايا هذه الحضارة من خلال النبش والتنقيب والدراسات السرية، على امل فك اسرارها والسيطرة عليها والاستعداد لمواجهة كل مفاجأتها الغير منتظرة. أننا نؤمن ان هنالك اسرار كبرى تحت الارض تركتها القوى الجبارة المؤسسة لها والمتحكمة بالكون. بل ربما هنالك ادوارا مفترضة لقوى معينة قادمة من كواكب اخرى قد ساهمت بتأسيس الحضارة في سومر وبابل. لهذا فأن من اهم غايات اجتياحنا العراق والسيطرة عليه، ان نستحوذ على آثاره المهمة وننقب بصورة سرية عن بعض الآثار الخاصة التي تقودنا الى تلك الاسرار المخفية الخطيرة. ليس صدفة ان اولى خطواتنا في اول يوم لسيطرتنا على العراق،

اننا هيئنا لسرقة المتحف العراقي وتدميره من اجل التعتيم على استيلائنا على بعض الآثار المهمة. كذلك قمنا بالسيطرة على الموقعين الاثريين لمدينتي (بابل) و(اور)، وحولناهما الى معسكرين خلال عدة سنوات من اجل التغطية على عمليات التنقيب السرية بحثا عن بعض الآثار الهامة التي ستساعدنا على فك اسرار هذه الحضارة الجبارة والسيطرة عليها.

نعم صحيح تماما ادعائنا بأننا اتينا لكي نبني العراق، ولكن ما لم نقله بوضوح، اننا سوف نبنيه بعد ان ندمره ونفكك مفاصله وندرسه ونفهم اسراره ونضمن تماما كل مفاجأته ووثباته الغادرة. فبسيطرتنا الروحية التاريخية على العراق نضمن سيطرتنا الفعلية على الشرق الاوسط كله، وبالتالي عموم العالم.

القيمة السياسية ـ الدينية للعراق
في مطلع الالفية الثانية اقتضت المرحلة الاخيرة من مشروعنا التدميري القائم على التقسيم الطائفي للعالم الاسلامي، ان نفرض الممارسة الفعلية لهذا الصراع أي بلوغ مرحلة الحرب الدامية بين الطرفين. وقد وقع اختيارنا على العراق حيث تتوفر فيه افضل الشروط الملائمة للصراع الشيعي ـ السني. فهنالك طائفة شيعية قوية عدديا ومظلومة تاريخيا ومجاورة للقطب الشيعي الايراني، يقابلها طائفة سنية قليلة عديديا لكنها فعالة ومتمرسة بالحكم ومدعومة طائفيا من الجوار العربي وخصوصا من قبل القطب السني السعودي. اذن موقع العراق الجغرافي المجاور لايران والسعودية خصوصا ثم باقي المشرق العربي بالاضافة الى تركيا، وانقسامه الطائفي الواضح جعلنا نختاره كأفضل ساحة للصراع الشيعي الايراني ـ السني السلفي السعودي!

طبعا هنالك اسباب مكملة داعمة اخرى، فهو ليس فقط ملتقى القطبين الطائفيين، بل ايضا ملتقى التنوعات القومية لبلدان الشرق الاوسط: عرب ، اكراد، تركمان، مسيحيون، وغيرهم..

هكذا، اننا بعد ان قمنا باضعاف وخنق العراق حربيا واقتصاديا وبشريا طيلة اعوام التسعينات، نجحنا بفضل دعم اصدقائنا القادة الاكراد والاسرائيليين والايرانيين والسعوديين، ان نقنع قادة شيعة العراق وباقي الناقمين على صدام من السنة، ان يكونوا اداة طيعة في مشروعنا التدميري للعراق وللعالم الاسلامي بأجمعه، بحجة مكافحة الدكتاتورية وبناء الديمقراطية!

يتوجب التنويه بدور صديقنا صدام، فهو قد خدمنا منذ صعوده الى السلطة عام1979 ، اذ قام باعدام القادة البعثيين المناوئين لسياستنا وتخريب الوحدة مع سوريا، ثم دخول الحرب التدميرية مع ايران، ثم اجتياح الكويت، وتوفير كل الحجج لنا بضرب العراق وحصاره وتجويعه واذالاله حتى اجتياحه واحتلاله. بل ان المسكين قد خدمنا دون قصد حتى بعد اطاحتنا به، اذ نجحنا من خلال مسرحيات محاكمته التلفزيونية ان نخلق منه بطلا عربيا سنيا راح ضحية المتعصبين الشيعة، وهذا الامر لعب دورا حاسما في تغذية الصراع الطائفي!

منذ عام 2003 تمكنا بصورة تفوق التوقع ان نجعل من العراق ساحة مكشوفة ومثال فاضح لكل المسلمين للصراع الدامي المحتدم بين القطبين الشيعي ـ السني. بل جعلنا منه ارضا لعذابات المسيحيين والصابئة وباقي الجماعات، بلالاضافة الى اسطورة عذابات الاكراد قبل ذلك. نعم طيلة عقدين من الزمان جعلنا من العراق ارض الخراب ومركزا للظلام الذي ينتظر المنطقة بأجمعها. آملين ان نجعل منه فيما بعد ارض النظام والاستقرار والبحبوحة ومركزا لشرق اوسط ديمقراطي منسجم تماما مع مصالحنا.

استراتجيتنا الحالية في العراق
ان خلاصة سياستنا الحالية في العراق، ان يبقى لسنوات طويلة قادمة تحت سيطرتنا الكاملة(مباشرة وغير مباشرة) سياسيا وعسكريا. والعامل المهم الذي نجحنا بتأسيسه ونعمل على ابقائه، اننا جعلنا الدولة العراقية منقسمة طائفيا وقوميا، بحيث لايمكنها ان تكون دولة مركزية قوية، وهي عرضة سهلة لتفجيرها والتحكم بها. فترانا دائما عندما يستقوي الاكراد ويضعف العرب نبادر الى خلق الخلافات بين الاكراد وتسهيل ضربهم من قبل دول الجوار. وما ان يستقوي العرب حتى نبادر الى تأجيج الصراع الطائفي بينهم ونعطي المجال لبروز الدور الكردي واستخدام ورقة كركوك.

واذا ما لا حظنا توحد الاطراف العراقية كلها وبروز نوع من الثقة بالدولة والشعور بالاستقرار وبروز ميول الوطنية المعادية للامريكان، حتى نبادر بتحريك عملائنا وتسهيل الامر للارهابيين للقيام بعمليات تدميرية تزعزع هيبة الحكومة وتحيّ الاحقاد الطائفية وتشجع هجرة الشباب والكوادر، وبالتالي تبرير الاعتماد علينا من اجل حمايتهم من الارهابيين!

هل تعلم، بأننا نحن من يشجع التغلغل الايراني في العراق ونعمل اعلاميا على تضخيمه اضعافا اضعاف، من اجل اخافة الدول العربية وتركيا ودفعها لكي تتصارع في ارض العراق، وايضا اخافة العراقيين ودفعهم للتمسك بنا لحمايتهم من الخطر الايراني.

خذ مثلا، مسألة تأخير تكوين الحكومة خلال اشهر طويلة. كان يكفي منا بعض الضغوط البسيطة على قادة الاطراف المتنازعة لكي يضطروا للاتفاق والموافقة على تكوين الحكومة المناسبة. لكننا تقصدنا الحيادية ولعب دور الاب الناصح الطيب الذي لا يمتلك سلطة حاسمة ازاء الضغوط الايرانية والسعودية والسورية.. كل هذا من اجل ان يدوم ضعف الدولة ويفقد العراقيين ثقتهم بنخبهم وقادتهم ويدعم شعورهم الطفولي بأنهم بحاجة لدورنا الابوي الناصح والحامي لأمن البلاد!

ومن اكبر دلائل نجاحنا الكبير في التحكم بعقول العراقيين وباقي العالم، اننا اوهمناهم بأننا عازمون على ترك العراق بعد ان فشلت سياستنا به. وبين حين وآخر نجري مسرحية اعلامية عن انسحابات عسكرية خداعة. بينما يكفي القليل من الحكمة للتفكير بالامر التالي:

اننا شيدنا في المنطقة الخضراء في بغداد اكبر واضخم واقوى سفارة في تاريخ البشرية. مساحتها 104 هكتارات وتعد أكبر بستة إضعاف من مجمع الأمم المتحدة في نيويورك، وبعشرة أضعاف من سفارتنا في بكين. كلفتها حوالي مليار دولار وتكلفة إدارتها السنوية مليار دولار. فيها 20 مبنى و1000 موظف، وهي تعتبر مدينة مستقلة حيث تضم السكن والاسواق وكل وسائل الترفيه ومولدات الطاقة والتنقية والتصفية، حتى يمكنها العيش مستقلة تماما لعدة اعوام!

فكيف يصدق انسان حتى لو كان له عقل طفل، اننا نشيد مثل هذه السفارة الاسطورية في بلد ندعي بأننا في الطريق لمغادرته؟

WikiLeaks claims to reveal how CIA

hacks TVs and phones all over the world

The CIA has become the preeminent hacking operation, sneaking into high-tech phones and televisions to spy on people worldwide, according to an explosive WikiLeaks publication of purported internal CIA documents on Tuesday.

Freedom of expression is extremely scary:  Trans-Pacific Partnership deal text confirms

Wikileaks has released what it claims is the full intellectual property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the controversial agreement between 12 countries that was signed off on Monday.

TPP was negotiated in secret and details have yet to be published.

But critics including Democrat presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, unions and privacy activists have lined up to attack what they have seen of it.

Wikileaks’ latest disclosures are unlikely to reassure them

Andrew Bossone shared a link.
President Obama meets with agriculture and business leaders to discuss the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for American business and workers. Photograph: Martin H Simon/EPA|By Sam Thielman

One chapter appears to give the signatory countries (referred to as “parties”) greater power to stop embarrassing information going public.

The treaty would give signatories the ability to curtail legal proceedings if the theft of information is “detrimental to a party’s economic interests, international relations, or national defense or national security” – in other words, presumably, if a trial would cause the information to spread.

A drafter’s note says that every participating country’s individual laws about whistleblowing would still apply.

“The text of the TPP’s intellectual property chapter confirms advocates warnings that this deal poses a grave threat to global freedom of expression and basic access to things like medicine and information,” said Evan Greer, campaign director of internet activist group Fight for the Future.

“But the sad part is that no one should be surprised by this. It should have been obvious to anyone observing the process, where appointed government bureaucrats and monopolistic companies were given more access to the text than elected officials and journalists, that this would be the result.”

Among the provisions in the chapter (which may or may not be the most recent version) are rules that say that each country in the agreement has the authority to compel anyone accused of violating intellectual property law to provide “relevant information […] that the infringer or alleged infringer possesses or controls” as provided for in that country’s own laws.

The rules also state that every country has the authority to immediately give the name and address of anyone importing detained goods to whoever owns the intellectual property.

That information can be very broad, too: “Such information may include information regarding any person involved in any aspect of the infringement or alleged infringement,” the document continues, “and regarding the means of production or the channels of distribution of the infringing or allegedly infringing goods or services, including the identification of third persons alleged to be involved in the production and distribution of such goods or services and of their channels of distribution.”

TPP is now facing a rough ride through Congress where President Obama’s opponents on the right argue the agreement does not do enough for business while opponents on the left argue it does too much.

Obama has pledged to make the TPP public but only after the legislation has passed.

Michael Wessel was one of the advisers who was asked by the US government to review what he said were woefully inadequate portions of the document. Wessel said the thrust of the TPP does nothing for Americans. “This is about increasing the ability of global corporations to source wherever they can at the lowest cost,” he said.

“It is not about enhancing or promoting production in the United States,” Wessel said. “We aren’t enforcing today’s trade agreements adequately. Look at China and Korea.

Now we’re not only expanding trade to a far larger set of countries under a new set of rules that have yet to be tested but we’re preparing to expand that to many more countries. It would be easier to accept if we were enforcing today’s rules.”

Wessel said that ultimately, the countries currently benefiting from increased outsourcing of jobs by American firms aren’t likely to see wages rise above a certain level.

“If you look in other countries, Mexico and India and others – there’s been a rise in the middle class but there’s been stagnation for those we’re hoping to get into the middle class,” Wessel said. “Companies are scouring the globe for countries they can get to produce most cheaply.”

That, he said, results in constant downward pressure on American wages. “Companies are not invested here the way we’d like them to; they’re doing stock buybacks and higher dividends,” Wessel continued.

They may yield support for the stock-holding class but it’s not creating jobs.”

Note: Are the names of those countries also a secret?

 Saudis’ Checkbook Diplomacy: known this from ages and just Revealed by  WikiLeaks

Before becoming the president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi wanted visas to take his family on a religious pilgrimage.

A Lebanese politician begged for cash to pay his bodyguards. Even the state news agency of Guinea, in West Africa, asked for $2,000 “to solve many of the problems the agency is facing.”

They all had good reason to ask, as the kingdom has long wielded its oil wealth and religious influence to try to shape regional events and support figures sympathetic to its worldview.

These and other revelations appear in a trove of documents said to have come from inside the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and released on Friday by the group WikiLeaks.


Saudi leaders, whose portraits are displayed at the stock exchange in Riyadh, have not confirmed the leak’s authenticity. Credit Hasan Jamali/Associated Press

BEIRUT, Lebanon — It seems that everyone wants something from Saudi Arabia..

While the documents appear to contain no shocking revelations about Saudi Arabia, say, eavesdropping on the United States or shipping bags of cash to militant groups, they contain enough detail to shed light on the diplomacy of a deeply private country and to embarrass Saudi officials and those who lobby them for financial aid.

And they allow the curious to get a glimpse of the often complex interactions between a kingdom seen by many as the rich uncle of Middle East and its clients, from Africa to Australia.

In a statement carried by the Saudi state news agency on Saturday, a foreign ministry spokesman, Osama Nugali, acknowledged that the documents were related to a recent electronic attack on the ministry.

He warned Saudis not to “help the enemies of the homeland” by sharing the documents, adding that many were “clearly fabricated.” Those who distribute the documents will be punished under the country’s cybercrimes law, he said.

Mr. Nugali also struck a defiant tone, saying the documents were essentially in line with the “state’s transparent policies” and its public statements on “numerous regional and international issues.”

More than 60,000 documents have been released so far, with WikiLeaks promising more to come.

They include identification cards, visa requests and summaries of news media coverage of the kingdom.

The most informative are diplomatic cables from Saudi embassies around the world to the foreign ministry, many of which are then passed along to the office of the king for final decisions

Many of the cables are incomplete, making it hard to determine their date and context, and very few indicate which requests were approved by the king and ultimately carried out. Most documents focus on a turbulent period in the Middle East, beginning after the popular uprisings that toppled Arab leaders in 2011 and continuing through early this year.

Clear in many of the documents are efforts by Saudi Arabia, a Sunni power, to combat the influence of Shiite Iran, its regional rival, as well as Iranian proxies like Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militant group and political party.

Cables about Iraq suggest efforts to support politicians who opposed Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, then the Shiite prime minister of Iraq, who was close to Iran. One said the kingdom had given 2,000 pilgrimage visas to Mr. Maliki’s chief rival, Ayad Allawi, to distribute as he saw fit.

Another cable from the Saudi Embassy in Beirut relayed a request by a Christian militia warlord politician, Samir Geagea, for cash to relieve his party’s financial problems. The cable noted that Mr. Geagea had stood up for the kingdom in news media interviews, opposed the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and had shown “his preparedness to do whatever the kingdom asks of him.”

A spokesman for Mr. Geagea did not respond to requests for comment on Saturday.

“Are there just more Lebanese begging Saudis for money or does my timeline skew toward Lebanon?” wrote one Twitter user, Laleh Khalili, noting the frequency of such requests from Beirut.

Other cables show Saudi Arabia working to maintain its regional influence.

One accused Qatar, another Persian Gulf state known for oil wealth and cash-based diplomacy, of stirring up trouble in Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s southern neighbor, by backing a rich politician to the tune of $250 million.

And a few cables implied that Saudi leaders had negotiated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after the revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, a longtime Saudi ally. One document said a leader in the Brotherhood had said the group could ensure that Mr. Mubarak would not go to prison in exchange for $10 billion.

But a handwritten note on the document said paying “ransom” for Mr. Mubarak was “not a good idea” because the Brotherhood could not prevent his incarceration.

The documents also indicate concerted Saudi efforts to shape news media coverage, both inside and outside the kingdom.

One cable suggested that the government pressure an Arab satellite provider to take an Iranian television station off the air. In another cable, the foreign minister suggests that the provider use “technical means to lessen the Iranian broadcast strength.”

Other documents suggest intervention at the highest levels to shape domestic media coverage in a way that suits the rulers.

In an early 2012 cable marked “top secret and urgent,” King Abdullah told top ministers about new talks between the kingdom and Russia over the crisis in Syria and asked them to “direct the media not to expose Russian personalities and to avoid offending them so as not to harm the kingdom’s interests.”

Missing from the documents is any evidence of direct Saudi support for militant groups in Syria or elsewhere.

Bruce Riedel, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer now at the Brookings Institution, said that while considerable evidence of such programs exists, they are handled by the kingdom’s intelligence services, and the foreign ministry is often “not in the loop.”

“That allows the Saudis to have plausible deniability and to liaison with other intelligence services aiding the rebels,” he said.

Some found the documents underwhelming, noting that similar activities are carried out by many countries, including the United States.

“There is not really something shocking that compromises Saudi security,” said Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, a political science professor in the United Arab Emirates, who had read about 100 cables.

Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia practices checkbook diplomacy, he said, adding that it now had to compete for clients with other rich states, like Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

One surprise in the documents, he said, is that the former Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, had to seek the permission of the king before proceeding with even minor matters.

“It seems that the king is the king in Saudi Arabia, no matter how princely you are,” Dr. Abdulla said.

Other surprising finds showed up in the WikiLeaks’ net.

The Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, known for shocking conservative Muslims with her sexy music videos, received a visa and visited a Saudi prince inside the kingdom despite instructions that all visas for artists and singers be preapproved by the Interior Ministry, according to the documents.

The foreign ministry branch in Mecca responded that Ms. Ajram had received the visa to travel with her husband and had come on a personal visit, not in her capacity as an artist.

Also in the cache was an email to a foreign ministry official from a technology company called StarLink, whose website says it is a “trusted security adviser.”

Reached by phone, the company’s business development manager, Mahmoud Odeh, confirmed that StarLink had provided computer security services to the Saudi government.

When asked what he thought of the leaks, Mr. Odeh hung up.

The standoff between Britain and the State of Ecuador, which gave Julian Assange political asylum, in order not be extradited to Sweden has been making headlines around the world.

For the past two months, Julian Assange, the founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks, has been taking refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. The U.K. courts ruled to extradite him to Sweden where he faces possible sexual assault and misconduct charges. 

Anonymous is a loosely affiliated international collective, composed of tech-savvy activists, which originated online on imageboards and forums.

 posted on Aug. 22 under “What/Who is Anonymous?

Photo by Enrique Dans (

This story has caught the attention of the public because it is more than just news: it is a drama. Assange is a controversial figure for his role in publishing classified diplomatic cables on Wikileaks (for more about “Cablegate,” see here), but he is not the only one involved in this spectacle.

Although the U.S. is not directly involved, it casts a shadow over this standoff. Assange and his supporters fear that if the UK extradited him to Sweden, it would not be long before he would be delivered to the U.S.  It is feared that the US would charge Assange with espionage stemming from when his website published a trove of American secrets.

Another controversial player in this drama is the “hacktivist” group Anonymous. Anonymous has used Wikileaks to distribute information it acquired from its hacking endeavors. It has also supported the ideals of free information, freedom of expression and freedom of the press that Assange espoused.

The question people have been asking is, “who or what is Anonymous?” People have asked if members of this  hacktivist group are freedom fighters, vigilantes or terrorists.

Asking about members is not the way to get at the meaning of this group. The real question is, on a metaphysical level, what is Anonymous? On a fundamental level, what kind of entity or being is Anonymous?

In its early days, Anonymous was not an identifiable Internet entity, but was a large subculture of people who posted anonymously and played “pranks” on websites, popularized memes and defined aspects of Internet culture. The creativity and outrageous content on these boards attracted the media, which described this community as brilliant and insane.

In 2008, this boundless creativity developed a more focused shape and perspective on the world. It adopted the name “Anonymous” and often used the image of a suit without a head or a Guy Fawkes mask to symbolize that it had no leader and was the embodiment of an idea.

Since then, Anonymous has become known for its strong opposition to Internet censorship, human rights violations, privacy violations, government opacity, and big corporations. It has become a recognizable presence at protests because its members wear the symbolic masks to show that they are part of this international group.

Photo by Trowbridge Estate (

On August 15th, I became aware that Anonymous was following, and invested in, this standoff when Britain threatened to remove the Ecuadorian embassy’s diplomatic privileges and storm the building to arrest Assange. I was up late enough to see several Anonymous groups on Facebook post urgent messages in the early hours of the 16th.

According to the posts, police officers were entering the embassy. The messages were brief and conveyed a sense of anxiety that is rare on such pages. Although separate individuals maintain the various Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, within several minutes of each other, all were calling for available “Anons” to convene at the embassy and see what was going on.

More specifically, the administrators and people online who were not in London were asking others to take pictures and transmit a live video of what was happening.

Soon enough, a protester had a “livestream” feed up and others were taking photos and uploading them to Anonymous pages. In addition, several Anons were able to coordinate a demonstration where they wore Guy Fawkes masks and held signs proclaiming, “I am Julian” as an expression of solidarity.

This was not a risk-free endeavor on the part of the protesters. Police threatened to arrest the man who was filming and they arrested at least one person outside the embassy including a legal observer who was then “released” under the condition that he stay in a designated “protest pen.” (See here)

This remarkable display of efficient collaboration, communication and willingness to act for the good of the group is a large part of what makes Anonymous so remarkable. Anonymous describes itself as a “hive mind” and this could not be a more accurate description. Just as in a hive, each member contributes to the whole and brings his or her talents, abilities, and insights that benefits the community.

Although there are people within Anonymous who have skills in planning operations and working with technology, there is no leader. Each person who participates and contributes has the liberty to take the initiative and start a project on behalf of the collective.

There is no official way to become a “member,” so it is odd to speak of those who consider themselves to be part of Anonymous as such. It is more accurate to say that Anonymous is made up of people who have connected online over shared goals, interests and ideals, and also individually identify with whatever they perceive Anonymous as. (Check out this video)

On a fundamental level, Anonymous is an actualized idea of the potential for freedom, creativity and personal responsibility. It is an idea to which individuals can, and do, attribute their actions that they believe are in-line with the sentiments of the hive mind. 

One can see those who actively participate in Anonymous, or related groups, as parts of a giant brain or fragments of a self-aware collective consciousness. This loosely connected group acts on issues about which the majority of people participating on the Internet feel strongly.

Shared ideas evolve the way an individual’s thoughts evolve and this collective thought process directs the trend of Anonymous’ activity in the physical world. However, this entity does not have specific longterm goals that could potentially stifle the creative and organic way it interacts with the world.

Anonymous’ response to Britain’s threat to the Ecuadorian embassy was an example of this hive mind’s ability to focus on and respond to a specific situation in the physical world. Although the vast majority of Anonymous activity occurs online, this entity has the ability to manifest in the physical world with people acting as eyes or mouths.

The protesters who uploaded photos on the 16th potentially put themselves in harm’s way in order to serve as the eyes of the group. Perhaps one of the reasons people are willing to risk their safety is because no one told them that it was their duty to do so. Instead, it seems that this willingness originates authentically and organically within the individuals, which results in these people having a strong personal investment in their choice of actions, and therefore are willing to do more.

In these moments when someone chooses to act under the banner of Anonymous, the person not only acts for the benefit of everyone creating the hive mind; the individual surrenders his or her own personal identity and assumes that of the whole, becoming Anonymous – both one and many.

What do you think of Anonymous?

Note: Anonymous leaks are not the exclusive real of this group: Political systems adopt anonymous leaks:

Task Force 373: Drones targeting 2,000 on kill-list

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks revealed in an interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist the following piece of intelligence:

“One of the elements we discovered in “Afghan War Diary” (leaked in July 2010) was the existence of Task Force 373.  This is a special unit of the American army in charge of “liquidating” targets in a list of 2,000 names. There are no impartial rules to add or delete names from the list.  No one can warn you whether you are included on that list of “Joint Priority Effects List (JPEL)”, or potential dead by drone attacks.  From the document received, 50% of the targeted persons were simply killed: No alternatives to trying to capturing them alive.  In many instances, the drones just assassinated innocent kids and civilians, as collateral damages.

The dailies Der Spiegel (Germany) and The Guardian published articles on the bombing of a school that killed seven kids.Task Force 373 tried hard to “kill” this information and then extended its apology…Journalist Eric Schmitt of the New York Times, and in charge of the section national security, wrote an article on that subject, but it never was published.

On many occasions, the political leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan vented their anger at these drone attacks, to no avail so far.

Prior to the leaks on Task Force, WikiLeaks had divulged the two procedures of how the detention camp in Guantanamo Bay functions. We obtained the manual of 2003. The pentagon replied: “Yes, the manual is from 2003, during the period of General Miller…” (another scapegoat criminal).  We got the manual of 2004, and we realized that the procedure became even stricter, instead of improving…”

 published an article titled “US increases Yemen drone strikes”, on Saturday, September 17. She wrote:

“The Obama administration has significantly increased the frequency of drone strikes and other air attacks against the al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen in recent months, amid rising concern about political collapse there.  A few of the strikes, carried out by the military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), have been focused in the southern part of the country, where insurgent forces have for the first time conquered and held territory, as the Yemeni government continues to struggle against escalating opposition to President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 33-year rule.

Unlike in Pakistan, where the CIA has presidential authorization to launch drone strikes at will, each U.S. attack in Yemen — and those being conducted in nearby Somalia, such as the most recent on Thursday near the southern port city of Kismayo — requires White House approval, senior administration officials said.

The officials, who were not authorized to discuss the matter on the record, said intended targets must be drawn from an approved list of key members of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula deemed by U.S. intelligence officials to be involved in planning attacks against the West. 

White House counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan, last week put their number at “a couple of dozen, maybe.”Although several unconfirmed strikes each week have been reported by local media in Yemen and Somalia, the administration has made no public acknowledgment of the escalated campaign, and officials who discussed the increase declined to provide numbers.

The heightened air activity coincides with the administration’s determination this year that AQAP, as the Yemen-based group is known, poses a more significant threat to the United States than the core al-Qaeda group based in Pakistan. The administration has also concluded that AQAP has recruited at least a portion of the main insurgent group in Somalia, al-Shabab, to its anti-Western cause.

From its initial months in office, the Obama administration has debated whether to extend the air attacks that have proved so effective in Pakistan to the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. Military and intelligence officials have long argued in favor of attacks against al-Shabab camps in Somalia, which have been under overhead surveillance for years. Other officials have questioned the legal and moral justification for intervening in what, until recently, has been a largely domestic conflict.

The administration has said its legal authority to conduct such strikes, whether with fixed-wing planes, cruise missiles or drones, derives from the 2001 congressional resolution authorizing attacks against al-Qaeda and protection of the U.S. homeland, as well as the international law of self-defense.

“The United States does not view our authority to use military force against al-Qaeda as being restricted solely to ‘hot’ battlefields like Afghanistan,” Brennan said in remarks prepared for delivery Friday night at Harvard Law School. “We reserve the right to take unilateral action if or when other governments are unwilling or unable to take the necessary actions themselves.”

What’s going on? The US administrations always reserve the right to taking unilateral actions, such as launching a preemptive war on Iraq in 2003, without a UN resolution.  And the US administrations wonder why people are very upset with US political behaviors against the rudiment of human rights overseas.

Note: On October 2, a US drone assassinated US citizen Al Awlaki in Yemen.  Shouldn’t Al Awlaki be caught alive and tried, as any citizen should?


Julian Assange of WikiLeaks: On how the leaks affected “Arab Spring” uprising

Julian Assange gave an extensive interview to Hans Ulrich Obrist, published in 4 parts in the French weekly Courrier International.  To the question on the contribution of WikiLeaks on Arab uprising, Assange had this to say:

“We tried in WikiLeaks to have an impact on the Arab societies. At least, we managed to pour oil on the fire.  Studying the interactions among the leaks and the uprising are still to be written.  The Lebanese daily Al Akhbar (The Stories) started publishing in December 2010 analyses of the US diplomatic telegrams that related to Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

The domain name of Al Akhbar was attacked and redirected to a porno site in Saudi Arabia.  As Al Akhbar recovered from the attack, it had to face denials of services, and dealing with hackers erasing the contents of cables, articles, and pieces of analyses.  WikiLeakes supporters intervened and redirected to us the official Tunisian sites.

The New Yorker divulged a leak from the US ambassador to Tunisia, exposing the rampant corruption of President Ben Ali and his entourage. One leak announced the readiness of the US to supporting the Tunisian army against Ben Ali.  This piece of intelligence was a strong message and a signal to getting on the move.  When we witnessed the Tunisian uprising, we knew that Egypt of Mubarak is next in line.

Consequently, we worked hard to release leaks concerning Mubarak’s vast and deep network of collaborators and far-reaching corruption to even small municipalities and shop owners. In collaboration with the British The Daily Telegraph, we published 480 telegram leaks on Libya of Qadhafi.

These leaks tarnished and weakened the massive support that the US and western States lavished on Mubarak and Qadhafi.

For example, vice President Joseph Biden, refrained from repeating that “The regime of Mubarak is most probably democratic“.  Leaks exposed the close cooperation and technical support of the FBI with Egypt internal security services and procedures for torture activities, against human rights…

For example, another leaks divulged instructions to soccer clubs to not using Facebook and Twitter. The Egyptian revolutionary had a field day disseminating this leak of forbidding the usage of social platform.

From the 20 dailies we cooperated with, only The Daily Telegram thought it worthwhile analyzing leaks on Egypt and Libya and publishing any articles relative to these leaks they had.

Who is Julian Assange? Who is Daniel Domscheit-Berg? As described in “Inside WikiLeaks”

Julian Assange is off the media screen; but the over 250,000 leaks are still being published, disseminated, and sold to various media.

What happened to Julian Assange? Daniel Domscheit-Berg in his “Inside WikiLeaks” describes the problems that WiliLeaks was plagued with as a publishing medium and the authoritarian and single-minded behaviors of Assange is the running of this project.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg wrote:

My idea was to install a permanent work center and hiring steady collaborators.  I even contacted the German military and located a few potential bunkers at affordable prices.  The concept was for WL to become “The most aggressive press organization“.  Julian changed position: He opted to remain an “Insurgent Operation” and not settle in any publicly recognized headquarter.  Julian was under the strong impression that he was followed and secretly investigated.  Consequently, Julian refused to facilitate decisions on withdrawing money from the Wau Foundation.

The Wau Foundation was ready to pay us salaries, and Julian blocked the entire plan.  As money started to come in after releasing the video “Collateral Murder”, shot in Iraq, discords with Assange were exacerbated.  The transactions with the foundation was pretty straightforward: The foundation extended the sum that Daniel requested and Daniel remitted the invoices.  The late Wau Holland was a computer scientist and a philosopher; his foundation aided with grants on projects that enhanced freedom of the press.

Thanks to the video “Collateral Murder” shot in Iraq, donations started to come in.  Collateral Murder showed a US helicopter shooting at civilian Iraqis coming out of a van.  The foundation Wau Holland in Germany had agreed to receive the donations, handle the fiscal and tax deductions procedures, and sending requested expenses.

By summer 2010, the account climbed to $600,000.  By the time Daniel Domscheit-Berg quit WL, he said that he estimated that the foundation had accumulated one million.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg claims in his book “inside WikiLeaks” that the project had spent $75,000 by September 2010 on state of the art equipment, like 7 servers, decrypted mobile phones, pagers by satellites…During the 6-month stoppage of Wikileaks, due to the previous archaic equipment and server, WL continued to receive documents while restoring the network.

What pleased most Assange is someone calling him Mandax, the code name he used when a young computer hacker; he was overjoyed hearing Mandax when he was not known around 2007 and when he got famous.

Assange would travel light, a simple backpack carrying his outmoded portable computer. Julian would arrive at the last minute for a convention, hoard the computer at the press room, and never relinquish it.

Three days later, the once well-pressed clothes were dirty: He didn’t bring cloth change, and gladly accepted gifts for cloth and other objects since he would not carry money.

Assange, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, and the Architect stayed for an entire month in a hotel suit in Island, ironing out a law proposal for the parliament to declare Island a heaven for free press.

Since they had to meet with deputies and politicians, Daniel Domscheit-Berg made it a point never to get out without pressed and clean cloths.  This behavior angered Julian and reprimanded Daniel of trying to taking over WikiLeaks and out-staging Julian.

The air of the room, containing over 6 persons and working around the clock, got filthy; especially that they ordered food and no one would clean up the leftover.  Once, Daniel opened a window to refresh the climate and Julian was harsh in his reaction, a behavior that prompted Daniel to return to Berlin.

The relationship between the two associate got nasty and Daniel quit WikiLeaks.  The Architect, the most important programmer and the one who updated and modernized the servers and platform, joined Daniel. The Architect took with him all the programs that he created, bringing back WikiLeaks to its archaic state.

Who is this Lebanese? Who is the quirkiest specie of all?  Any rationale for society quirky behaviors?

Lebanon is the only State that kicked Israel occupation forces out of Lebanon without negotiation, or any preconditions.  And yet, you have got a bunch of Lebanese refusing to admit this fact.

Lebanon is the only State that defeated Israel in any war, specifically in 2006, and by the resistance forces, and Israel admitted its defeat.  And yet, you have got a bunch of Lebanese still very skeptical about this fact.

Worse, WikiLeaks published documents of what you cannot believe:  Pseudo Lebanese leaders begging the US and Israel to resume the war beyond 33 days, until Hezbollah is reduced politically and militarily. Why?  Because the political sectarian structure of Lebanon will eventually change.

No foreign armies, regional or not, have managed to occupy any portion of the land in Lebanon for any length of time.  And yet, you have a bunch of Lebanese pseudo-politicians and leaders, coaxing and begging foreign States to come in and occupy Lebanon; only to quickly change their decisions and turn against the occupying forces.

The State of Lebanon acquired such renown in instability and irrationality that no State is about to enter Lebanon or actively meddle in its internal affairs for any length of time.  And yet, you have a bunch of faked Lebanese leaders constantly roaming earth to get in contact with any stupid interlocutor, mediator… who has no idea where Lebanon is located and what this weird Lebanese is talking about.

The bored Lebanese faked politicians want to  snatch any kind of recognition, while foreign politicians are running away from this unwelcomed quirk intruder:  The foreign politician is screaming: “Get away from me.  I have a handful of problem to resolve.  I am in no mood to untangle a truckload of your impossible problems.”

We had a civil war that lasted 17 years (1975-1992) and we ended up with 20 versions of what caused the war

18 versions corresponding to the 18 recognized religious sects and two versions for the two secular political parties, mainly the Communist and the Lebanese-based Syria National Social Party.

Worse, after the civil war officially ended with no victors, every war-lord was appointed deputy in the Parliament and offered a ministerial portfolio, as a recompense for a job well done.

These war-lords as still in the government and their extended family members are deputies.  Not a single war-lord apologized for any wrong doing:  Every year, each war-lord celebrates His “Fallen martyrs“, and the government (President, PM, and Chairman of the Parliament) send their official representatives to the ceremony.

We don’t even know an adequate approximate numbers of the dead, the injured, and the disappeared.  You hear that 200,000 died (more than 15% of the population).  With such number of dead casualties, it is normal to estimate that 600,000 were injured.   Not a single war-lord dared give location of the mass graves in his “canton“.

What is this “let bygone be bygone?”  The same war-lords issued a law in the Parliament for amnesty to all criminals!

For example, there are over 70,000 Lebanese living in Ivory Coast and making a living.  Ivory Coast has been in trouble for over three years now, and the latest election took place a year ago.  We all knew that eventually the civil war will escalate.  Many Lebanese returned for vacation and then returned to their work in Ivory Coast.

You are wondering: “Why this Lebanese didn’t decide to return to Lebanon for good?”

And the answer is basic: “What can they do and work in this non-State of Lebanon?”  Whatever enterprises that already exist are monopolized by elite classes of merchants, feudal lords, new real estates developers, and their extended clan and family members of these well-established oligarchy.

Any Lebanese returning home has to start from scratch and be ready to lick asses in order to have any facility to open an enterprise.

Ask any Lebanese who returned whether he managed to start a business in this non-State of Lebanon!  The Lebanese immigrants are willing to take dangerous choices instead of contemplating a stupid return to Lebanon.

Every generation demonstrated massively for reforms of this archaic political and social system, and failed miserably:  Every generation saw The System creating a civil war to delude any worthy reforms .

The current new generation has been at it, consistently and with more determination.

The youth is demanding the Impossible:  The youth want to earn a citizenship!

The youth want to know that they have erected a State that represents their identity and their dreams for a sustainable Lebanon.




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