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“Info Deprivation Disorder”? Any link to “Augmented Reality”?

Have you experienced any kinds of withdrawal symptoms, such as trying to quit smoking or an addictive behavior? How would you feel if you are deprived of modern fast communication tools and application, such as smartphones or connections to social platforms?

Things are not getting easier for addicts to being connected to the modern “clouds” of data, and pieces of intelligence.  The parallel virtual world is already no longer that parallel:  It is integrated to the real world, and any user feels he is the center of attention, and the world might vanish if he disconnect or fails to acknowledge his presence, every day, several times, a day.

Augmented Reality is infiltrating urban environment, and transforming how we connect to and communicate with other and the surrounding environment.  For example, your smart phone, your smart eyeglasses, or miniaturized “wearable computing” devices, will superimposes data, info, and pieces of intelligence on whatever crosses your path or line of vision.  As you stroll streets, you can focus on a building and data on the kinds of businesses are located in the building are superimposed on your small screen.

For example, you don’t need to be a “famous and glamorous” personality advertised by traditional medias:  If you are a member of a social platform and your CV or profile is made universal to all to see then, anyone crossing your path may find your characteristics displayed on the screen of a smart phone.  A “stranger” might be preempted to open a dialogue with you, as if you were a very familiar person.

The bases of augmented reality are to extending in real-time, more data at a higher rate:  Data on everything that you happen to cross path with, people and environment, if you choose to focus on.  For example, in Amsterdam, you may telecharge for free on your mobile an application called Layar.  Wherever you are located in Amsterdam, you can read on the display or listen to info related to the block of buildings. These applications are also available in the US and England. has condensed the content of Wikipedia on 800,000 places of interest around the globe, and developed this system for Android.  Mobilizy has empowered the user to tag and add data on

Augmented reality will soon target health and educational domains.  Information become an integral part of the object or subject you are seeing:  An object is no longer inert, and subjects (people) are real people with known profile, before you even start a conversation.  For example,  your kitchen could be transformed into a virtual environment for playing games, such as racing virtual cars… Boring known environment would get a life of their own.

“As you are deprived of your smart equipments, you will feel handicapped: You have lost a substantial portion of your power of reflection.  You are very reliant on your “smart handicap” to facilitating your decision-making process.”

Maybe we are robbed of slower quality reflection processes, but our brain is becoming trained to link several interactions among more variables.  Maybe ancient slower philosophical processes are displaced by quicker scientific processes of comprehending many interactions for faster resolutions, a function that is the most important task for our developed brain, a function which has long be denied to us during our evolution. 

It is not the new technology that is robbing us from quality reflection:  It is the ideology being disseminated that “It is not productive and a total waste of time to allocating time for slower reflection processes…”




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