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There is this guy working at the Bronx zoo, Pat Thompson, who had this idea of experimenting in 2003 with 24 human-made fragrances on the large feline carnivores.  Many ladies contributed these $60 a bottle cologne and perfumes so that Pat could resume his research.  Most scents didn’t occupy the felines more than two seconds.Two scents “obsession for men” of Calvin Klein and  “Air du temps” of Nina Ricci occupied the leopards for over 10 minutes, longer that these carnivores invest on eating their meals.

There are a few applications for these discoveries.  Wildlife Conservation Societies in tropical forests wanted to taking clear pictures of these invisible felines in order to tag every jaguar, tiger, lion. or leopard and, eventually, study their behavior.  The cameras located in various areas in the vast forests generated lousy and non exploitable pictures 40% of the time, given that these carnivores barely showed up at camera locations. The trick is spaying “Obssession” on fragment of cloths around a sprayed tree trunk and wait for the felines to smell the fragrance a mile away; then, as the feline is curiously occupied with the scent for 10 minutes, the cameras are taking excellent pictures.

So far all is well.  What bother me and worry me is that the feline got into a frolicking mood!  What if with persistent scenting may affect these felines and they start behaving like mankind?  Like copulating all year round, every time the recollection of “Obssession” incite them into mating?  Sort of scent guiding feline into substituting eyesight for female presence? Not that mankind cares about intercourse anymore since they have no energies for these redundant activities.  But, felines energy is too abundant because they are still living the wildlife style.

These combinations of vanilla and artificially produced musk could be potent medicines overtaking Viagra and their kinds.  Just emulate feline behavior and you are set for everlasting happiness and abundant sources of energies that will make you forget scanning cable channels.

In an indirectly related topic, there is this Vietnamese lady who can confirm if a man is still virgin:  She saved many convicts for rape by examining behind their ears for tiny red dots that disappear after the first intercourse!  It seems that masturbation and same-sex intercourse do not count, and won’t make these red dots vanish.  Thus, rape victims can ask for Pham Thi Hong assistance if they are not sure in identifying the attackers. At least, the virgin men can be left free in cases of suspicions not based on solidly evidence.  Mind you, you may try to rape, but if you ejaculate prematurely in your pants or somewhere else then, raping attempt might stick but it won’t erase the spots, the red ones behind your ears.  My hypothesis is that there is a particular secretion in the vagina (not the clitoris) that has this powerful medicinal effect on red spots, behind ears or another locations on the body.  I am just aiding Pham to setting up her scientific experiment once for all.




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