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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 13

Michel Aoun, the only President to Lebanon that: 1. the people know him, 2. has the largest representative block in Parliament. 3. has actually resisted foreign occupations

Ce decalage infime qui pourrit tout ce qui est beau et la possibilite de la perfection. Faisons adieux a toutes les synchronisations forcés

Nous denoncons du crime de vanité la soif de domination qui agite tout le monde. Et la force de discours bien appris qui portent au nues les creations de l’homme? C’est pas aussi des illusions de vanité?

On m’a fait assez de reproches pour la guerre et pour la paix. Agisser pour la paix et cesser d’entendre les autres reproches

All the religious sects in Lebanon must be believing in Purgatory: Our judicial system is in permanent este2naaf

The concept of purgatory is beautiful: we can live in the hope for a possible retrial

William Lloyd Garrison? He published the daily The Liberator in Boston in 1830 for the emancipation of the slaves. 30 years later, the civil war broke out and Abraham Lincoln managed the feat for enacting this law. Lincoln and Garrison should share the honor and the award. Another century had to elapse before the technically slaves enjoy the fruit of the Law.

It is universally acknowledged that every paradigm shift must be condemned as heresy before becoming a myth. It starts by being persecuted and live to be trashed in the waste bin.

BDl Accelerate 2016? ends this Saturday at 6 pm at the Forum? Fi sa5a2, fi tonzeem, fi balash, fi standaat, fi token to eat… bass ma fi 3elm.  The talks are of the general kinds, as if the audience is Not fit or Not willing to listen to details or the speakers were Not remunerated properly to invest in preparing their talks. You won’t learn about the details of the processes, the design, the redesign and the errors that have been resolved…Ma btet3alam shi. My experience this Thursday. Check the second floor for the new upstarts in Lebanon and abroad: very useful

Tu vis, tu meurs, ce sont des consequences. Pouquoi pas? Et les evenements collateraux?  Qu’a t’on construit pour ces genres de consequences?

Une education civilisé? Maitriser la violence individuelle dans sa societé. Et répandre avec acharnement notre violence primitive contre les autres societies, celles qui non pas les moyens de se defender contre les armes a longue distance.

International Courts are impotent and useless against those rascals who committed mass crimes against humanity because their Nations allow them to enjoy judicial immunity.

One person is missing and you are lost. If you experienced that feeling once, consider you lived a full life.

Poor people dream of new venues and perspectives: They are ready to give credibility to the well-off. Those who pass them by as fathoms.

It is Not plagiarism if you can go to the original sources: thousands of years ago.

How can we “cultivate” the people in a rotten political system? We always need gradual changes in reforms that allows a mass reform of our cultural heritage.

It must be universality acknowledged that absolute justice is worse than tyranny: Written laws that cannot be applied on the ground generate chaotic informal practices in economy and all facets in the daily survival quest

Avons-nous renouncé a la rencontre? A connaitre nos voisins au moins?

Comment ne pas essayer d’oublier ces vieux prés de la mort? Comment amener un peu de repis a une existence d’ennui, d’amertume et de ressassment? Comment construire notre present avec joie, Esperance et acharnement?

Les femmes croient fermement que la plus terrible phrase qui offense leurs maris est: “Tu es un lache, un peureux inveteré”. La belle affair: si elles pouvaient laisser les maris tranquille pour tout le rest.

We are all cowards, in more than one way, and we know it. Please, desist from reminding us of that.




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