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Is it just a flea taunting and nagging at me?

This essay on fleas, flies, mosquitoes, flea-types of connotations, “flea-regret”,…was inspired by the post of under “How opportunities flea

The post says:

“A flea just like the one above, kept bugging me all night. It was somewhere in my cloth, jumping around, biting on occasion.

After a long and painful night of searching and looking, I find it. Sitting there on my leg motionless. Finally! This is my opportunity to end this nightmare. I hesitate for just a moment.

If you know fleas, you’d know that they’re very elusive bugs. They don’t stay put for more than a fraction of a second. And when they jump… You may never spot them again. They’re gone.

In that moment of slight hesitation, the flea jumps.  I’m sure that at some point in your life, you’ve lost an opportunity you’ve long been waiting for. And I can bet that it’s more likely than not, that you’ve lost that opportunity by inaction. Take a minute now to remember that opportunity lost by inaction.

Next time you spot a golden opportunity, be quick. Don’t hesitate. Take immediate action. Don’t let the opportunity flee”.  End of quote, Twitter: @williamchouker

Fleas are tiny creatures, almost invisible. You cannot just take them by two fingers: You have got to use two sharp nails and hear “crush” before you assume that the flea is probably dead.  It is hard work and requires sharp vision, dexterity, patience…all the prerequisites lacking in older people…

You can watch flies when you eat meat outdoors (or indoor). Flies can be cajoled: Just leave them a dish of meat, treat them as guests, a collective guest, a cluster guest…

Mosquitoes are a different story: They much prefer fresh and hot blood, particularly your blood-type. You may take a few seconds to decide on killing the first one:  You quickly learn the first principle of dictators and absolute monarchs “kill with utmost prejudice, immediately”

The number One nemesis among the flea-types is “flea-regret“.  Flea-regret is immortal as long as you live.  It reincarnate newborn, exactly the same spectrum and gamut of regrets that you suffered in your limited life.  A few are more virulent: They are commun to all genders, cultures, civilization, work-types, colors, ethnicity, climatic regions…

It does not matter how dumb you are, you eventually learn the only two truths in life: Death and regrets.

The problem with the kinds of “flea-regret” is that the older you get the faster they procreate: You just keep committing the same kinds of regrets, and you are not the wiser.  You think that you cornered one regret and want to have a sensible conversation with it, but it is a flea and hop! It was just here and was replaced by a nastier “flea-regret”.

The “flea-regret” always sit on the front voluptuous seat and nag you, silently screaming: “And me; and me! I dare you to eliminate me” 

All you wanted is a rational discussion, but regret denies you this luxury, no matter how determined and tenacious you think you are.

Occasionally, I hear someone say: “I feel great. I have no regrets”, and I understand what he means: “I would feel great if I had no regrets”.  Others would say: “I managed to survive against all odds”, and I translate “I managed so far to ward off the onslaught of thousands of regrets. I was not talking of famine or accepting an undignified life…I survived my demons…” 

Another says: “I am under pressure. I feel down. I am kind of depressed…”, and I interpret “Regrets are constantly nagging at me.  Can’t shake-off the “I should have…”

Flea-regret? More accurately, virus-regret!

Note 1: Can you imagine million of soldiers cramped in ditches, and not able to take any decent shower for weeks?  Do you think this soldier has time to think about imminent death when he is constantly itching and fighting off the bites and diseases of all kinds of small creatures? 

More people die of diseases after soldiers return home than during the war, including “collateral civilian damages”.  Over 30 million died in the US and Europe after WWI from the flu epidemic and related diseases. How could any warrior leader claim that he won a victory overseas, when half his population will die of diseases as the warrior return home?

Note 2: William was worried that his concept of opportunity might be taken out of context.  You may read

TEDxBeirut: At Last, Auditions. Round One?
TEDxBeirut conference was a success story last Saturday Sept.24.  I reported previously that I submitted a one-minute video, as required, in order to be eligible for the screening process for the candidates to be selected for a first audition.  I was turned down with no feedback, but I was invited for free to attend the event.  My topic was on How rare are dangerous events? How dangerous are “rare” species? Even when extinct?
So how the audition process might have taken place? This is how Jessica Dheere reported on Sept. 14:

“Ah you’re here! Right on time. A little early actually. That’s good. Please, do come in,” the one with the vivid red-brown braid said with a hearty smile.
As she gestured gaily, stretching her arm into the vastness of the site, the whiteness of her teeth sparkled starkly against the contrast provided by the darkness of her shirt.
“Take a seat. Yes, any seat you like. Make yourself comfortable. Are you ready? You can go whenever you’re ready.”
The one with the bouncy curls, having finished marking red several X on the ground, proceeded to his touch-screen contraption. He made all sorts of seemingly whimsical gestures, unobstructed by his injured hand, a la Tom Cruise in Minority Report, and produced a glaring stopwatch, set at 6 minutes sharp.

They got up, one after the other, sensing their initial intimidation getting numbed by the homeliness of their surroundings. It was when the ideas started burgeoning, flowing, and ultimately filling up the entire place, inducing cheers, tears, laughter and much more.
This was not a classical audition with an air of formality and detachment between the judging panel and the presenter. This was the first round of the TEDxBeirut Auditions –an invite for each speaker to share his/her idea on just the right platform for that ideal: Ideas Worth Spreading.

The Speakers’ Team truly upped their game this time. Donning their TEDxBeirut Titans regalia composed of black t-shirts, earnest looks, and hearty smiles, they welcomed the speakers in a way that helped relieve their concerns, yet conveyed an appropriate air of seriousness –if selected, the speakers will be delivering the most important talk of their lives!
Sandra, the Lara Croft Titan, and Marc, the Restless Roman Titan, were there since the early hours of the day, taking care of every vital aspect pertaining to the success of the auditions.

Ten speakers presented their ideas, achievements, aspirations, theories, and passions. A quick recap that treads the fine line between revealing too much and getting you intrigued? Consider the following: Ten Commandments for winning an Emmy from an Emmy winner, a record-breaking NGO campaign with a moving background story, music meeting electronics to give a young entrepreneur his 15 minutes of fame and a lifelong dream to pursue, “addressing” uncharted territories, in addition to invisible balloon propping and popping –this is only a handful of the topics presented on Day One of the auditions.

The team and the speakers alike benefited from valuable input presented by members of Toastmasters Lebanon, the NGO helping people hone their public speaking skills.

The speakers’ relaxation largely stemmed from the homeliness of the location: nSITE Raouche –a great Thank You goes out to Hala Makarem for her invaluable involvement with TEDxBeirut.

“How many speakers from Round One were picked? Who were they? How was Round Two like? And would you please tell us what’s the deal with the new nicknames?!” The readers questioned loudly, but the Titan with the keyboard typed only this: “Worry not, devoted readers. Tomorrow, a great deal will be uncovered!”

I still would like to know “what a one-minute” video may give hints as to the adequacy of a speaker?  What are the criteria that selection team agreed upon, as they required this video.  What they were intent on sorting out at first glance? Shouldn’t a face to face one-minute talk be of better quality?

Apparently, this event has been in the making for 9 months.  The first six months were kind of trial and error exploratory expedition. As WilliamChoukeir said on the talk of Helweh wa Morra (Sweet and bitter) on LBC cable:  “Things gelled in the last three weeks before the event”

The organizers are young people and this huge event is their first.  And the event was a huge success anyway you analyze it: Just imagine the work, patience, time consumed, energy invested to getting 20 speakers auditioned and trained, and catering to the minute details to satisfying over 800 people, and keeping them energized during three sessions of presentations.




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