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The choices are broader than “No surgery” or “Highly risky surgery

“Why should you be stuck between “Do an MBA” and “Don’t do an MBA”? Have to investigated the programs that might be more representative for your career?

If you have to make a decision about a deal, do measure it against the second best deal that is available, even if it means doing more of what we are already doing (Warren Buffet)

Apparently, we are mostly blind of alternatives once we like a deal or an issue and refuse to do our due diligence comparing other alternatives and choices.

We also tend to withhold assistance to people who might outdo us, even if we look like a fool in the long run.

And we are adamant that mankind can get out of the frequent calamities befalling living creatures while refusing adequate assistance and cooperation to the “other “less fortunate people”

This social comparison bias is the main factor that prevent any research group to remain at the top in a university for years in succession.

Guy Kawasaki (of Apple) says:

Ä-players hire people that are better than themselves. B-players hire C-players so they can feel superior to them… If you start hiring B-players, then expect the Bozo Explosion to expand in your organization

The Duning-Kruger effect states that the inept are gifted at overlooking the extent of their incompetence and suffer from the illusion of superiority and thus, erode the talent pool over time.

Isaac Barrow gave up his job as a professor in 1666 and opted to become the student of his 25 year-old protégé Isaac Newton. That is character.




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