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Political self-criticism: kinds and applications, (December 17, 2008)

Let me offer you samples of political self-criticisms and you determine if the criticism is compatible to how you define it.  Examples of Lebanese leaders’ self-criticisms:

“I embezzled the government. I ransomed the people. I slaughtered citizens on confessional basis.  I jailed citizens in deep wells for years.  I am not apologizing.  I am just stating facts that all the others also committed” (Druze leader Walid Jumblat)

“I admit that I made errors, mistakes, atrocities…, but it was all for the good cause” (Samir Geaja, leader of the Lebanese Forces)

“I committed the worst atrocities to thousands of citizens, but those who assassinated my father did the unforgivable.  My country Lebanon can go to hell, but I insist on my revenge.”

“I admit to errors and mistakes and would do them again under the same conditions”

“I admit that I made errors and mistakes like all the other parties and militias did” (Nabih Berry, head of parliament)

“I served jail term for the mass murders and the assassination of government officials, clerics, and army officers; the other leaders were rewarded for doing the same atrocities.  I demand the same power and all the benefits that I was denied” (Samir Geaja)

“I admit that I made errors, mistakes, and committed genocide because I was young, active and dedicated” (Bashir Gemayel)

“I admit that I made errors, mistakes, and assassinated on confessional basis, but I refuse to submit any records”

“I am willing to admit errors if the other parties and militia leaders do the same”

“I admit to errors, mistakes, and spying against my people, but I was pressured by external forces”

“I admit to mistakes against human rights, but mine were much lower in numbers”

“I admit to frequent errors, but mine were not fundamental and critical”

“The political conditions were very confused, intricate and beyond comprehension for my naive mind”

“The social conditions were not amenable to diplomatic means of resolution: Time was of essence…”

 “I am ready for reconciliation, but I reserve revenge for personal harms”

“It is very unfortunate, but I was following orders”

“I did my best to reduce violence, but the main culprits were the Italians, French, Americans, Iranians, Syrians…

“I did not make any errors in decisions regarding the safeguarding of the independence and self-autonomy of Lebanon. Unlike the other isolationist leaders, I had the courage to change political directions”

“My history of a staunch patriot is unblemished and my openness to all parties and States that act for the preservation of Lebanon’s self-autonomy is for the benefit of our future generation”

I am asking whether it is appropriate to indulge in superficial self-criticisms if we are not ready to take on the responsibilities for our deeds.  Would any political leader in Lebanon admit to errors and mistakes if there were strong central government and serious division of functions among the legislative, executive, legal, and control independent institutions?

Would not the admission of a single error or mistake that is developed and detailed and analyzed far superior in quality and effectiveness than general mocking self-criticisms?

Lebanon suffered 17 years of civil war and hundred of thousands dead and many fold permanently injured, mutilated, handicapped (physically and mentally), and the outcome was for a resolution to integrate the militia leaders in the parliament and the successive governments.  Could any other State envision a creative solution than letting the wolves care for the sheep?

Our kind of democracy is an image of our “leaders”” self-criticisms.  Maybe it is time to redefine political concepts if the United Nation is not willing to horde all our leaders to tribunal of crimes against humanity.




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