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In a working democracy, with an adequate equitable election law, people elect local politicians that represent their interest, not based mainly  on political programs but on how candidates are perceived as high-energy individuals, intelligent, good communicators, ready to work 24 hours a day, fielding calls and demands from the voters, and skilled in finding resolutions to pragmatic problems.  Once a politician demonstrates that he is no longer interested in talking and meeting with people and is not spending time on the job of representing the community then, he is not elected, no matter how much money he spends on the campaign or enterprises back him.

A working democracy is not about the right of citizens voting at regular intervals for their representatives.  An equitable election law that engage all citizens in “doing politics”, regardless of gender, race, working classes, and level of education, is a process that demonstrate the seriousness of the political system:  The democratic system is initiating the citizens, early on in their life, to valuing politics in all the aspects of community associations and organizations, programs and policies.

A working democracy instructs citizens that social behaviors and communication are an integral part of doing politics.  For example, when we engage in a private business we are doing politics:  We have to communicate with clients and satisfy their requests, retain clients, respond to them in timely manner, and prove that we have a pragmatic decision-action tendencies.  That is what politicians are expected to demonstrate in their job.

Doing politics is basic to all our actions and endeavors:  Everything is politics and if we start giving “doing politics” bad connotations then, it means the political system has failed in doing a good job and representing a working democracy.  As citizens start considering the word “politics” or working in politics as evil word and its citizens  shun getting involved in the political process then, we should be sure that the system, on purpose, wanted its citizens to keep away from doing politics and letting the “representatives” thinking and deciding for them.   When citizens are interested in entertainments and hate participating in the discussions of community programs or getting engaged in political parties then, you know that the democracy is failing to work properly.

In general, successful politicians are highly intelligent extrovert people, exhibiting high-energy types able to recharge when meeting with people and directing the conversations toward practical problem-solving and communicating honestly and humbly as if he is one of the audience, those who voted or did not vote for him.   When a politician is compromised it should not be a basis for disrespecting all politicians:  The kinds of pressures and incentives tendered to a politician by interest-lobbying associations are overwhelming.  When a politician fails in his representation it means the constituents failed in supporting and encouraging him in his job:  They let the lobbying parties sidetrack the interests of the community and fill the void.

Not every one can be a politician:  This job requires many talents, energy, conversation and communication skills, quick-minded and a pragmatic-minded individuals.  However, every citizens should be able to doing politics:  That is the primary job of a citizen if a political system is to be functioning properly and society witness stability, equitable laws, and sustainable development.

A Working Democracy is expressed by valuing politics, doing politics, and respecting politicians.  It has been a long time since democracies failed to functioning properly.  Democracies have been transformed to oligarchies of the richest classes in return for “higher standard of living” at the expense of the people in the poorer States.




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