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Jewish ISIS (Daesh) rules Israel: World community fooling itself that peaceful transition is possible 

Secular Zionism has handed over power to extremist, religious and apartheid ideology in Israel.

These ISIS kinds of Jewish racist and obscurantist “citizens” form the majority of Israeli since 1980 and are majority in the State institutions.

How Israel can transform when it has to hire from this huge pool of employees who barely reflect or have any common sense?

Since 1980, the terrorist Jews were elected Prime Ministers in Israel (Menahim Began, Shamir, Sharon…and now Netanyahu). Those people who led terrorist organizations during the British mandated power, and killed more British soldiers than civilian Palestinians till the British troops vacated Palestine in 1948.

Britain quickly vacated in order  to allow Zionism to conquer more of the Palestinian lands that the UN had partitioned in 1947. Haifa was besieged by Zionist troops while British troops were readying to withdraw.


He tampered with documents and lied to world community: UN Ban Ki Moon

Wikileaks: Ban Ki-Moon Worked with Israel to Undermine UN Report

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon (Photo: Reuters).

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon (Photo: Reuters).

Published 9 August 2014
The General Secretary of United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-Moon collaborated in secret with Israel and the United States to weaken the effects of a Board of Inquiry’s report accusing Israel of human rights violations in Gaza in Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009.

Wikileaks released documents on Friday that revealed that Ban wrote a letter to the UN Security Council asking its members not to take recommendations by the UN Board of Inquiry about Israeli bombings in Gaza into account.

The report demonstrated that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) had a direct role in 7 of the 9 attacks against buildings of the UN in Gaza strip, and accused Israel of having breached the inviolability and immunity of UN premises.

According to Wikileaks, Susan Rice, White House National Security Advisor, spoke at least 4 times with Ban Ki Moon “to discuss concerns over the Board of Inquiry’s report on incidents at UN sites in December 2008 and January 2009″.

The report’s recommendations included the need for a deeper and impartial investigation into the recent “incidents”, and into the bombings of UN facilities.

According to Wikileaks, Rice first asked Ban not to include the recommendations in the final report’s summary, supposed to be transmitted to the UN Security Council on May 5.

Ban responded that “he was constrained in what he could do since the Board of Inquiry is independent; it was their report and recommendations and he could not alter them”.

In the second conversation, “Rice urged the Secretary-General to make clear in his cover letter when he transmits the summary to the Security Council that those recommendations exceeded the scope of the terms of reference and no further action is needed.”

Ban then replied that “his staff was working with an Israeli delegation on the text of the cover letter”.

Ban Ki-Moon confirmed in the last phone call that “a satisfactory cover letter” had been completed.

Note: The same Ban Ki-Moon lied to the general public suggesting that it is possible that rockets were stored in UN compound. Most of the 3 dozen UN schools and facilities hosting refugees and children have been targeted by Israel.  Israel had to admit in number of cases that it was pure bad luck and refused to even apologize for the genocide committed on the Palestinian of gaza.





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